Thursday, May 31, 2007

Our growing boy!!

Christian had his 2 month well-baby visit today. The Pediatrician said he looked wonderful! :-) He did pretty well. He whimpered when he had to get poked and prodded by the Pediatrician and then he SCREAMED when he got his immunizations. Poor thing forgot to breath for a minute! So now he is home, had some baby Tylenol and is taking a snooze.

Here are his stats:

This was at 2 week -
Ht - 22.13"
Wt - 9.15lbs
Head - 15.16"

This was today at 2 months -
Ht - 24.5"
Wt - 13lbs 11oz
Head - 16.5"

Yay!! Baby is growing fine!

I also had to get a 'prescription' of formula. Most of the ones that I have tried have made his bowels not so fun to move. He used to grunt for hours in the morning trying to move them :-( But I found a Carnation brand that is wonderful on his tummy. Christian gobbles it down - he likes it :-)

I woke Christian up the other morning and I could have cried.... He looks older! :-( I want him to be my cute bundle of joy FOREVER! It was so cute though. He will usually have a big stretch and I will give him a few kisses and ask him how he slept. Then he will smile! :-) I love starting my day with him. Most of the time we get up with Matt so we all get to talk to each other and share some kisses.

I have more pictures that I need to post on the website. Hopefully I will get that done sometime this weekend. Matt has a 4 day weekend so we might do something with the neighbors.

That is all for now! I'm going to eat some lunch...I made lasagna yesterday for supper and it was good!

XOXO - Crystal

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

So far away!!

Christmas, that is!!

Matt's leave has been approved for December!!!!! :-) Now let's hope that they don't royally jip him out of it like that have been known to do. So it is set to come back for Christmas in December and we can't wait to see all of you!

Other than that bit of wonderful news nothing else has happened. Christian is growing so well and I am anxious to see how much he weighs at his next appointment. He is sitting in the saucer as I write this...looking around and bouncing a bit. He looks soooooooo cute I could eat him up! He is starting to hold onto things a bit better and is jabbing at the animals that hang from his Pooh mat. I'm not sure if he is doing it on purpose...but I'll assume so until I see otherwise. Haha!

He is eating wondefully, too. This boy is definately not a bird when it comes to his bottle. He will guzzle down 6 or 7 ounces sometimes! Going to be big like his Daddy :-) His eating habits also help when it comes to bedtime. He will only get up once in the middle of the night for a bottle and go back to bed for at least 4 more hours. WONDERFUL for Mommy! She likes to get a good nights sleep as well.

Matt is at work on a 12 hour shift right now. They are having a base exercise again. He will have a few more 12's this week too. Can't wait for him to get home...season finale of LOST is on tonight! YAY!! We are absolutely in love with this show.

Well, that is about all for now. Updates to come after his appointment!!


Thursday, May 17, 2007

I S'pose it's time for an update!

It's been a while so I better let you all know what we have been up to!

Mother's day has come and gone :-( It was such a great day! I'm so glad that I'm finally a Mommy and I get to celebrate it every year. I'm sure Matt is excited for Father's day. There is a picture up of my card I got from Christian and Matt - It has my first drawing :-) I also got flowers and a balloon.

We went fishing on Mother's Day as well. It was pretty fun but Christian didn't enjoy it very long. We also went fishing a few nights ago here on Hickam and that was neat. I think fishing here on base will become something we do more often. Especially when Christian will be able to understand what is going on.

Summer school started for me on the 15th. I'm taking a few simple computer courses and then a Medical Coding class as well as an Ethics & Law class. The coding class is quite something! Very interesting. LOTS of numbers! Hopefully it goes well because Medical Coding is something I could do from home if I wanted. :-)

Matt is still trucking away at work. He is very excited about fishing and wants to do it every evening after work. He still works out on days that he can. We have both ourselves on a 'diet' so we will see how that goes for us. Fingers crossed!

Christian has started to 'talk' a lot more. He smiles more too! We have an exer-saucer that he enjoys. He can sit up and look around while sitting in it like a Big Boy. He needs a few blanekts to help him sit upright in it but he is using his legs and bouncing a bit. (check out the video of you get a chance).

My dad is doing well. He is going to cardiac rehab and his minutes on the treadmill keep going up. So he is getting there!

My sister bought an apartment with a girl friend of hers. They move in the 1st of June.

My mom is doing well. Back at work and loves every minute of it.

My grandma just had her 75th birthday! It was nice to talk to them a bit this week.


Well that is about all for now. Christian and I are going for a walk now. Love you all!


Saturday, May 5, 2007

It's Official!!!

Christian is now an official member of the United States of America!! We recieved his Social Security card in the mail today!!!! :-) How exciting to know that he is a REAL person of this world now. Well, of course, he always was - but you know what I mean ;-)

Other news - Anne leaves tonight :-( It was fun to have her here. We went out a few days and it was nice to have yet another set of hands around the house. I think she enjoyed being here with her new nephew. We took some video and pictures and I will hopefully be able to post them in a day or two.

We have some fun video of Christian trying to roll over. Of course he won't be able to do it for a while but he sure tries! When he has tummy time he tries to move but can't. It's cute when he gets frustrated :-)

That's all for my quick update. Nothing TOO exciting has happened this week...just watching Christian get bigger and bigger!!

Love you all,

Crystal, Matt and Christian