Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Proper update...

...coming soon.

I have the Christmas pictures resized and ready to get put on the website. Once I have time to do it all I will get a proper Christmas update as well and our week so far with Anne in town.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Added pictures!

Yes, you heard it here. I added pictures to the website. Go Here.

The link from 12-11 to 12-18 has THE BEST picture of Sarah EVER! At least to date anyways. :) She makes my heart melt.

Anyways - It's Friday and Matt has almost two weeks off! There was a 'Permissive TDY' that the Air Force established this month for the husbands to get paternity leave when their wives have kidlets. They are authorized 10 days within the first 60 days of birth. Matt is technically only taking three but it's working out for him to be home for almost two weeks. Yay! So it will be nice to have him home while Anne is here. :) We can go places all together.

Sarah is doing well as far as I can tell! I need to schedule her 2-month well baby visit soon. She probably won't get in until after the first of the year anyways. She is nursing constantly which is somewhat draining. Makes it very hard to go places with her. She still doesn't take the pacifier from me so when she gets worked up when we are out I have to nurse her. I'm still not that great at it so we just tend to make quick trips. I really hope that gets better. If it doesn't, I don't know what to do. I can't stay at home for months!!

Christian is good. Although not CLEARLY, he will say 'Here you go' when he hands you something. It's pretty cool in my book! We are trying to teach him colors with a book and with his legos. Slow going with that... He isn't dumb, that's for sure. He knows what is going on and gets the hang of things really quick. Have to be careful what he sees or else he will be doing it a second later!

So, all for now. I need to get Bubba in bed and myself into something more comfy so we can watch TV.

Don't forget to check out the pictures!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

I wish our lives were more interesting!

That's right, I said it. We are boring! Who knew!? haha

I just wish that we went places every day or did different things all the time so that I could share them with you all. Just not a lot of out and about for us!!

Sarah is cute as a button. She is so long now and is in quite a bit of 3 month outfits and some 6 months sleepers. I bought some leggings for her at Old Navy because she really didn't have a lot of bottoms. I put her in LOTS of polka dots the other day and I thought it was adorable. Matt said 'hideous'. :-( **click the picture to see the full view**
I admit...little much, but isn't she just PRECIOUS!?

Speaking of her sleepers. I had to get out some of Christian's old ones while I washed some of Sarah's. It was the strangest thing to have her in blue and nursing her. It was like Christian was a baby again! So unreal to look down and see the profile of Christian's face. Then it was strange to see her in pink again after I changed her the next day. Don't tell Sarah this, but it was fun to be with 'Christian' as a baby again!! :-)

And speaking of Christian's old clothes....I'm selling most of them. I took out the ones that I love and don't want to get rid of but I figured I better sell them to somebody who can use them now. It will be quite a few years before we have another. It was fun to go back down memory lane and recall all the times he wore the clothes. I'm keeping the overalls he came home from the hospital in, his first pair of shoes, some sleepers that I loved, and some outfits that are just darn cute. His clothes are going to a gal named Lynn that I met here at a Bunco game. She just had a son this October. I also made a blanket for her!

And speaking of Christian... :-) He is going through a growth spurt I think. He is just all over the attitude spectrum and has been sleeping longer during naps and even slept a full 12 hours last night.

He had a playdate today with the same girl from the park a few months ago. It was fun. They were going to go out back and play but it rained ALLLLL day yesterday so the backyard was just soaked and muddy. They had fun inside though and they played with Christian's toys and ran around in circles. It was fun to see and I hope to get them together and play more often. A pool date is next I think. They both enjoy the sprinklers at the pool near our house.

Matt took his final today. Thinks he didn't do all that great on it but even if he did bomb it, he will get a C in the class. So all is not lost, he passed!

I am well. Tired some days but that is to be expected with two kids under two!!

I better sign off. Christian had a late nap because of the playdate today and is now on a meltdown before bedtime!!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Found this while blog-browsing. Read it - love it.

When I say... "I am a Christian"
I'm not shouting "I'm clean livin'."
I'm whispering "I was lost,
Now I 'm found and forgiven."

When I say... "I am a Christian"
I don't speak of this with pride.
I'm confessing that I stumble
and need Christ to be my guide.

When I say... "I am a Christian"
I'm not trying to be strong.
I'm professing that I'm weak
And need His strength to carry on.

When I say... "I am a Christian"
I'm not bragging of success.
I'm admitting I have failed
And need God to clean my mess.

When I say... "I am a Christian"
I'm not claiming to be perfect,
My flaws are far too visible
But, God believes I am worth it.

When I say... "I am a Christian"
I still feel the sting of pain.
I have my share of heartaches
So I call upon His name.

When I say... "I am a Christian"
I'm not holier than thou,
I'm just a simple sinner
Who received God's good grace, somehow!

By Carol Wimmer

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Not much going on..

We haven't been doing too much around here. Pretty boring actually, but I figured I would at least say hello to everyone!

So...HI! :-)

I've been working on an update/Christmas letter but it is slow going. Seems that every time I start on it one, or both, of the kidlets needs me. But I'm almost there! So they should be in the mail by next Wednesday.

We are same old around here. Matt goes to work and I stay home and keep the kids occupied. Finally got some pictures resized so I just have to add them. Promise I'll get to it!!!! haha

Sarah woke up from her catnap so off I go!! :)

Friday, November 28, 2008

Gobble, Gobble!

At the very last minute on Turkey Day Eve we got invited to Cpt. Miller's house for Thanksgiving day. We were a little worried about taking both kids being as Sarah is still attached to my chest almost 24/7 and Christian has been having some iffy days this week. But we got there about 1:30pm and didn't leave until almost 8!! It turned out to be a GREAT day!

Cpt. Miller's wife and their entire family are so nice. There were also a few others from work that came to join in the festivities. I brought cheesy potatoes per Matt's request. :-) Nancy, your recipe has become a hit with everybody who eats it. So a HUGE thank you for it!!

Christian was great and played pretty nicely with the an older boy that was there. I would say he was 3 or 4? He was very nice and shared his trains and dinosaurs. There were a few family members that were kind enough to hold Sarah while I plated some food and chowed down. Some YUMMY deep fried turkey, some surprisingly delicious oyster stuffing, lots of potatoes, some asian cuisines that Matt enjoyed more than I did, and LOTS of deserts...there was a really rich chocolate macadamia nut pie that I couldn't even finish. haha. It was soooooo good though!

It was a great evening and I'm so glad that all four of us enjoyed ourselves. :-)

We were super sad that we didn't get to spend it with our families but were super glad to have not spent it alone. Thank goodness for good friends.


Thursday, November 27, 2008

Sarah's stats!

I never did a blog on Sarah's stats from her 2 week well baby visit. I'm happy to say that she IS growing...something I was very worried about. I am breastfeeding this time and it is a completely different experience. With Christian, I just gave him a bottle of formula and put him back to sleep for a few hours. With the breast....let's just say it is NOT the same. Some days I feel like a heifer just sitting on the couch but I know that this will be one of the greatest things that I can do for Sarah when she is a baby. :)

Anyways, on to the stats!!

