Thursday, October 30, 2008

Sarah Leilani has arrived!!!

I won't bore with details of the labor...okay I will - IT WENT GREAT! I woke up to contractions at 12:30 am on Monday morning and couldn't fall back asleep so I decided that I better get up and count them. There is this website called where you just push the space bar at the start and stop of a contraction and it times it all for you!! Great tool. ;-)

Anyways, they started right off the bat at 3-5 minutes apart. They weren't all that painful so I waited it out a little over an hour. About 3:00 am I decided that I better take a shower and get my stuff. By 3:30 it was go-time. The contractions were getting pretty painful and I thought my water broke! So, no-go on calling someone to come stay at the house. Matt said he was coming with and we would call for help a little later.

So we get to the hospital around 3:45 and I get checked. Guess how many centimeters I was!? I was going to guess about 5. Nope, wasn't 5. Seven? Nope, again! I was NINE CENTIMETERS!!!!!!! I told the Doctor to "shut up". Seriously, those were the next two words that came out of my mouth!! I was in shock. The next thing I thought was "why aren't I in more pain?!" So they quick get me to a delivery room so I can get going.

Well, since I was at 9 cm I had the option of getting my water bag fully broken (it was only a leak and not a full break) or get an epidural. As I was talking to the doctor/nurses about this the contractions that I was having were starting to get REALLY bad. So bad that I was getting really panicky and wouldn't breath properly through the contractions. I decided that I wanted the epidural because the last thing I wanted was to have a screaming fit while having my daughter. I just remembered how peaceful it was when I had Christian and wanted that all over again.

So the anesthesiologist comes up and managed to get the epidural in during a contraction in which I'm screaming that she is coming out! No joke....she was RIGHT there. Didn't help that I had to lie on my left side to get the drugs! She seemed to want to come out faster that way. Meanwhile, the drugs are taking effect and I'm able to rough it out through a few more painful contractions. Sarah's heart rate dipped quite low at one point and I was moved all over until she was stable. Then it was on to pushing!!!!!!!!!

After what Matt said was 6 pushes our pretty, pretty princess made her debut on October 27th, 5:56 am!!!!!

She weighed in at 7 pounds 13.7 ounces and was 19 inches long. She is absolutely gorgeous and so PERFECT!!!

Go HERE for pictures!!!!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

New blog for my crafts!

I've started another blog to have for JUST my crafting. So you will have to check over there to see what this Martha Stewart is up to! :)

Friday, October 24, 2008

DIY Babylegs

I FINALLY got around to finishing up the few pairs I had pinned together. They sat in the closet for about 2 weeks with pins in them before I figured I'd better bust a few out and get them done. I'm pretty happy with the results!

I used this tutorial:

You can check out the REAL Babylegs at

It was pretty darn easy! Can't wait until she is big enough to actually wear them properly. :-)

The first picture is of the two I finished today. I also have a black pair (not pictured) that has peace sign hearts all over it. Those are the funkiest of the 6 pair that I have.
The second is of the three I have left. The last is of the price I paid for each pair of socks!! :-) I paid less than $11 with tax for the 6 pair when ONE pair could have cost me a few dollars more than that. I love being cheap!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

OB update.

I had my OB appointment yesterday and it went well. I'm 3 cm dilated and my cervix is 50% thinned out (meaning it is about 50% shorter). So this little girl needs to get moving and work her way out! :-) We are ready to meet her.

My next OB appointment is on the 30th. Let's hope I don't make it that long!!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Hair today....

...gone today.

It finally came. Christian got his first haircut. And was I there to witness it? *cries* NO! *cries* But I think that might have been a good thing because I did NOT want him to have a haircut yet even though the sides were starting to go over his ears. He had the cutest little duck tail looking curls in the back. Not many, but there were enough of them to look super adorable.

Anyways, I went to the grocery last night because we really needed some food staples. I get home and Matt informs me that Christian had just had his first haircut. I wanted to cry. I had told him before when he would talk about cutting his hair that I wanted to get pictures because I have a scrapbooking page with some 'First Haircut' things. So we have no picture of actual hair being cut. :-(

Matt says that Christian did not enjoy the hair clipper. He wouldn't sit still for him so I have to go in there and get a few of the longer strands that are leftover. But I must admit...he looks WAY older with just the tiniest bit of hair being cut off!!!!

Here are a few pictures to give you an idea.

If you click on this one to make it bigger you can see that his hair is pretty fuzzy all around. It hangs over his ears and I find myself 'tucking' it so it doesn't. I guess that right there says it needed to be cut.

