Friday, July 16, 2010

Here, there, and everywhere!

Well, that is partly true. I haven't been everywhere. I wish, though!

Sarah got a yeast infection, they've both been covered in skeeter bites, scrapes and bruises from playing outside, and they've enjoyed playing on the play set at church. I've been searching and applying for jobs but nothing has worked out. :( Anne and I took the kids to the zoo. It was finally nice out!! My mom had a day off so she came along.

Recently Anne and I went out for a girls date. We got dressed up, took pictures, and then headed to Bracco for dinner. In the parking lot I got rear-ended by someone else's rear end. (I'll post pics at the end). was annoying but we made light of it and didn't want it to ruin our plans. We talked to the cops, exchanged info with the crazy lady driver and then went in to have dinner. After dinner we walked around at the Falls, went downtown, and listened to live music.

At the end of June, Matt was able to get into town for a few days. He saw the kids, him and I talked some, we (Anne also) took them to the pool. It was a good few days with him in town. He will be coming down again for one more day before he deploys. Please keep him in your prayers as he travels overseas, that he has a safe and enjoyable time there, and that his return is speedy!

And now for pictures:

And my sister, just cuz...

And the accident. Oh, my...some people.
Okay, so here is the truck I was driving. The empty spot behind it is the one I was in. I was crooked and going in reverse to adjust myself. I stop to let this van go by. Me AND Anne look to make sure she is passed us. I start to back out again. Well then all of a sudden WHAM!

And her back window ends up all over the back of my truck. She throws her van in reverse and backs up like a bat out of hell and hits me hard enough to just shatter her window. I don't even think I had backed up more than five inches from my parking spot before she hit me!

Here is a pic of the glass on the floor. I think it's funny because me and the husband of the driver are in the cop car, while the driver is picking up glass. LOL

The cops were nice about it all. I even got razzed a bit by the short one about my dad. :-)