7 lbs 13.7 oz
19 inches

2 week visit:
8 lbs 6 oz
21 inches

1 month:
9 lbs 12 oz!!!!!!!
almost 22 inches!!!!!!

Sarah is alive and doing well! Breastfeeding IS working for us even though some days I would really like to have my body to myself. I know it will be a love/hate relationship...

So, there you have it folks. :)


P.S. - Christian is still a bit sick with icky #2's. Not sure why he is still having them. :( Although he is still being a picky eater we are able to get food and water in him. Might have to make a call to the clinic and ask about it.

Matt is home the rest of the week for Thanksgiving. Hooray! I'm THANKFUL! :)

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Boring weekend

Thought I would make a blurb about the weekend quick.

Matt worked and had class on Friday so I was home all alone. :( It was a loooooooong day for me though. Christian woke up and had a slight fever along with some horrible diarrhea. Of course...the day that Matt is gone the WHOLE day is when Christian has to get sick. Ugh. He managed to not make me pull out my hair. Lots of pretzels and goldfish later he seemed to be okay. And holding down a HUGE toddler to get some Tylenol in him was NOT fun!

Saturday it rained all day. Great. So much for taking the kid to the park to let him blow off some energy. But he was still a bit sick still so I guess it was okay for him to just stay at home. But did he rest? NOPE! He never sits still and we had to force him to just sit for a while. Also not fun. He has been a huge pill the last 2 weeks (roughly since family left) about going to bed. He seriously freaks out and bawls his head off.

Today we woke up and hung around the house before nap time. Christian got an okay nap...I did not. Sarah didn't want to sleep and wanted to nurse me to death. So I just put her in bed with me and I was able to sleep off and on.

After the nap we went to the NEX to use the gift card we got from Matt's co-workers. It was a mad house!! We got a few things and left in a hurry. Not a fun place when it is 90% filled with locals and NOT military.

Matt just got back from the park with Christian and maybe he will be worn out and go to bed with ease tonight. I can only hope!

Sarah is crying...time to nurse!


Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Speech Eval

Christian had his speech eval today at Tripler. It went as I suspected it would. He was all over the place and didn't really want to do much for Dr. Lorna. But she managed to get him to do a few things for her as well as ask me a ton of questions. And, again, as I suspected he is behind in speech. He only really says 2-3 words...if that. He should be saying more than 8.

So she put in a referral for somebody to help him out through Early Intervention. They will come to the house and work with him. That will be REALLY nice because then I won't have to cart both kids to Tripler each time he needs therapy (which I did today for the first time all alone)!!

A lady in the elevator said I was brave and looked very cute for being out with both the kids. She said we all looked so put together. I told her I was happy they were both still alive! haha

There isn't much else to say about the evaluation, though. She realized just by observing him that he is ON THE GO - ALL THE TIME! She said I must be super busy at home now that Sarah is there.

She has NO idea!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

If I didn't already have enough to do!

I have seen quite a few people do something called 'Project 365'. They take a picture for every day of the year and post it to a blog, site, photo album, etc. I'm by no means a professional and actually consider myself inept at snapping photos. But I wanted to give it a try and see if I could actually take a picture of something every day. Some of the pictures that I have seen others do just inspire me to be a bit more artsy fartsy.

****Disclaimer**** It will NOT be of the kids every day! lol It will be random objects or scenes that I see. The kiddos will just randomly be thrown in there if I have not taken a picture for the day. ;-)

I seriously think I have issues. Why I think I have time for this is beyond me!!! haha

But, alas, the 'Keefer 365' will be coming in January of 2009. Keep an eye out!

Friday, November 14, 2008

The blog that was started on Friday...

That is when I originally sat down to start a new blog. It was 6pm and Christian was happily playing by himself and Sarah was sleeping. But, what do you know!!! Both children needed me before I could get one sentence written. :( But that is okay, I suppose. I now have something worthwhile to write about all in one blog.

Friday - Think Celine Dion's "All By Myself". That is pretty much what I sang in my head all day. My parents were gone, Matt was at work, and I was at home with both kids for the first time all on my own. It was....different. And of course it POURED so I couldn't let Christian run around in the backyard to let off some steam. :( But he managed to not make me rip out my hair even though he is back to not wanting to eat food for us. Imagine that! He eats for everybody else but us. He had his moments when family was here but he sure shoveled it in for those two weeks. Oh, well. He isn't starving so I guess I shouldn't be too worried.

Matt had class until about 9:30pm so he didn't get to see much of us when he got home. I had gotten Christian in bed, Sarah fed and sleeping, and myself a shower right before he got home. I was pooped and managed to be sleeping before 10:30.

Saturday - Hickam Craft Fair!!!!! :) It was so gross outside from all the rain but I got some cute clips/bows for Sarah and a sling. I'll have to take some pictures of them when I get a chance. We didn't do much else because it was just icky out. We came back home to air conditioning and put the kids down for a nap. They both got up at the same time later in the afternoon and then we just hung out around the house. It was still gross from the rain so still not backyard time.

I was going to start the blog again after I put Christian in bed at 7:30 but he had other plans. He was being a booger and didn't want to sleep. It took until after 9 for him to finally go to bed and sleep. Ugh.

Sunday - Military Appreciation at Old Navy!! 30% off entire purchase with ID. Score! So we went to see what we could find. WAY too many winter items for an island in the Pacific. What is the point? So I got some skirts that were on clearance for Sarah and some new flip flops for me. Just under $17 was taken off my total cost with the 30% off. Not bad at all!!

Now it is 3:12pm and Christian FINALLY went down for a nap. He got a little power nap of about 5 minutes in the car on the way home from Old Navy and thought that was enough. He fought us for 3 hours with his nap. Terrible Two's anyone?!?!?!

That was our weekend in a nutshell. Sarah is fed and now I'm taking her upstairs with me for a nap!


Thursday, November 13, 2008

Links added

Hooray! I had time the last few days to get some up!

More coming of the Zoo, Matt and my Dad's deep sea fishing adventures, and of course more of the darling kiddos!!! :-D

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I just realized...

...how INCREDIBLY behind I am with pictures. Not really of Sarah but of Christian. :( I have been sitting here resizing a ton and putting them all in the correct folders so that I can keep them in order on the website. So it's taking me a while. Slowly, but surely, I am getting there!!

I'm also thinking about doing a new layout. I'm getting tired of this blue one. I'm thinking something CHRISTMAS!!!!!!! :D

Monday, November 10, 2008

Sarah is two weeks old :-)

Well, she is still alive! With the help of my mother-in-law and my parents Matt and I have managed to not kill our offspring. What wonderful parents they are!!!! :-)

Matt's mom left Friday night and it was sad. Just like last time, we felt lost when she left. Just strange to have her here and then to have her leave. We are grateful for the time she was able to spend with Sarah and the fun she had with Christian.