Then this picture was taken today. Click on it to make it bigger and you can see that his hair is much shorter over his ears and he seriously looks a year older. I find myself staring at him because he seems to have a more mature look about him. It's NUTS!

And HERE is the HAIR!!!!!!! I put it in a baggie and will put it in his baby book. :-) The hair on the sides is straight and the hair from the back is curly. Those poor curls probably won't ever grow back. Those were the hairs he was BORN with! I'm so pathetic.

I'm not upset about it anymore but it was a shock to come home and see his little blond baby hairs all over the bathroom floor. But that kid is cute no matter what!!! :-)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Website is updated!!!!!

Hooray! New pages have been added. More to come!!!!!


Aside from updating the site, I have been trying to do the last minute prep before the new baby arrives. I got the crib (partially) together and set up in our room. The front up/down slat still needs to be repainted white but we can do that this weekend. It won't take long.

I got her clothes and blankets together and in the closet and dresser. I have her cloth diapers ready to use once I get home and settled. I think I'm good to go. I HOPE I'm good to go! Matt on the other hand is NERVOUS and is praying that she stays in until family gets here. Me, not so much! He isn't the one carrying her around. Stick a fork in me!

I pray these last few days go by fast. Family gets here soon and that means closer to baby time. I'm so excited. I feel so blessed to have a boy and now a girl. :-)

All for now. I'm going to see what else I can do around this place!


Monday, October 20, 2008

Hooray for not having a car on the weekend!!!

Hopefully you caught some sarcasm in there.

Our car has been at the dealership for about 5 days now. Pretty peeved about it, to say the least.

We dropped it off last Wednesday thinking it would be two days max. Nope. They called at the end of the first day and said they just got around to doing a diagnostic on it. How are they JUST getting to it when we had the appointment with them 3 days prior? Whatever. They got to figuring out what is wrong and they can finally get started. Maybe it will be done by closing of the next day? Nope, again! They called and said it would be ready Monday by close!!!!!!!

Matt has to now go to the dealership and get Christian's car seat and stroller...along with my hospital bag!!!!! Why we left it in there in the first place, not a clue, but we figured I still have two weeks and we won't be needing it right then and there. But if they are keeping it for 5 days I better be prepared, huh? (But no worries...I'm still pregnant :-( )

I haven't heard from Matt about the car. Who knows if it's fixed!! I just know that we need groceries BADLY and that Christian and I need to get out of the house BADLY! I'm sorta going nuts.

But, I suppose with having no car this weekend Christian was able to get a lot of time with Daddy at home rather than us being out and about the entire time. It was good in that aspect!

~Enough about car problems! On to US!

Matt has had a few weeks of his Friday Psychology class. I think he is enjoying it more than he lets on. He will tell me little tidbits about what they went over that day. "Did you know..." type of comments. :-) I'm very excited for him and hope he takes on more classes. It's pretty rewarding and I hope he feels it.

Christian has been a little bit of a punk. Not listening, whining A LOT, not wanting to go down for naps or bedtime...the usual! haha. He is also getting up at 6am again. Not fun for a Mommy that loves her sleep and is NOT a morning person. Some day the child will enjoy sleeping and never want to get up right?!

As for me...still pregnant. I hit 38 weeks this past Saturday. I really need to get some pictures of the belly. I have new stretch marks! hahahahahaha She has dropped TREMENDOUSLY. She seems so far down my body now that I wave to her sometimes. :-) I'm ready, she should be too!


I also had a baby shower this weekend. My friends Melissa and Carmen threw it. I told them they didn't have to since I had one with Christian before he was born but Melissa insisted. It was fun and I'm so glad that I have people that care about me and our family. I got some adorable clothes, blankets, and some books! Can't wait to use it all.

Well, all for now. Christian is down for a nap and I should probably take another one as well. Yesterday we all got a whopping THREE hours of sleep together. It was magical. I need to get it in while I can!


Thursday, October 16, 2008

Halloween Bunco Night

This past Saturday was our monthly Bunco night with a bunch of military wives here in Hawaii. I figured I should get my butt there since it could very well be the last one for a few months since the baby is due soon.

There was talk of perhaps dressing up and a few people on the boards asked about it as well. I decided that I wasn't going to. I'm huge and don't really feeling like buying an outfit to wear once and most likely never again. But a few hours before I had to leave I was bored and decided to do a random search on what pregnant woman actually do with themselves if they dress up!! ha!

