Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Simple Man

For you, Christian ♥

Happy Third Birthday, Bubba!!

I'm only about a month late in getting this post up, but better late than never!!


You are now a BIG boy.
You are Three years (plus a couple weeks) old.
You know how to pee in the potty.
You love to walk the dogs.
You love your sister even though you don't share very well with her.
You love your Papas.
You still eat like a bird.
You could play uninterrupted with your cars and trains for hours!
Your favorite snack is probably the air puffed popcorn.
You know all your ABC's and can count to twelve.
You get into a lot of trouble for being only three!
You finally drink milk.
You would rather have it be chocolate or strawberry.
You have the cutest smile.
You need to work on your #2's in the potty!
You're a little on the TOO friendly say hi to almost anyone!
You love peanut buttered toast.
You ask us to cry so you have a 'reason' to give us hugs and kisses.
You give the greatest hugs.
Your laugh when we tickle you is contagious.

You are MY son! I love you with all my heart.

Now on to the fun part. Pictures!
Sarah helped out in the kitchen.

Then did all sorts of acrobatics in the living room over the benches.

A decent one of both of them before people started to arrive.

Some of the Easter loot that we had at the party.

Eating the grub.

Christian and Grandma Wava had some pretty intense conversation.

Mmm, this cake was good!

Four generations on my Mom's side.

Four generations on Matt's side.

Blowing out the candles.

Money from Grandma Petersen!!

Time to open all the presents.

Pankcake pans in the shape of animals ♥

They both got hats. :-)


Then we went outside because Uncle Dave brought over something that my younger cousin Justin had when he was little. It's a basketball hoop!!!!! :-)

Happy Birthday Bubba!! ♥

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Where have I been!?

Time for a proper update from us, eh?

First up: I am adding "Play a game of paintball" to my Bucket List.

I have been scheduling LOTS of appointments for the kids and myself the last few weeks. I'm getting it all out of the way so this summer can be fun. Never mind the fact that I won't have Tricare after I get divorced. So I need to get all of MY stuff done ASAP!

The last Saturday in April all the ladies on my Mom's side of the family got together to celebrate birthdays. And four ladies being CANCER FREE!!!

And here is a GOOD picture of my sister and me! I don't even remember the last picture of us together!

Christian had a dentist appointment to get his extra tooth checked out. He was cleared for it being ok and not going to damage anything. He just needs to go back in a few years to get xrays to see if he also has an extra adult tooth...THAT might cause an issue.

He also had an appointment at the end of April with the school district. He had a speech evaluation done (just like what he did in Hawaii) but this time it has to be through the Sioux Falls schools since he would be actually going TO the school to get the therapy. I got a call this morning saying that he got into the program at the elementary school right down the street from the house. I have a meeting with them next week and I hope they tell me that he got into Head Start, too!! Fingers crossed on that one.

The night of April 30th, I went to the opening play of 'The Sound of Music' with my Mom, Mother-in-law and Sister-in-law. It was a good show and I'm glad we got to go together. I got there via car trunk.

This is Anne and myself at the play.

May 1st we all got together to celebrate Kerry's birthday. Christian was a ball of energy the whole time.

Then got shy when Kerry asked him to help blow out the candles.

May 7&8 I got to see two very dear friends of mine! Vicki, my best friend from college, and then Ashley, my best friend from high school! It was a fun weekend and I wish I could see them more often.

Christian got artistic on me. Rather on Sarah's head...

Next week there are some appointments with the school for Christian, appointments with the lawyer, and then hopefully my stuff regarding the GI Bill for school will be done. Makes my head spin!

The first weekend in June is the neighborhood rummage sale. I'm selling TONS of baby clothes from both kids so if you have anybody that needs some, come by! I'm also selling a ton of baby 'stuff', the swing, bumbo, nursing pillow, etc.

Here are just a few random's of the kids.

Pooped after playing.

Helping Kerry with the leaves.

Story time.


Outside with Grandma

Christian on his new trike that he got for his birthday (a post I still have to do, by the way!!)

There you have it. I'll get Christian's birthday post up one of these days!!! I promise. Hold me to it, guys!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Bucket List: Installment Two

6. Go to Rome.
7. See a play in New York.
8. Meet a famous actor/actress and get their picture and autograph.
9. Go on a cruise.
10. Lose at least 10 more pounds.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Bucket List

A question was posed: What would you do if you had NO limitations? I thought for a minute. The ideas continued to flow....

So, here is the first installment of my Bucket List! I have more than these few I'm posting but I will wait to add them. They are a bit more extravagant! :-)

1. Get a tattoo.
2. Bungee jump.
3. Skydive.
4. Hold a tarantula.


5. Eat REAL sushi.