So Sarah has had some eventful weeks. She has gone to the zoo already!!! She slept through most of it and woke up once to eat. She will have to see pictures when she is older. haha. She has been to the pool a few times, helped the ladies grocery shop, went to the mall to help Mommy shop, went to the swap meet at the Aloha Stadium, and has even been to Waikiki! Busy little girl she has been. :-)

She goes to the doctor on Thursday for her (late) two week well-baby visit. I will update the blog with her growth stats afterward. I hope she has been putting on some weight!!

I will leave you with a picture of Sarah from this afternoon. My darling two week old!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Sarah Leilani has arrived!!!

I won't bore with details of the labor...okay I will - IT WENT GREAT! I woke up to contractions at 12:30 am on Monday morning and couldn't fall back asleep so I decided that I better get up and count them. There is this website called www.contractionmaster.com where you just push the space bar at the start and stop of a contraction and it times it all for you!! Great tool. ;-)

Anyways, they started right off the bat at 3-5 minutes apart. They weren't all that painful so I waited it out a little over an hour. About 3:00 am I decided that I better take a shower and get my stuff. By 3:30 it was go-time. The contractions were getting pretty painful and I thought my water broke! So, no-go on calling someone to come stay at the house. Matt said he was coming with and we would call for help a little later.

So we get to the hospital around 3:45 and I get checked. Guess how many centimeters I was!? I was going to guess about 5. Nope, wasn't 5. Seven? Nope, again! I was NINE CENTIMETERS!!!!!!! I told the Doctor to "shut up". Seriously, those were the next two words that came out of my mouth!! I was in shock. The next thing I thought was "why aren't I in more pain?!" So they quick get me to a delivery room so I can get going.

Well, since I was at 9 cm I had the option of getting my water bag fully broken (it was only a leak and not a full break) or get an epidural. As I was talking to the doctor/nurses about this the contractions that I was having were starting to get REALLY bad. So bad that I was getting really panicky and wouldn't breath properly through the contractions. I decided that I wanted the epidural because the last thing I wanted was to have a screaming fit while having my daughter. I just remembered how peaceful it was when I had Christian and wanted that all over again.

So the anesthesiologist comes up and managed to get the epidural in during a contraction in which I'm screaming that she is coming out! No joke....she was RIGHT there. Didn't help that I had to lie on my left side to get the drugs! She seemed to want to come out faster that way. Meanwhile, the drugs are taking effect and I'm able to rough it out through a few more painful contractions. Sarah's heart rate dipped quite low at one point and I was moved all over until she was stable. Then it was on to pushing!!!!!!!!!

After what Matt said was 6 pushes our pretty, pretty princess made her debut on October 27th, 5:56 am!!!!!

She weighed in at 7 pounds 13.7 ounces and was 19 inches long. She is absolutely gorgeous and so PERFECT!!!

Go HERE for pictures!!!!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

New blog for my crafts!

I've started another blog to have for JUST my crafting. So you will have to check over there to see what this Martha Stewart is up to! :)


Friday, October 24, 2008

DIY Babylegs

I FINALLY got around to finishing up the few pairs I had pinned together. They sat in the closet for about 2 weeks with pins in them before I figured I'd better bust a few out and get them done. I'm pretty happy with the results!

I used this tutorial: http://www.flickr.com/photos/babyhopes/sets/72157594274454468/

You can check out the REAL Babylegs at www.babylegs.org.

It was pretty darn easy! Can't wait until she is big enough to actually wear them properly. :-)

The first picture is of the two I finished today. I also have a black pair (not pictured) that has peace sign hearts all over it. Those are the funkiest of the 6 pair that I have.
The second is of the three I have left. The last is of the price I paid for each pair of socks!! :-) I paid less than $11 with tax for the 6 pair when ONE pair could have cost me a few dollars more than that. I love being cheap!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

OB update.

I had my OB appointment yesterday and it went well. I'm 3 cm dilated and my cervix is 50% thinned out (meaning it is about 50% shorter). So this little girl needs to get moving and work her way out! :-) We are ready to meet her.

My next OB appointment is on the 30th. Let's hope I don't make it that long!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Hair today....

...gone today.

It finally came. Christian got his first haircut. And was I there to witness it? *cries* NO! *cries* But I think that might have been a good thing because I did NOT want him to have a haircut yet even though the sides were starting to go over his ears. He had the cutest little duck tail looking curls in the back. Not many, but there were enough of them to look super adorable.

Anyways, I went to the grocery last night because we really needed some food staples. I get home and Matt informs me that Christian had just had his first haircut. I wanted to cry. I had told him before when he would talk about cutting his hair that I wanted to get pictures because I have a scrapbooking page with some 'First Haircut' things. So we have no picture of actual hair being cut. :-(

Matt says that Christian did not enjoy the hair clipper. He wouldn't sit still for him so I have to go in there and get a few of the longer strands that are leftover. But I must admit...he looks WAY older with just the tiniest bit of hair being cut off!!!!

Here are a few pictures to give you an idea.

If you click on this one to make it bigger you can see that his hair is pretty fuzzy all around. It hangs over his ears and I find myself 'tucking' it so it doesn't. I guess that right there says it needed to be cut.

Then this picture was taken today. Click on it to make it bigger and you can see that his hair is much shorter over his ears and he seriously looks a year older. I find myself staring at him because he seems to have a more mature look about him. It's NUTS!

And HERE is the HAIR!!!!!!! I put it in a baggie and will put it in his baby book. :-) The hair on the sides is straight and the hair from the back is curly. Those poor curls probably won't ever grow back. Those were the hairs he was BORN with! I'm so pathetic.

I'm not upset about it anymore but it was a shock to come home and see his little blond baby hairs all over the bathroom floor. But that kid is cute no matter what!!! :-)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Website is updated!!!!!

Hooray! New pages have been added. More to come!!!!!


Aside from updating the site, I have been trying to do the last minute prep before the new baby arrives. I got the crib (partially) together and set up in our room. The front up/down slat still needs to be repainted white but we can do that this weekend. It won't take long.

I got her clothes and blankets together and in the closet and dresser. I have her cloth diapers ready to use once I get home and settled. I think I'm good to go. I HOPE I'm good to go! Matt on the other hand is NERVOUS and is praying that she stays in until family gets here. Me, not so much! He isn't the one carrying her around. Stick a fork in me!

I pray these last few days go by fast. Family gets here soon and that means closer to baby time. I'm so excited. I feel so blessed to have a boy and now a girl. :-)

All for now. I'm going to see what else I can do around this place!


Monday, October 20, 2008

Hooray for not having a car on the weekend!!!

Hopefully you caught some sarcasm in there.

Our car has been at the dealership for about 5 days now. Pretty peeved about it, to say the least.