Lo and behold there were some pretty crafty ideas! Most of them I didn't have the material to work with - but then I ran across THIS: hilarious! A pregnant cat!

Immediately I remembered that I had some tiny newborn nipples that were given to me when I had Christian. Then I went to the closet and got a black shirt of Matt's that was too small and hot glued that bad boys on! I cut out some ears from black construction paper and bobby pinned them atop the noggin. Found some black leggings and even my black ballet slip ons! Couple black dots to the face and I'm set!

Here I am!!! (Please don't mind my chubby cheeks!)

Christian was fascinated by the nipples and wanted to touch them. haha!

It was a FUN night at Bunco. But I was the only one that dressed up!!!!!!!!! Some wore black shirts and others had some Halloween themed applique on theirs...but I was the ONLY one in a REAL costume. BUT - I had SO much fun being a pregnant cat and they all got a kick out of it! :-) Very glad that I decided to do something last minute.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

5 years, 11 months...

That is the amount of time that Matt will be putting towards the Air Force after today.

Matt just reenlisted!!!!! A whole gambit of emotions from both of us. Happy, nervous, excited...a whole bunch of things!

Needless to say, I'm very proud of him and what he has done. Not only for our country but especially for our family. We are very grateful for the things that we have been able to do and the things that we are privileged to have while being in the military.

Here are a few pics!

Another long day...inside...

Today is going to be another long day. Something has possessed Christian to be getting up before the sun again (which happens to be 6am most days). Then he is unhappy and whines most of the morning. It isn't even 8am and I can just's going to take a miracle to get both of us through today.

It rained again last night and this morning the mosquitoes were pounding at the back sliding door. That means I will not going out there with Christian. We will get eaten alive and that is neither fun nor pleasant. Matt is considering getting one of those fogger doo-dads that supposedly get rid of them. Going outside is what helps me break up the day with the kiddo. So, we have to find something to help us!!

So, that is our morning in a nutshell! After taking a break writing the first part of this blog and running after the kiddo, it is now 9am. I have put him down for a nap because hitting, slapping, swinging, and throwing things at Mommy...all while whining his head off...constitutes as early nappage for the toddler.

~~On to last nights events~~

Yesterday evening was somewhat eventful, even though we didn't actually LEAVE the house until almost 7pm! Matt wanted to look at something in electronics so we headed out. But to my surprise he said that we should look at cameras! Now, this was a HUGE shock to me. He usually wants to buy some sort of 'toy' for himself...but he thought of ME this time! He said that we needed a new camera because the one we have is crappy and keeps sucking up the juice in batteries. We also needed something that would hold more pictures and videos. He even let me pick it out!! It's a Sony Cybershot and it's PINK!!!!! :) I'm very excited about it. I will be playing with it this week and getting some pictures and vids for your viewing pleasure. ha ha


Speaking of pics and vids! WE FINALLY GOT THE PICTURE RESIZING PROGRAM UP AND WORKING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That means that you will finally get to see some more pictures of the kiddo and MAYBE a few of the belly. I don't remember how many have been taken since I last updated the site. Probably not many...two at most.

So ladies and gents, please stay tuned and keep checking the website. I'll post here on the blog as well when I get some pages up! Hooray!!!


Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Found the lobster video!!!

We went to Red Lobster a long time ago over lunch so it was pretty dead. We decided we would see if Christian would take to a lobster. I told him to touch it and he did!! You can hear the shock in my voice I think. Then I was dumb and called it a fish...hahahahahaha!!!

Another blanket :-)

My attempt at a second blanket was a success!! I even sold it to a lady I know here in Hawaii who is scheduled to have her son Ian this week. I gave her an added bonus of stuffed felt letters as well.

My next blanket will be either a ladybug print or a grasshopper print...whichever I get to first.

Christian feeding a pigeon

Even though pigeons are highly disgusting, dirty creatures I let Christian help Matt feed one in our backyard. haha **We disinfected him upon returning to the house. ;-)

We have that little feeder I got a few weeks back and there was a big ol' pigeon that was hanging out on the ground. Christian was outside by the fence and walking around everywhere and the bird didn't seem to care. So Matt grabbed a handful of seeds and went closer. He was able to sit right down and have the bird eat from his hand! Granted it was THROUGH the fence but at one time the pigeon was in our yard getting seeds.

I was even more shocked that Christian was trying to touch it! I guess I shouldn't be since he did touch a lobster a few months back. I should find that video and get in on here too. (clicking through my video files......) Okay, can't find it. Will have to do another day.

