Thursday, April 26, 2007

Dad is home!

Mom called this morning and said that Dad was able to go home. :-) That makes me SO happy. Dad is excited as well. They got home and took a slow walk around the block with the dogs.

Mom said he is on 7 different meds. He will have to carry around nitroglycerin for the rest of his life as well as a card that says he is a Coronary patient. His blood sugar is also a litle out of whack so he will have to monitor that twice a day by poking his finger. If he can't control it with lifestyle changes he will have to be put on a med for it.

I asked Mom when his last cigarette was. She said he smoked his last one before he went into the hospital Tuesday morning. He could have stopped to get more on his way or he could have pulled another pack out. But it was his VERY last one. Mom told him that was a sign and an omen...NO MORE SMOKING!!!

Dad is officially an old man this year. He became a Grandpa and will turn 50 in July. ;-)

Many thanks for all the prayers and thoughts for Dad. He is doing great and will hopefully keep going in this direction.

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