We dropped it off last Wednesday thinking it would be two days max. Nope. They called at the end of the first day and said they just got around to doing a diagnostic on it. How are they JUST getting to it when we had the appointment with them 3 days prior? Whatever. They got to figuring out what is wrong and they can finally get started. Maybe it will be done by closing of the next day? Nope, again! They called and said it would be ready Monday by close!!!!!!!

Matt has to now go to the dealership and get Christian's car seat and stroller...along with my hospital bag!!!!! Why we left it in there in the first place, not a clue, but we figured I still have two weeks and we won't be needing it right then and there. But if they are keeping it for 5 days I better be prepared, huh? (But no worries...I'm still pregnant :-( )

I haven't heard from Matt about the car. Who knows if it's fixed!! I just know that we need groceries BADLY and that Christian and I need to get out of the house BADLY! I'm sorta going nuts.

But, I suppose with having no car this weekend Christian was able to get a lot of time with Daddy at home rather than us being out and about the entire time. It was good in that aspect!

~Enough about car problems! On to US!

Matt has had a few weeks of his Friday Psychology class. I think he is enjoying it more than he lets on. He will tell me little tidbits about what they went over that day. "Did you know..." type of comments. :-) I'm very excited for him and hope he takes on more classes. It's pretty rewarding and I hope he feels it.

Christian has been a little bit of a punk. Not listening, whining A LOT, not wanting to go down for naps or bedtime...the usual! haha. He is also getting up at 6am again. Not fun for a Mommy that loves her sleep and is NOT a morning person. Some day the child will enjoy sleeping and never want to get up right?!

As for me...still pregnant. I hit 38 weeks this past Saturday. I really need to get some pictures of the belly. I have new stretch marks! hahahahahaha She has dropped TREMENDOUSLY. She seems so far down my body now that I wave to her sometimes. :-) I'm ready, she should be too!


I also had a baby shower this weekend. My friends Melissa and Carmen threw it. I told them they didn't have to since I had one with Christian before he was born but Melissa insisted. It was fun and I'm so glad that I have people that care about me and our family. I got some adorable clothes, blankets, and some books! Can't wait to use it all.

Well, all for now. Christian is down for a nap and I should probably take another one as well. Yesterday we all got a whopping THREE hours of sleep together. It was magical. I need to get it in while I can!


Thursday, October 16, 2008

Halloween Bunco Night

This past Saturday was our monthly Bunco night with a bunch of military wives here in Hawaii. I figured I should get my butt there since it could very well be the last one for a few months since the baby is due soon.

There was talk of perhaps dressing up and a few people on the boards asked about it as well. I decided that I wasn't going to. I'm huge and don't really feeling like buying an outfit to wear once and most likely never again. But a few hours before I had to leave I was bored and decided to do a random search on what pregnant woman actually do with themselves if they dress up!! ha!

Lo and behold there were some pretty crafty ideas! Most of them I didn't have the material to work with - but then I ran across THIS:

Seriously...how hilarious! A pregnant cat!

Immediately I remembered that I had some tiny newborn nipples that were given to me when I had Christian. Then I went to the closet and got a black shirt of Matt's that was too small and hot glued that bad boys on! I cut out some ears from black construction paper and bobby pinned them atop the noggin. Found some black leggings and even my black ballet slip ons! Couple black dots to the face and I'm set!

Here I am!!! (Please don't mind my chubby cheeks!)

Christian was fascinated by the nipples and wanted to touch them. haha!

It was a FUN night at Bunco. But I was the only one that dressed up!!!!!!!!! Some wore black shirts and others had some Halloween themed applique on theirs...but I was the ONLY one in a REAL costume. BUT - I had SO much fun being a pregnant cat and they all got a kick out of it! :-) Very glad that I decided to do something last minute.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

5 years, 11 months...

That is the amount of time that Matt will be putting towards the Air Force after today.

Matt just reenlisted!!!!! A whole gambit of emotions from both of us. Happy, nervous, excited...a whole bunch of things!

Needless to say, I'm very proud of him and what he has done. Not only for our country but especially for our family. We are very grateful for the things that we have been able to do and the things that we are privileged to have while being in the military.

Here are a few pics!

Another long day...inside...

Today is going to be another long day. Something has possessed Christian to be getting up before the sun again (which happens to be 6am most days). Then he is unhappy and whines most of the morning. It isn't even 8am and I can just tell...it's going to take a miracle to get both of us through today.

It rained again last night and this morning the mosquitoes were pounding at the back sliding door. That means I will not going out there with Christian. We will get eaten alive and that is neither fun nor pleasant. Matt is considering getting one of those fogger doo-dads that supposedly get rid of them. Going outside is what helps me break up the day with the kiddo. So, we have to find something to help us!!

So, that is our morning in a nutshell! After taking a break writing the first part of this blog and running after the kiddo, it is now 9am. I have put him down for a nap because hitting, slapping, swinging, and throwing things at Mommy...all while whining his head off...constitutes as early nappage for the toddler.

~~On to last nights events~~

Yesterday evening was somewhat eventful, even though we didn't actually LEAVE the house until almost 7pm! Matt wanted to look at something in electronics so we headed out. But to my surprise he said that we should look at cameras! Now, this was a HUGE shock to me. He usually wants to buy some sort of 'toy' for himself...but he thought of ME this time! He said that we needed a new camera because the one we have is crappy and keeps sucking up the juice in batteries. We also needed something that would hold more pictures and videos. He even let me pick it out!! It's a Sony Cybershot and it's PINK!!!!! :) I'm very excited about it. I will be playing with it this week and getting some pictures and vids for your viewing pleasure. ha ha


Speaking of pics and vids! WE FINALLY GOT THE PICTURE RESIZING PROGRAM UP AND WORKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That means that you will finally get to see some more pictures of the kiddo and MAYBE a few of the belly. I don't remember how many have been taken since I last updated the site. Probably not many...two at most.

So ladies and gents, please stay tuned and keep checking the website. I'll post here on the blog as well when I get some pages up! Hooray!!!


Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Found the lobster video!!!

We went to Red Lobster a long time ago over lunch so it was pretty dead. We decided we would see if Christian would take to a lobster. I told him to touch it and he did!! You can hear the shock in my voice I think. Then I was dumb and called it a fish...hahahahahaha!!!

Another blanket :-)

My attempt at a second blanket was a success!! I even sold it to a lady I know here in Hawaii who is scheduled to have her son Ian this week. I gave her an added bonus of stuffed felt letters as well.

My next blanket will be either a ladybug print or a grasshopper print...whichever I get to first.

Christian feeding a pigeon

Even though pigeons are highly disgusting, dirty creatures I let Christian help Matt feed one in our backyard. haha **We disinfected him upon returning to the house. ;-)

We have that little feeder I got a few weeks back and there was a big ol' pigeon that was hanging out on the ground. Christian was outside by the fence and walking around everywhere and the bird didn't seem to care. So Matt grabbed a handful of seeds and went closer. He was able to sit right down and have the bird eat from his hand! Granted it was THROUGH the fence but at one time the pigeon was in our yard getting seeds.

