Thursday, May 31, 2007

Our growing boy!!

Christian had his 2 month well-baby visit today. The Pediatrician said he looked wonderful! :-) He did pretty well. He whimpered when he had to get poked and prodded by the Pediatrician and then he SCREAMED when he got his immunizations. Poor thing forgot to breath for a minute! So now he is home, had some baby Tylenol and is taking a snooze.

Here are his stats:

This was at 2 week -
Ht - 22.13"
Wt - 9.15lbs
Head - 15.16"

This was today at 2 months -
Ht - 24.5"
Wt - 13lbs 11oz
Head - 16.5"

Yay!! Baby is growing fine!

I also had to get a 'prescription' of formula. Most of the ones that I have tried have made his bowels not so fun to move. He used to grunt for hours in the morning trying to move them :-( But I found a Carnation brand that is wonderful on his tummy. Christian gobbles it down - he likes it :-)

I woke Christian up the other morning and I could have cried.... He looks older! :-( I want him to be my cute bundle of joy FOREVER! It was so cute though. He will usually have a big stretch and I will give him a few kisses and ask him how he slept. Then he will smile! :-) I love starting my day with him. Most of the time we get up with Matt so we all get to talk to each other and share some kisses.

I have more pictures that I need to post on the website. Hopefully I will get that done sometime this weekend. Matt has a 4 day weekend so we might do something with the neighbors.

That is all for now! I'm going to eat some lunch...I made lasagna yesterday for supper and it was good!

XOXO - Crystal

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