Thursday, October 16, 2008

Halloween Bunco Night

This past Saturday was our monthly Bunco night with a bunch of military wives here in Hawaii. I figured I should get my butt there since it could very well be the last one for a few months since the baby is due soon.

There was talk of perhaps dressing up and a few people on the boards asked about it as well. I decided that I wasn't going to. I'm huge and don't really feeling like buying an outfit to wear once and most likely never again. But a few hours before I had to leave I was bored and decided to do a random search on what pregnant woman actually do with themselves if they dress up!! ha!

Lo and behold there were some pretty crafty ideas! Most of them I didn't have the material to work with - but then I ran across THIS: hilarious! A pregnant cat!

Immediately I remembered that I had some tiny newborn nipples that were given to me when I had Christian. Then I went to the closet and got a black shirt of Matt's that was too small and hot glued that bad boys on! I cut out some ears from black construction paper and bobby pinned them atop the noggin. Found some black leggings and even my black ballet slip ons! Couple black dots to the face and I'm set!

Here I am!!! (Please don't mind my chubby cheeks!)

Christian was fascinated by the nipples and wanted to touch them. haha!

It was a FUN night at Bunco. But I was the only one that dressed up!!!!!!!!! Some wore black shirts and others had some Halloween themed applique on theirs...but I was the ONLY one in a REAL costume. BUT - I had SO much fun being a pregnant cat and they all got a kick out of it! :-) Very glad that I decided to do something last minute.

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AllBlueZoo said...

I loved your costume and I am so bummed I missed your last bunco for awhile! Sounds like the princess will be making an appearance soon!!??