I was even more shocked that Christian was trying to touch it! I guess I shouldn't be since he did touch a lobster a few months back. I should find that video and get in on here too. (clicking through my video files......) Okay, can't find it. Will have to do another day.

But here are some vids of the nasty dirty pigeon! ;-) Listen carefully for Christian squealing!

I really think Christian would love a pet. So I hope we leave this place SOON so he can get a cat or a dog. Pet pigeon Charlie will have to do for now.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Christian's first game of bowling!

Sunday we took Christian bowling!! He played against Daddy and kept up fairly well. The bumpers were up so Matt had a hard time playing his frames...at least that is his excuse ;-)... He has that whole curve throw going so his ball would skim the bumpers almost every time and bounce across the lane.

Christian was all over the place and wanted to get into all the balls in the return rack and then stuff his head and hands into where the ball would pop out. So he is still a bit young but he had fun helping me carry his little 7 pound yellow ball to the ramp, pushing the ball down and watching it hit some pins. :-)

I think we are going to try and go a few times a month and get Christian used to it. Matt will be going every Tuesday over the lunch hour with his work because they have decided to start a league of their own! Matt is excited about it. I am too! I have always wanted to be on a league team...but looks like I still have to wait a while. haha

I'll have to remember to scan a picture of their score card that I got printed out but here are two pictures and a video of bowling for you! (for those reading in Google reader, the video does not show up for some reason...you will have to go through blogger to see it)

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

37 week appointment

Headed to Tripler this morning for my 37 week appointment. I was in and out so that was nice! The last two appointments I had I literally waited for over a half hour to just get into an exam room. Hooray for going early today!

Even though I was early I still had to park on the very top of the parking garage...in the icky sun!...and hike it all the way up the hill while pushing my 30 pound kid in his stroller. I was pooped by the time I got to the waiting room and sat down. Then I got called back right away to get my vitals done so I knew my pulse and blood pressure were going to be high. (Not to mention I had a head ALL last night and was up for almost 2 hours trying to wait for some Tylenol to kick in).

Sure enough it was high. Like 140 something, and I forget the bottom number. I saw 104 as my pulse and blanked at the rest of my BP. That hill is NO fun.

Well, DURING my vitals Christian was very concerned about the cuff being placed on my arm. He furrowed his brow and reached out to me with a whine. He was glad to see it go away. But then when I got called back to the exam room and the nurse took it again. This is when he bawled!! I really think he was concerned that I was being hurt somehow. He just looked at it and screamed. She left to let the doctor know I was ready. They both came back and the doctor took it one more time to make sure I was not having any issues with pre-eclampsia. With my headache last night and it being so high when I got there they were a little concerned.

And of course Christian cried even harder when he saw the cuff for the third time!!! Anyways - the BP went down to 128/78. Baby is head down, not dilated. Sitting tight in there. No signs of anything to come. C'mon labor!!!!!!!!!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Adventures is blanket making!!

I got it done!!!! I finished my first attempt at making a tag blanket. I'm thrilled and can't wait to see if I actually can sell some!

Here is it!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

I really need to add pictures to the website...

I'm so sorry I haven't added pictures recently. It seems like I go in month spurts. :-(

We have to reinstall the program that we use to resize the pictures. We had a trial version for a while but now we need to get on it and download the real version that we bought. It just keeps being pushed to the bottom of the to-do list. So I will have to add a few pictures to the blog to keep you all satisfied!!! :-)

We have had a few uneventful days. We haven't done much of anything. But we have both done A LOT of brainstorming!

I'll start with me first. I have decided to put some of my craftiness to good use. I'm going to make a few blankets/quilts and see if I can sell them. I opened up a little online store at Etsy and I hope to make a little bit of money on the side. We'll see how it goes!!! I'll have to show pictures of my progress with that. The dresses have been on hold. I want to make sure I'm even having a girl....for some reason both Matt and I are worried the she might be a he!

Now for Matt. Next Friday is his first college class!!! He signed up for a Psychology course. He will start with one class and gradually add a few more, here and there. He is going towards a Bachelor's and then he will work towards becoming an Officer. I'm very proud of him and can't wait for him to start the endeavor of college. I think he will enjoy the Psych class...I know I always did. Just a lot of interesting stuff. Maybe he can figure me out with the classes help?!?! haha

On to Christian. He is the same. :-) He is a ball of energy most days and I can't keep up. SOOOOOO ready to have this baby out so I can do things with ease. AND to sleep on my stomach again.

Baby Girl is good. Snug as a bug in there. I might bribe her with a new car to come a week early...we'll see how I feel in a few weeks. I only have 4 to go!!

Here are a few pictures from this last week.

Fabulous, huh?!

The birds we feed....all million of them.


Friday, September 26, 2008

Almost forgot to post about this!!!!!!


I got my diploma in the mail the other day! :-) Matt said he had to 'present' it to me and wanted me to walk across the 'stage' of our living room but I just wanted to SEE it!! haha Then he proceeded to make the most horrendous sound I could have managed to hear at that moment. He put the paper up to his mouth and made the sound like he RIPPED it! He about died from choking on his spit with the reaction I guess I had on my face. He said I turned white and looked like I could have killed him. You darn right! If you rip that $50,000 piece of paper I will rip you into a million little shreds so nobody can find you!!!

Anyways - here are the goods!

This is the official letter stating I graduated.

Close up.


Sorry it is sideways - but this is the school's seal. :-)

This baby is getting FRAMED!!

Post 3 for today...I'm on a roll.

I don't know if I have ever posted 3 times at once!

Well we went to the lunch thing at the beach on Hickam today. Of course Christian STILL hated the sand, waves, and the wind! He kept pointing at the boats and the airplanes and occasionally a wave but would cling for dear life if he thought we were going to put him near the water. Pretty sure he won't be liking it by the time we leave here either.

Here is a picture of him at the beach. He was fine under the umbrella with his little bucket.

After we had a few bites to eat of the food they prepared I left with Christian and took him to the pool by our house for a bit. He couldn't get to the sprinklers fast enough when I put him down!!!! Happy as a clam!

My Martha Stewart-y-ness!!

As promised! :-)

When Matt and I were at the BX last week getting dirt and MORE grass seed to replace the first bag that the birds ate I picked up a little 'kit' to plant some flowers. I also got a little cup that came with sunflower seeds! I have wanted to plant something for a very long time but never did it at the other house. Just felt a bit strange without a fence for some reason...call me strange!! haha

Anyways, I bought a little kit that had 12 little 'pods' of dirt that expanded when water was added. Then you rip open the little sacks, sow your seeds, put in a warm place, then put in the sun once they start to sprout. Sounded easy enough! If I can sew a dress I can plant a seed right?!?!

