Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Christian feeding a pigeon

Even though pigeons are highly disgusting, dirty creatures I let Christian help Matt feed one in our backyard. haha **We disinfected him upon returning to the house. ;-)

We have that little feeder I got a few weeks back and there was a big ol' pigeon that was hanging out on the ground. Christian was outside by the fence and walking around everywhere and the bird didn't seem to care. So Matt grabbed a handful of seeds and went closer. He was able to sit right down and have the bird eat from his hand! Granted it was THROUGH the fence but at one time the pigeon was in our yard getting seeds.

I was even more shocked that Christian was trying to touch it! I guess I shouldn't be since he did touch a lobster a few months back. I should find that video and get in on here too. (clicking through my video files......) Okay, can't find it. Will have to do another day.

But here are some vids of the nasty dirty pigeon! ;-) Listen carefully for Christian squealing!

I really think Christian would love a pet. So I hope we leave this place SOON so he can get a cat or a dog. Pet pigeon Charlie will have to do for now.

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