Thursday, April 26, 2007

Dad is home!

Mom called this morning and said that Dad was able to go home. :-) That makes me SO happy. Dad is excited as well. They got home and took a slow walk around the block with the dogs.

Mom said he is on 7 different meds. He will have to carry around nitroglycerin for the rest of his life as well as a card that says he is a Coronary patient. His blood sugar is also a litle out of whack so he will have to monitor that twice a day by poking his finger. If he can't control it with lifestyle changes he will have to be put on a med for it.

I asked Mom when his last cigarette was. She said he smoked his last one before he went into the hospital Tuesday morning. He could have stopped to get more on his way or he could have pulled another pack out. But it was his VERY last one. Mom told him that was a sign and an omen...NO MORE SMOKING!!!

Dad is officially an old man this year. He became a Grandpa and will turn 50 in July. ;-)

Many thanks for all the prayers and thoughts for Dad. He is doing great and will hopefully keep going in this direction.

Update on Dad

I talked to my Mother and my Dad did have a heart attack. He was having pains here in Hawaii and Monday night he was having more pain. He had an appt with the family Doc, had a stress test and the results weren't what they were hoping. It showed that he did, in fact, have a heart attack and was rushed to surgery to get the stint put in.

I was able to talk to him and he is doing great. He feels much better after the surgery and is happy to be moving around. He might get to go home early (rather than Friday) if all keeps going well. Many blessings for his heart attack NOT happening here! I don't know if any of us could have handled that. He was home and our Doc was able to stay with him in the hospital to make sure things continued to go smoothly.


Nancy left today. It was pretty sad. We miss her already. So does Christian...he wants him Grandma Nany to hold him! :-) We had a GREAT time with her here and can't wait to see her again.
Before she left we headed to my friend Erin's house for a few pictures with Christian and Grandma. Here are a few:

Erin does a great job each time she takes pictures. Can't wait to see what others turned out. :-)


Well that is about all for now. Matt and I will be preparing for Auntie Anne to get into town! Christian is going to go shopping with us girls when she gets here. Yay!

XOXO - Crystal, Picture-Perfect Christian and Matt

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

It's about time for another update!


Nancy leaves tomorrow. Matt and I are sad. We did well trying not to think about it all week, but it was always in the back of our minds. It won't be a fun day. Christian has changed so much this past week while she was here and we are thankful that she was able to witness it. Christian will miss Grandma too, I think! :-)

Anne gets in on Friday. I'm excited to go shopping with her. Matt isn't one to walk around a mall so this will be fun! I have quite a few gift cards to use for Christian so she can help me pick out some useful items for him. Christian can't wait to meet his Auntie!!

On a more serious note - my sister called me this morning and informed me that my Dad was in the recovery room at the hospital after just getting a stint put in his heart. I'm quite shocked by this and don't know what to think. She said that he was having chest pains while here in Hawaii and had called and made an appointment for a stress test back home. So this morning was his test and I guess they found something that they didn't like and they rushed him over to surgery to get the stint put in. My sister said he is doing fine and cracking jokes already. So that is a good sign! My mom is going to call me later and I will get more details and have an update.

So keep everyone in your thoughts and prayers - for save travels and speedy recoveries!!


Monday, April 16, 2007

My family left on Saturday. It was a pretty sad afternoon. Christian was taking a nap and every few minutes Mom would go into the bedroom to stare at him in his crib. This is the last picture she took of him before they left:

He was sleeping so nice! She put the duck under his arm and he slept like that for another hour.

I'm sick :-( I have a sore throat and a stuffy/runny nose. It's hard to stay away from Christian! I basically have to change him and feed him then either set him down or hold him far away from my face so I don't breath on him. That is a challenge when all I want to do it love him and give him kisses. So hopefully with the rest that Matt let me get on Sunday and the nap I took this morning, I will be on the road to recovery!! I haven't been a while! It is NO fun.

Grandma Nancy comes into town today!! I have been telling Christian how excited she is to see him. I think he is in for a treat! He will get all the attention he needs :-)

Christian also got his tongue clipped. It went well...if you can call sharp objects coming towards your face a 'good' thing!! Poor kid cried a bit but then settled down once I cuddled him. He seems to be better with it and his tongue actually can go outside of his mouth now. So that will be fun to get him to make faces :-)

That is about all for an update. Christian is getting a bath soon so he will be nice and fresh for Grandma! Can't wait to see you!

Friday, April 13, 2007

Christian's Well Baby Checkup

Christian had his well baby checkup today. I was a little worried about his weight going in since we have had some issues breastfeeding. We just weren't working well together. Grandma Linda thought his tongue might be tied and I agreed. So today we asked the Doc and she put in a referal for us at Tripler. Little Man is going to get his tongue clipped!! Eek!! I had it done when I was young (it is hereditary) so hopefully now with this it will help us in the breastfeeding department.

Other than that - he has gained a little less than a pound and has sprouted TWO whole inches!! I think we have a weed on our hands! Any bets on how tall he will be? I think he might be passing up Matt in the near future.

So Christian's first well baby appointment went well :-) He is good to go until his 2-month appointment. He will get more shots then...which Mommy does NOT look foward to :-( Not sure who these appointments are more traumatizing for...

Family leaves tomorrow. We are not looking foward to the goodbyes. It will be hard to do it all over again when Grandma Nancy gets into town. We have had so much fun and can't wait to get back to SD sometime. We miss everyone a lot.

But we have been blessed with the time spent with family here in Hawaii. We can't wait to do it again!

XOXO, Crystal and a healthy Christian!

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Busy, Busy!!

It has been a pretty busy week since my parents and aunt and uncle got into town! Today is a relaxing day for Christian and I...while Matt goes back to work for the first day since Christian was born. :-( It was a sad morning and I tried to sleep with Christian to pass the time but only got an hour nap with him.

I have uploaded more pictures to the site. Here is the link in case you missed it on the home page:

There are some cute ones in there! My parents also have a lot more pictures that we have yet to get onto the computer. So be patient....we have MORE!! :-)

Christian looks bigger every day. He holds his head up when he can and he is so strong already. We arent sure who he is turning out to look like!! Either way - he is cute as a button!

We can't wait to post more pictures for you all. We miss you!

Crystal, Matt and 2 week old Christian!

Sunday, April 1, 2007

Almost one week old!

I can't believe it has almost been a week since we had Christian! He looks so big to me and it is hard to imagine that I held him in my belly for so long. He is absolutely perfect and we can't wait to watch him grow.

The first days back home were a rough start. I barely got any sleep and it seemed like he was feeding 23 hours out of the day. But now coming up on a week it seems to be getting better (knock on wood!!!) He let me sleep a good few hours last night so that was nice of him :-) Feedings have become a lot better as well. I can't wait until he sleeps for more than a few hours at a time. But for the time being I will have to take some cat naps during the day. I'm not looking foward to when Matt has to go back to work.... Hopefully there will be some sort of schedule going by then.

This Thursday my parents and aunt and uncle will get to the Island. We are so excited and can't wait to show Christian his extended family. Matt and I can't wait for Grandma Nancy to get here either! We are so excited to show off our wonderful little Miracle. Christian is blessed with a wonderful family!

Check out some more pictures that we have added!