Well, lo and behold! I have some flowers growing! The kit of 12 pods has wildflowers in it. The way they look now it's about a 50% success rate and one of the seeds has sprouted from the sunflower cup (at least only one has come through the dirt so far). I'm pretty excited about it. I hope it doesn't take TOO long for the sunflower to actually become a flower because I want to plant it in the front of the house where there is LOTS of sun as well as transplant a few of the wildflowers around it. The front 'yard' is pretty hideous as it is just a square of grass with rocks and junk lining the house. :-( I want to make it pretty!!

Well - here are my results!

The entire 'kit' that I planted with wildflowers.

Some of the better sprouts, although more than just these pictured have some growing.

The tall one!

My precious little sunflower seedling! Mama is proud!

I'll keep taking pictures of the progress! Hope it doesn't take months! haha

My 100th Post!

This will be my 100th post for our blog! How exciting! Okay, maybe not for some of you, but to me it is.

When TV shows have their 100th shows it usually means that they have been going for a good 2-ish years, an episode a week? I started this back when I was pregnant with Christian so let's see when my first post was.. *clickity click click as I go through pages* ...and the results -

Saturday, March 3, 2007 was the date of our first ever blog. How fun! So just over 18 months ago. :-) I have done pretty well I think.

And speaking of 18 months... Christian is 18 months old TODAY! I officially have a toddler. I never really considered him one before this. You sort of count ages by months until you get to this point. I'll most likely say how old he is in months until he is 2, but this, to me, is the official toddler point in his life. And boy does he know it! He knows he can get away with stuff, can butter us up, can flash that little smile of his and get away with murder! But, man do I love that kid. :-)

Today we are going to a picnic lunch at the Hickam beach with Matt's work. They try to do them once a month on a Friday. We didn't make the last one so we are going to this one. Should be fun. We won't swim b/c Christian is terrified of the ocean, but I will try and get him to play in the sand a bit. We'll see.

That's all for this post. The next one will be about my Martha Stewart-y-ness!!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

16th Tooth!

Christian's last tooth (well last of the first 16 anyways) has FINALLY come in! I was beginning to wonder if that last eye tooth was even in there. I didn't notice it until he threw his head back in a fit of laughter during lunch yesterday. It's already broken through and on it's way out. So that explains his crappy behavior and semi-food strike this last week! Probably didn't help that I noticed the tooth AFTER the hearing appointment either. :-( Oops.

Well, other than that Christian is good. We have started time-outs. They are going...okay. Just have to get him to stay there and start to realize that it's for doing something he knows he shouldn't. Which is almost always pushing the buttons on the XBOX and receiver for the TV. He shakes his head No when we catch him. Little punk!

Myself on the other hand...sick, sick, sick!! Started with a sore throat then the next morning it hurt to swallow, then it got scratchy, then it went to full blown can't breath out of my nose and snot all over the place. I had a hard time breathing BEFORE I got sick, now I have to work even harder at it. :-(

Matt is back to work this week after having 9 days off. Went TOO fast!

All for now. Christian has fallen asleep, I put some dishes in the dishwasher, and now I think I might take a nap myself!


Monday, September 22, 2008

Christian's hearing test today.

**Picture preview of yesterdays pool fun at the bottom**

Ugh. Why do I have to be the one to take him to all these sorts of things? :( It basically sucked. No other word for it!!

Well a bit of background. At his 18 month well baby visit I was told that he should get a speech evaluation done. He only knows how to say a few words when he should know about eight of them. So today was the hearing test that he needed before he could get a speech eval.

So we went and had to get things shoved in his ears. Not fun for him, especially when some strange lady is the one doing it! Then I had to hold his arms/hands. He HATES that. We have never been able to hold his hands even when he was little. He has to hold OUR hands. So some test that was to only last about 3-4 minutes lasted about a whole 20. He did nothing but scream and wail and want out of the chair. :( But the lady was smart to get that test out of the way and do the easier ones at the end.

But anyways, the tests were good and he hears fine. Which we knew he did, they just have to do the test before the speech eval. Glad it's over with. The speech test will be much better for him and he won't be poked and prodded with instruments! haha

Now on to some fun! We took Christian to the park yesterday for about a minute before we decided that it was too darn hot and the sun would burn us all to a crisp. So we came back home and filled up the little pool we have and stuck the slide in it. Christian had a blast then froze! haha His lips turned blue and then he started to shiver....time's up! :-) It was a good time had by all.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

FINALLY got some pages published!

Sorry that took so long!!!!! :-( With the moving and the crashing of the computer it just took us a while to go down the list of things that needed to get done.

Three pages have been added to the site!! Go check it out: www.notoriouskeef.com

Friday, September 12, 2008

Ok, ok! Here are a few pics to tide you over!

The boys had fun with empty cereal boxes :)

He is just too cute.

Some website updates!

So I have made some more pages for the website but we have to call the actual web site maker people to get our code and get the real thing rather than the trial version I'm using to make more pages. So they are there...just not published to the World Wide Web yet!! So I promise I did them!! :-)

No other updates but that!


Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Computer crashed....no pictures :(

So our computer got a lovely virus right before the weekend. It wouldn't do anything. So along with the virus and really crappy internet that we were stealing...just made for a no internet/no pictures weekend. So, for that, I apologize. I was really hoping to get ALL the pictures up from the last bagillion weeks but it will have to be done throughout the next few days.

OH!!! I also have pictures of the house that I need to get up for you all. Matt and I are in love with it. It fits us very well and we don't feel like we have tons of crap just thrown in a room. It all has a 'place' now! haha

But now, we have internet AND television again. Christian is a happy camper to have his Noggin channel back. He really missed watching Franklin and Miss Spider. As soon as it got turned on he started to dance. :-) It was super cute.

I spose a little update on the kiddos would be nice huh?

Christian is taking two naps most days this past week. Pretty sure the kid is going through a growth spurt. He is cranky a few hours after he gets up and has quite the temper. So two naps it is until he get through this! I think yesterday (Tues) he slept for all but about 8 hours of the day. He had two 2 hour naps and then went to bed at 8 and was out cold a few minutes later. Wish he would eat a little more though. Still picky as ever!

Baby girl is doing well. She kicks me to oblivion most days and I'm out of breath walking up the steps. I think most of that is having to carry a toddler along with me though. I can't bend forward or else I feel like I'm trying to squish a watermelon. I'm carrying VERY low...ugh. Can't wait until she is out! I know what the end of pregnancy feels like..we don't need to do it again! ;-)

Matt and I are great. We love sleeping on our new bed and we have gotten some great sleep the last week. Matt also took next week off. We needed some family time and some opportunity to get some things done around the house. We want to work on the backyard and we need to get some painting done on the free crib we got from a neighbor. :-)

Well, all for now. I'll start working on the pics today hopefully!!!