But here are some vids of the nasty dirty pigeon! ;-) Listen carefully for Christian squealing!

I really think Christian would love a pet. So I hope we leave this place SOON so he can get a cat or a dog. Pet pigeon Charlie will have to do for now.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Christian's first game of bowling!

Sunday we took Christian bowling!! He played against Daddy and kept up fairly well. The bumpers were up so Matt had a hard time playing his least that is his excuse ;-)... He has that whole curve throw going so his ball would skim the bumpers almost every time and bounce across the lane.

Christian was all over the place and wanted to get into all the balls in the return rack and then stuff his head and hands into where the ball would pop out. So he is still a bit young but he had fun helping me carry his little 7 pound yellow ball to the ramp, pushing the ball down and watching it hit some pins. :-)

I think we are going to try and go a few times a month and get Christian used to it. Matt will be going every Tuesday over the lunch hour with his work because they have decided to start a league of their own! Matt is excited about it. I am too! I have always wanted to be on a league team...but looks like I still have to wait a while. haha

I'll have to remember to scan a picture of their score card that I got printed out but here are two pictures and a video of bowling for you! (for those reading in Google reader, the video does not show up for some will have to go through blogger to see it)

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

37 week appointment

Headed to Tripler this morning for my 37 week appointment. I was in and out so that was nice! The last two appointments I had I literally waited for over a half hour to just get into an exam room. Hooray for going early today!

Even though I was early I still had to park on the very top of the parking the icky sun!...and hike it all the way up the hill while pushing my 30 pound kid in his stroller. I was pooped by the time I got to the waiting room and sat down. Then I got called back right away to get my vitals done so I knew my pulse and blood pressure were going to be high. (Not to mention I had a head ALL last night and was up for almost 2 hours trying to wait for some Tylenol to kick in).

Sure enough it was high. Like 140 something, and I forget the bottom number. I saw 104 as my pulse and blanked at the rest of my BP. That hill is NO fun.

Well, DURING my vitals Christian was very concerned about the cuff being placed on my arm. He furrowed his brow and reached out to me with a whine. He was glad to see it go away. But then when I got called back to the exam room and the nurse took it again. This is when he bawled!! I really think he was concerned that I was being hurt somehow. He just looked at it and screamed. She left to let the doctor know I was ready. They both came back and the doctor took it one more time to make sure I was not having any issues with pre-eclampsia. With my headache last night and it being so high when I got there they were a little concerned.

And of course Christian cried even harder when he saw the cuff for the third time!!! Anyways - the BP went down to 128/78. Baby is head down, not dilated. Sitting tight in there. No signs of anything to come. C'mon labor!!!!!!!!!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Adventures is blanket making!!

I got it done!!!! I finished my first attempt at making a tag blanket. I'm thrilled and can't wait to see if I actually can sell some!

Here is it!

Saturday, October 4, 2008

I really need to add pictures to the website...

I'm so sorry I haven't added pictures recently. It seems like I go in month spurts. :-(

We have to reinstall the program that we use to resize the pictures. We had a trial version for a while but now we need to get on it and download the real version that we bought. It just keeps being pushed to the bottom of the to-do list. So I will have to add a few pictures to the blog to keep you all satisfied!!! :-)

We have had a few uneventful days. We haven't done much of anything. But we have both done A LOT of brainstorming!

I'll start with me first. I have decided to put some of my craftiness to good use. I'm going to make a few blankets/quilts and see if I can sell them. I opened up a little online store at Etsy and I hope to make a little bit of money on the side. We'll see how it goes!!! I'll have to show pictures of my progress with that. The dresses have been on hold. I want to make sure I'm even having a girl....for some reason both Matt and I are worried the she might be a he!

Now for Matt. Next Friday is his first college class!!! He signed up for a Psychology course. He will start with one class and gradually add a few more, here and there. He is going towards a Bachelor's and then he will work towards becoming an Officer. I'm very proud of him and can't wait for him to start the endeavor of college. I think he will enjoy the Psych class...I know I always did. Just a lot of interesting stuff. Maybe he can figure me out with the classes help?!?! haha

On to Christian. He is the same. :-) He is a ball of energy most days and I can't keep up. SOOOOOO ready to have this baby out so I can do things with ease. AND to sleep on my stomach again.

Baby Girl is good. Snug as a bug in there. I might bribe her with a new car to come a week early...we'll see how I feel in a few weeks. I only have 4 to go!!

Here are a few pictures from this last week.

Fabulous, huh?!

The birds we feed....all million of them.