Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Busy, Busy, Busy In Sioux Falls!!

Almost since the day I got here I have been busy doing something. Minus the one day where it snowed all day and I decided that would be the day to do absolutely nothing and take a nap! So what have I been up to? Here is a quick rundown.

Thurs Jan 28 - Tried to get the kids to wear themselves out at the Escape Zone on base before we made our way to Sioux Falls from Grand Forks. Alone... Let's just say I am not looking forward to the trip back...alone. :( They slept for the hour it took to get to Fargo. The good thing was that we stopped in Watertown for food and gas. We met Grandma and Grandpa Claussen at IHOP! After we got into town we stopped by the Keefers to see them.

Fri Jan 29 - We decided that today would be the day to open the Christmas presents that were still under the tree! Sarah got an interactive book, a Blue's Clues DVD, and a set of Disney books. Christian got a Wubbzy DVD, Wubbzy blanket, and little Wubbzy figurines! He was loving it.

Sarah also sat in Christian's booster chair. This was the first time she sat in something other than a highchair.

Friday night I went to the movie "Did You Hear About the Morgans?" with Anne. Very cute movie.

Sat Jan 30 - Went to lunch at IHOP with Vicki. We had a great time and decided that we would go see a movie that night. After lunch I headed home for the kids to nap. I waited with mom and aunt for my dad, uncle and grandma to get home from looking at cars. We got a call to say they were on their way and to be in the driveway cheering! So we stood in the garage while Grandma pulled into the driveway with her brand new '09 Kia! No more 30+ year old Lincoln. The boat is parked for good!!

After we all admired the new car we went inside to have chili. We had some great fellowship with family and bedtime for the kids came so I could go see "The Lovely Bones" with Vicki.

Sun Jan 31 - Went to church where my mother was informed that I was pregnant. I am not!!

After church, the kids went down for naps and I went to see my friend Nicole from high school. They just had a baby beginning of January; six weeks early. He is the tiniest thing I have ever held. So cute!!!

That night we went to Grandma and Grandpa M's for a birthday dinner for Anne.

Mon Feb 1 - Snow Day. I napped when the kids did. Took the dogs for a walk. Watched some TV. Played lots of cars. Did the dump truck puzzle over and over again. Wash, rinse, repeat...minus more naps.

Tues Feb 2 - Anne and I went shopping!!!!!!!!!!! We loaded the kids and our first stop was Y's Buys. They have 25% off on Tuesdays. I got a J Crew coat for $14.99! A handful of dresses/shirts for Sarah, a sweatshirt and corduroys pants for Christian, three tops (plus the coat) for me, and a pair of shoes for each of the kids for a grand total of less than $34!!! I saved just over $12 with the 25% off. :-) Go, me!

After Y's Buys we stopped by Target. But it was almost as if the Heavens were telling me that I shouldn't go in! Why? Because my door handle came right off into my hand. No lie. Picture to prove it.

Target run was done then we went to Pizza Ranch for lunch...after Olive Garden was completely packed and we couldn't get a parking spot. We ate some good food and then played in the basketball court for a while. Then headed home for of which did not take one. Any guesses as to whom? After one child took a nap it was back to the Keefer's for supper. While there, Kerry fixed my door handle!! Hooray!!! I only had to endure opening my window all the way to reach the handle on the outside for a few hours out of my life. :-)

Today, Wed Feb 3 - Picked up Grandma Petersen (my mom's mom) and went to my mom's work for lunch. Kids behaved per usual and they ate pretty decent! Went back home for naps where BOTH of them took one! Leftovers for supper. Joe, a good friend from high school, came to visit and we were able to catch up a bit! Hopefully we will have more chances to see each other now that I'm able to get to SF more often.

Tomorrow Thurs Feb 4 - Nothing major planned. Going to get my hairs cut. Will go to see Annie in the afternoon and get Christian's hairs cut.

Fri Feb 5 - Going to see Grandpa at Good Sam and hopefully will see Jenny if she makes it to town.

Sat Feb 6 - Will make the trek back to Grand Forks. Matt will be done with school in St. Louis on Friday and will get home sometime this weekend. He is missed!

Now it's past my bedtime....night!

PS. I'll put pictures of the last week up soon. I'm too tired now.