Saturday, September 6, 2008

Gas Prices

As with most places in the U.S. gas prices are OUTRAGEOUS! Well, today Matt and I were VERY pleased with the total of our gas purchase. Grand total to fill our tank was $100.02! I didn't let go in time to make it the even $100. haha But it stopped at $97 before I got out and added more. The price per gallon, you ask???


This is the lowest it has been in a LONG time. I had to go up to Christian's baby book to see what I wrote down as the highest price we saw a few months ago, and that was $4.63. So, we were quite happy with getting a full tank with only $100. :-)

Well, I just had to share our excitement for the day. That was about the only thing cool that went on. It was blazing hot and we went to price check bricks for the backyard and that was a bust. $5 for a single brick. No thanks! Then it was just too darn hot to get in and out of the car a million times so we decided we needed to go home and have the comfort of our A/C.

All for now!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Where do I start this update?! It's a long one...

This last week felt like such a whirlwind! I hope we don't have another week like this for a long time!!

Right before the long weekend we were deciding what we should do with ourselves. We had another week until we would be moving next door. But I decided to call the housing office to see if there was ANY way that we might be able to move in Labor Day weekend instead of waiting another week. They said they would check with their manager and call us back. Do do do do do do do..... RING! They said it would be fine, we just have to go redo some of the paperwork. SCORE!

So the moving started Friday morning. Piece by piece, Matt and I hauled stuff out our door and into the next. We had all the major items moved by noon. I'd say we did pretty good for one dude and a pregnant chick!! :-) The rest of the weekend was a bunch of back and forth with little boxes of stuff for this room and a basket of stuff for that room. All in all...a job well done. I took some pictures of the downstairs but never manage to get any of the upstairs because I always remember when Christian goes down for a nap! I need to update the website with pictures anyways so I best be getting on that soon.

So that was the weekend. Now...Tuesday, the 'start' of the work week sure brought some drama to the Keefer household! This was the morning of our final inspection at the old house. I had a few things to get from next door to throw away so that I could sweep and mop the kitchen. I go over, grab the trash, throw it away, come back to the house and I see the front door is closed (we have a screen and a deadbolt door). Often times we ask Christian to help us close the door when we come home. He likes to help out and we are trying to get him to follow all our directions so that he is a better help when the new baby comes.

Well, take it from me...Christian knows MUCH more than how to just close a door. He knows how to LOCK IT WHILE MOMMY IS OUTSIDE!!!!!!!!! Yes, my 17 month old son locked his Mommy out. I jiggle the door and nothing. I quickly go around back hoping that the sliding door is open. No luck. Christian comes running to the back and smiles at me. I tell him to open the door for me. He tries but it's locked of course. I don't have my phone on me and I don't have the keys. I go to one neighbors house and they aren't home. I go to the next and she answers the door. They just moved here a few months ago so what a way to introduce myself, huh? It was literally a frantic "Hi, I need your phone, my son locked me out!"

I called Matt first because I knew he was out of his office doing some errands. No answer. I call housing...NO ANSWER! What?! Took me a little bit but I finally got a hold of Matt. He said he didn't have the key (we only have one right now because housing needs to make another) and it was inside. OF COURSE! So Matt said he would come home and try to help. Then I finally get a hold of housing after calling 4 times. They said they would 'alert dispatch and it will be about 30 minutes'. I said HECK NO!!! I will be breaking a window before I wait another 30 minutes. He was already inside for a good half hour before housing even answered their phones! And by this point Christian is bawling at the back door with his puppy because he has realized that we are stuck on opposite sides of a big door! :-(

(If I could have taken a picture of him sitting inside the door I would have...even though I was FREAKING OUT the entire time this was going on...he was cute the way he was cuddling the dog).

I go back to the front door with a bobby pin while Matt is at the back door trying to entertain Christian. About 20 minutes later housing FINALLY comes to unlock the door. It was the WORST hour of my life! Christian was so tuckered out from bawling that he took a nap pretty soon after he calmed down. I needed a nap after the ordeal too but I didn't get to take one. :-(

We need a game plan of some sort in case this happens again!!!

So, it isn't even Wednesday yet and we are sore, tired, and exhausted. But the new house is great. Christian loves the stairs and bawls when we take him down and gate the bottom. He is a pro at going up them but still a little shaky going down on his butt. He gets too excited and will almost fall face first down them. So we have to watch him. Pretty soon I will take the gate down so he can get to his room, though.

Today is Friday and we get our bed delivered this afternoon!! King size heaven! Thank you Nancy and Kerry!

in baby news -
I'll be 32 weeks tomorrow and I have a picture on the camera from a few days ago. I look plump! I actually saw myself for the first time in a full length mirror at the mall and was appalled at what I saw. :-( I'm determined to lose at least 30 pounds before we leave here next year. I'm hoping two kids under 2 will help that!! haha
My next OB appointment is the 19th.

Ok, I think that catches us up for the week!! I promise I will get pictures and videos up this weekend!!!!!!!!!


Friday, August 29, 2008

HOORAY for utensils!

I tried a long time ago for Christian to use a fork and spoon. Gave them to him at meals, let him try them out, showed him how to use them. It quickly became a game of seeing how fast Mommy's reflexes were so she could catch the flying object before it broke something! So I just gave up and didn't let him have them period. I wasn't going to have food all over the floor three times a day nor was I going to pick up a fork 20 times at each meal.

So fast forward to this morning. Matt made scrambled eggs. Christian saw the fork and eggs and wanted some even though he was having his peanut buttered toast. I figured eggs might be an easy thing to push around on his tray and gave him the fork and some eggs. HE STABBED IT AND ATE IT!!! EEE!!!! I was thrilled! I grabbed the camera and took some pictures I was so happy!

So when I went and got milk I bought him his very own big boy set. :) I also got a few pictures of him stabbing a hot dog for lunch! I'm such a dork. I'm just so proud!

Getting all excited b/c I was:

Direct stabbage:


Hotdog for lunch:


Oh, how I love him!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I am a moron....

This may come as a shock to some of you but I lack common sense about 95% of the time!! Let's take my most recent experience with my dead phone.

So, as I blogged, Christian decided that it was a good idea to throw my phone into the sink of water. It was on for a very short time after and then it died. I thought it was gone forever since it would no longer respond to my resuscitation efforts of blowing into the battery slot, airing it out, tapping (ever so lightly, of course), and telling it sweet nothings.

Well, Matt said to me last night "Plug it into the charger". Me thinking "As if that will magically return my phone from the depths of which it came in the sink".

What happens? The Black Screen of Death turned into my pretty Verizon welcome screen!!!! The little jingle of the phone brought a tear to my eye. We don't have to get me a new phone!!! *happy dance*

I would love to blame it on the fetus growing within...but, no, I cannot. This is something that has happened on a regular basis since I met Matt. :) Thanks to his pure common sense of plugging a dead phone into a reviving charger I can now have communications with whom I please, when I please. I should bake that man a cake!!

