Friday, August 29, 2008

HOORAY for utensils!

I tried a long time ago for Christian to use a fork and spoon. Gave them to him at meals, let him try them out, showed him how to use them. It quickly became a game of seeing how fast Mommy's reflexes were so she could catch the flying object before it broke something! So I just gave up and didn't let him have them period. I wasn't going to have food all over the floor three times a day nor was I going to pick up a fork 20 times at each meal.

So fast forward to this morning. Matt made scrambled eggs. Christian saw the fork and eggs and wanted some even though he was having his peanut buttered toast. I figured eggs might be an easy thing to push around on his tray and gave him the fork and some eggs. HE STABBED IT AND ATE IT!!! EEE!!!! I was thrilled! I grabbed the camera and took some pictures I was so happy!

So when I went and got milk I bought him his very own big boy set. :) I also got a few pictures of him stabbing a hot dog for lunch! I'm such a dork. I'm just so proud!

Getting all excited b/c I was:

Direct stabbage:


Hotdog for lunch:


Oh, how I love him!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I am a moron....

This may come as a shock to some of you but I lack common sense about 95% of the time!! Let's take my most recent experience with my dead phone.

So, as I blogged, Christian decided that it was a good idea to throw my phone into the sink of water. It was on for a very short time after and then it died. I thought it was gone forever since it would no longer respond to my resuscitation efforts of blowing into the battery slot, airing it out, tapping (ever so lightly, of course), and telling it sweet nothings.

Well, Matt said to me last night "Plug it into the charger". Me thinking "As if that will magically return my phone from the depths of which it came in the sink".

What happens? The Black Screen of Death turned into my pretty Verizon welcome screen!!!! The little jingle of the phone brought a tear to my eye. We don't have to get me a new phone!!! *happy dance*

I would love to blame it on the fetus growing within...but, no, I cannot. This is something that has happened on a regular basis since I met Matt. :) Thanks to his pure common sense of plugging a dead phone into a reviving charger I can now have communications with whom I please, when I please. I should bake that man a cake!!

Friday, August 22, 2008

A death...A move...A baby...

First, the bad news...

My phone is dead. Christian killed it. It is no more. :(

I had water in the sink to do some dishes but never got around to doing them yesterday. Christian will occasionally throw things up into the sink because he knows that we do it. phone was one of the items tossed into the air yesterday. It worked for a little while but now it won't even turn on. So if you need to get a hold of me, call Matt!!!! :)

Second, the GOOD news...

WE ARE MOVING!!!!! To where? RIGHT next door! Literally. We are in Apartment A and we are moving to Apartment B!! We are thrilled. We are going from 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom to 3 bedrooms and 2.5 bathrooms. AHHHHH! Seriously, can't wait. We will finally have the space we need. Yay.

We weren't going to move originally because we only have a year left. But the neighbors were PCS'ing and we thought we better see if it was possible to get their house. So a month or so ago we made an appointment. We had it on Tuesday. They call us back later in the afternoon saying that a house was available and they would hold it for us until the end of the week. So I call and ask where it was and sure enough...RIGHT next door!! I prayed and prayed and PRAYED the night before that some miracle would happen and we would get to move next door. No Uhaul needed, no boxes...literally just out our door and into the next! :) So needless to say...we said YES to moving. So family and friends....Our house number is the same but our Apartment number has been changed to B instead of A.


I had my OB appointment today. Went well. Nothing out of the ordinary. She is good. :)

Crystal and the Fam!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Christian's first dentist appointment!!

Was today!

He did...well... For what I expected anyways! I knew that he wouldn't like somebody other than Mommy or Daddy trying to dig around in his mouth. He didn't like the swirly rubber thing that puts on the cleaner stuff, or the water sprayer, OR the suction tube. But I knew he wouldn't be too fond! He sat on my lap and I had to hold his arms and help steady his head so they could look at his teeth, count them, and make sure they were there.

The gal didn't want to do too much but I was okay with it. It has to be done sooner or later. The first month or two of brushing Christian's teeth when he was little were torture. I literally held his forehead under my armpit, wrapped my legs around his, and waited until he hollered so I could shove in the toothbrush! So it will just take time. :)

But a good report for his first dentist visit! He has 15 teeth...missing an eye tooth on top but I had noticed that before I took him in. They said that if it doesn't come in by 24 months or with his second year molars that he will need an x-ray to see if he has one or not. I guess that tooth is the most common for people to not even have in the first place!