Friday, August 22, 2008

A death...A move...A baby...

First, the bad news...

My phone is dead. Christian killed it. It is no more. :(

I had water in the sink to do some dishes but never got around to doing them yesterday. Christian will occasionally throw things up into the sink because he knows that we do it. Well...my phone was one of the items tossed into the air yesterday. It worked for a little while but now it won't even turn on. So if you need to get a hold of me, call Matt!!!! :)

Second, the GOOD news...

WE ARE MOVING!!!!! To where? RIGHT next door! Literally. We are in Apartment A and we are moving to Apartment B!! We are thrilled. We are going from 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom to 3 bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms. AHHHHH! Seriously, can't wait. We will finally have the space we need. Yay.

We weren't going to move originally because we only have a year left. But the neighbors were PCS'ing and we thought we better see if it was possible to get their house. So a month or so ago we made an appointment. We had it on Tuesday. They call us back later in the afternoon saying that a house was available and they would hold it for us until the end of the week. So I call and ask where it was and sure enough...RIGHT next door!! I prayed and prayed and PRAYED the night before that some miracle would happen and we would get to move next door. No Uhaul needed, no boxes...literally just out our door and into the next! :) So needless to say...we said YES to moving. So family and friends....Our house number is the same but our Apartment number has been changed to B instead of A.


I had my OB appointment today. Went well. Nothing out of the ordinary. She is good. :)

Crystal and the Fam!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Christian's first dentist appointment!!

Was today!

He did...well... For what I expected anyways! I knew that he wouldn't like somebody other than Mommy or Daddy trying to dig around in his mouth. He didn't like the swirly rubber thing that puts on the cleaner stuff, or the water sprayer, OR the suction tube. But I knew he wouldn't be too fond! He sat on my lap and I had to hold his arms and help steady his head so they could look at his teeth, count them, and make sure they were there.

The gal didn't want to do too much but I was okay with it. It has to be done sooner or later. The first month or two of brushing Christian's teeth when he was little were torture. I literally held his forehead under my armpit, wrapped my legs around his, and waited until he hollered so I could shove in the toothbrush! So it will just take time. :)

But a good report for his first dentist visit! He has 15 teeth...missing an eye tooth on top but I had noticed that before I took him in. They said that if it doesn't come in by 24 months or with his second year molars that he will need an x-ray to see if he has one or not. I guess that tooth is the most common for people to not even have in the first place!

So...taking after Daddy with his crazy tooth antics. Dad born with one and Son might be missing one all together! :)

I wish I would have gotten a picture of us there but I know that he was quite nervous. I brought his blankey and everything for him to hold. Glad I did because he sure buried his face in it after he was done getting prodded! haha

He was thrilled for a new toothbrush! He wanted to play with the bristles but it was in the plastic package so he got mad and threw it. It has these fun little plastic pellets in the handle that move all around so I will have to show him that tonight when we brush his teeth again. He was happy to get out of there and even managed a 'bye-bye' wave in between shoving his face in my shoulder and whimpering! :)

Successful day at the dentist for Christian!

....Now it's MY turn on Wednesday!!!!!.....dun dun DUN!.....

Friday, August 15, 2008

Baby Pool

I totally forgot that I had the baby pool going. I linked it on the right so just go there and take your guess if you haven't already!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Vids of the baby bump.

I won't post these on the website. Just here for you to check out if you want to. I was bored during one of Christian's naps last week (even though he was up in the first video ;-) ) and Zuzu was having a party in my belly. I thought I would try and get a video of it!

They are somewhat boring but you can see a few good kicks! She kicks mostly to the left of my belly button. The first video you can see that my belly looks slightly lop-sided...that is because she loves to wedge herself to the left and use my ovary as a punching bag. :-) The second video she has her feet to the left and her head/hands to the right...so she evened me out again. Again, probably boring (and longer than the first) but she gives me a few good kicks.

Enjoy them if you wish to look!

Christian is getting so big!

It has been a fun, interesting, and exhausting few weeks with Christian. He has amazed us both with the things he 'says' and does.

We'll start with his words -

The word 'Dadda' is BACK into the vocabulary!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!

Looking in his baby book it was waaaay back when he was 9 months that he said it. Now at 16 months he is finally saying it again. Matt is thrilled of course. :-) Christian gets this little grin on his face when he says it because he knows that we have been wanting him to say it forever. Then sometimes he will say Momma just to tease! What a stinker.

Also, the monkey sound is now universal. "Oo oo" is what a puppy, and most any other animal we ask about, says. So I think we have some work to do there.

The word "baby" is also being said! He knows that I point to my belly and say there is a baby in there and to kiss her. Sometimes he will do it without me asking so that is fun.

This is a picture Matt took from his phone of Christian kissing his baby sister. :-)

I wish I had the camera every time that Christian goes off on a rant. He waves his arms, points, yells, stomps around a bit. Wish I knew what he was saying!! There is a bit of it at the beginning of a video I got last week. I'll post that on the website ASAP.

Now onto his antics!!

He crawled onto the couch yesterday!! That means big trouble for Mommy! I have to watch him extra careful now to see if he does it again. He tried this morning but must not have remembered how he did it the first time. He whined when he couldn't do it.

He also knows how to climb other things. This is after he crawled on his hands and knees onto the ledge, squeezed in, and then sat on his butt. He then proceeded to 'slide' out the side and want to get back in to do it all over....oh boy!

He also takes a few breaks here and there while running around the house. He figured this:

was a good spot to relax and catch a bit of Noggin on TV before crawling out and heading down the hallway. Silly boy. :-)

Yesterday (Saturday) I was at a baby shower all afternoon. I didn't get home until close to 7pm!! Matt was amazing and spent all afternoon with Christian! Truly made my day. So when I walk in the door he is standing on the couch and SQUEALS with delight that I'm home! It was one of the cutest moments and melted my heart. :-) I love that kid.
Then this morning we walk into the bedroom to get Daddy up and he squeals for him! Amazing! Just the things he does to let us know that he loves us and is excited to see us. Couldn't ask for more. We need to soak up these moments before he is 15 and hates us!

Christian has found a new body part! No, not the one you might be thinking....that was a few months ago. :-( This body part happens to be his NOSTRIL! Ugh!! His fingertip has found the opening on his face. Boo-hoo-hoo. I'm not looking forward to him picking boogers, possibly EATING them, and perhaps wiping it on surfaces that should not have the presence of bodily materials. Thank goodness for travel packs of Kleenex that are everywhere! :-)

Oh...and his laughing fits. Love them. They are great. We were calling him The Joker one morning because he would do a fake laugh at everything! He laughed just to laugh.

I could just go on and on about all the little things that he does. I want to have cameras in every corner of every room just to catch it all!

Okay, I've babbled enough for now. I will hopefully be posting some pictures and videos to the website in the next few days! Keep an eye open.

Keefer Clan