So...taking after Daddy with his crazy tooth antics. Dad born with one and Son might be missing one all together! :)

I wish I would have gotten a picture of us there but I know that he was quite nervous. I brought his blankey and everything for him to hold. Glad I did because he sure buried his face in it after he was done getting prodded! haha

He was thrilled for a new toothbrush! He wanted to play with the bristles but it was in the plastic package so he got mad and threw it. It has these fun little plastic pellets in the handle that move all around so I will have to show him that tonight when we brush his teeth again. He was happy to get out of there and even managed a 'bye-bye' wave in between shoving his face in my shoulder and whimpering! :)

Successful day at the dentist for Christian!

....Now it's MY turn on Wednesday!!!!!.....dun dun DUN!.....

Friday, August 15, 2008

Baby Pool

I totally forgot that I had the baby pool going. I linked it on the right so just go there and take your guess if you haven't already!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Vids of the baby bump.

I won't post these on the website. Just here for you to check out if you want to. I was bored during one of Christian's naps last week (even though he was up in the first video ;-) ) and Zuzu was having a party in my belly. I thought I would try and get a video of it!

They are somewhat boring but you can see a few good kicks! She kicks mostly to the left of my belly button. The first video you can see that my belly looks slightly lop-sided...that is because she loves to wedge herself to the left and use my ovary as a punching bag. :-) The second video she has her feet to the left and her head/hands to the she evened me out again. Again, probably boring (and longer than the first) but she gives me a few good kicks.

Enjoy them if you wish to look!

Christian is getting so big!

It has been a fun, interesting, and exhausting few weeks with Christian. He has amazed us both with the things he 'says' and does.

We'll start with his words -

The word 'Dadda' is BACK into the vocabulary!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!

Looking in his baby book it was waaaay back when he was 9 months that he said it. Now at 16 months he is finally saying it again. Matt is thrilled of course. :-) Christian gets this little grin on his face when he says it because he knows that we have been wanting him to say it forever. Then sometimes he will say Momma just to tease! What a stinker.

Also, the monkey sound is now universal. "Oo oo" is what a puppy, and most any other animal we ask about, says. So I think we have some work to do there.

The word "baby" is also being said! He knows that I point to my belly and say there is a baby in there and to kiss her. Sometimes he will do it without me asking so that is fun.

This is a picture Matt took from his phone of Christian kissing his baby sister. :-)

I wish I had the camera every time that Christian goes off on a rant. He waves his arms, points, yells, stomps around a bit. Wish I knew what he was saying!! There is a bit of it at the beginning of a video I got last week. I'll post that on the website ASAP.

Now onto his antics!!

He crawled onto the couch yesterday!! That means big trouble for Mommy! I have to watch him extra careful now to see if he does it again. He tried this morning but must not have remembered how he did it the first time. He whined when he couldn't do it.

He also knows how to climb other things. This is after he crawled on his hands and knees onto the ledge, squeezed in, and then sat on his butt. He then proceeded to 'slide' out the side and want to get back in to do it all over....oh boy!

He also takes a few breaks here and there while running around the house. He figured this:

was a good spot to relax and catch a bit of Noggin on TV before crawling out and heading down the hallway. Silly boy. :-)

Yesterday (Saturday) I was at a baby shower all afternoon. I didn't get home until close to 7pm!! Matt was amazing and spent all afternoon with Christian! Truly made my day. So when I walk in the door he is standing on the couch and SQUEALS with delight that I'm home! It was one of the cutest moments and melted my heart. :-) I love that kid.
Then this morning we walk into the bedroom to get Daddy up and he squeals for him! Amazing! Just the things he does to let us know that he loves us and is excited to see us. Couldn't ask for more. We need to soak up these moments before he is 15 and hates us!

Christian has found a new body part! No, not the one you might be thinking....that was a few months ago. :-( This body part happens to be his NOSTRIL! Ugh!! His fingertip has found the opening on his face. Boo-hoo-hoo. I'm not looking forward to him picking boogers, possibly EATING them, and perhaps wiping it on surfaces that should not have the presence of bodily materials. Thank goodness for travel packs of Kleenex that are everywhere! :-)

Oh...and his laughing fits. Love them. They are great. We were calling him The Joker one morning because he would do a fake laugh at everything! He laughed just to laugh.

I could just go on and on about all the little things that he does. I want to have cameras in every corner of every room just to catch it all!

Okay, I've babbled enough for now. I will hopefully be posting some pictures and videos to the website in the next few days! Keep an eye open.

Keefer Clan