Friday, September 26, 2008

Almost forgot to post about this!!!!!!


I got my diploma in the mail the other day! :-) Matt said he had to 'present' it to me and wanted me to walk across the 'stage' of our living room but I just wanted to SEE it!! haha Then he proceeded to make the most horrendous sound I could have managed to hear at that moment. He put the paper up to his mouth and made the sound like he RIPPED it! He about died from choking on his spit with the reaction I guess I had on my face. He said I turned white and looked like I could have killed him. You darn right! If you rip that $50,000 piece of paper I will rip you into a million little shreds so nobody can find you!!!

Anyways - here are the goods!

This is the official letter stating I graduated.

Close up.


Sorry it is sideways - but this is the school's seal. :-)

This baby is getting FRAMED!!

Post 3 for today...I'm on a roll.

I don't know if I have ever posted 3 times at once!

Well we went to the lunch thing at the beach on Hickam today. Of course Christian STILL hated the sand, waves, and the wind! He kept pointing at the boats and the airplanes and occasionally a wave but would cling for dear life if he thought we were going to put him near the water. Pretty sure he won't be liking it by the time we leave here either.

Here is a picture of him at the beach. He was fine under the umbrella with his little bucket.

After we had a few bites to eat of the food they prepared I left with Christian and took him to the pool by our house for a bit. He couldn't get to the sprinklers fast enough when I put him down!!!! Happy as a clam!

My Martha Stewart-y-ness!!

As promised! :-)

When Matt and I were at the BX last week getting dirt and MORE grass seed to replace the first bag that the birds ate I picked up a little 'kit' to plant some flowers. I also got a little cup that came with sunflower seeds! I have wanted to plant something for a very long time but never did it at the other house. Just felt a bit strange without a fence for some me strange!! haha

Anyways, I bought a little kit that had 12 little 'pods' of dirt that expanded when water was added. Then you rip open the little sacks, sow your seeds, put in a warm place, then put in the sun once they start to sprout. Sounded easy enough! If I can sew a dress I can plant a seed right?!?!

Well, lo and behold! I have some flowers growing! The kit of 12 pods has wildflowers in it. The way they look now it's about a 50% success rate and one of the seeds has sprouted from the sunflower cup (at least only one has come through the dirt so far). I'm pretty excited about it. I hope it doesn't take TOO long for the sunflower to actually become a flower because I want to plant it in the front of the house where there is LOTS of sun as well as transplant a few of the wildflowers around it. The front 'yard' is pretty hideous as it is just a square of grass with rocks and junk lining the house. :-( I want to make it pretty!!

Well - here are my results!

The entire 'kit' that I planted with wildflowers.

Some of the better sprouts, although more than just these pictured have some growing.

The tall one!

My precious little sunflower seedling! Mama is proud!

I'll keep taking pictures of the progress! Hope it doesn't take months! haha

My 100th Post!

This will be my 100th post for our blog! How exciting! Okay, maybe not for some of you, but to me it is.

When TV shows have their 100th shows it usually means that they have been going for a good 2-ish years, an episode a week? I started this back when I was pregnant with Christian so let's see when my first post was.. *clickity click click as I go through pages* ...and the results -

Saturday, March 3, 2007 was the date of our first ever blog. How fun! So just over 18 months ago. :-) I have done pretty well I think.

And speaking of 18 months... Christian is 18 months old TODAY! I officially have a toddler. I never really considered him one before this. You sort of count ages by months until you get to this point. I'll most likely say how old he is in months until he is 2, but this, to me, is the official toddler point in his life. And boy does he know it! He knows he can get away with stuff, can butter us up, can flash that little smile of his and get away with murder! But, man do I love that kid. :-)

Today we are going to a picnic lunch at the Hickam beach with Matt's work. They try to do them once a month on a Friday. We didn't make the last one so we are going to this one. Should be fun. We won't swim b/c Christian is terrified of the ocean, but I will try and get him to play in the sand a bit. We'll see.

That's all for this post. The next one will be about my Martha Stewart-y-ness!!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

16th Tooth!

Christian's last tooth (well last of the first 16 anyways) has FINALLY come in! I was beginning to wonder if that last eye tooth was even in there. I didn't notice it until he threw his head back in a fit of laughter during lunch yesterday. It's already broken through and on it's way out. So that explains his crappy behavior and semi-food strike this last week! Probably didn't help that I noticed the tooth AFTER the hearing appointment either. :-( Oops.

Well, other than that Christian is good. We have started time-outs. They are going...okay. Just have to get him to stay there and start to realize that it's for doing something he knows he shouldn't. Which is almost always pushing the buttons on the XBOX and receiver for the TV. He shakes his head No when we catch him. Little punk!

Myself on the other hand...sick, sick, sick!! Started with a sore throat then the next morning it hurt to swallow, then it got scratchy, then it went to full blown can't breath out of my nose and snot all over the place. I had a hard time breathing BEFORE I got sick, now I have to work even harder at it. :-(

Matt is back to work this week after having 9 days off. Went TOO fast!

All for now. Christian has fallen asleep, I put some dishes in the dishwasher, and now I think I might take a nap myself!


Monday, September 22, 2008

Christian's hearing test today.

**Picture preview of yesterdays pool fun at the bottom**

Ugh. Why do I have to be the one to take him to all these sorts of things? :( It basically sucked. No other word for it!!

Well a bit of background. At his 18 month well baby visit I was told that he should get a speech evaluation done. He only knows how to say a few words when he should know about eight of them. So today was the hearing test that he needed before he could get a speech eval.

So we went and had to get things shoved in his ears. Not fun for him, especially when some strange lady is the one doing it! Then I had to hold his arms/hands. He HATES that. We have never been able to hold his hands even when he was little. He has to hold OUR hands. So some test that was to only last about 3-4 minutes lasted about a whole 20. He did nothing but scream and wail and want out of the chair. :( But the lady was smart to get that test out of the way and do the easier ones at the end.

But anyways, the tests were good and he hears fine. Which we knew he did, they just have to do the test before the speech eval. Glad it's over with. The speech test will be much better for him and he won't be poked and prodded with instruments! haha

Now on to some fun! We took Christian to the park yesterday for about a minute before we decided that it was too darn hot and the sun would burn us all to a crisp. So we came back home and filled up the little pool we have and stuck the slide in it. Christian had a blast then froze! haha His lips turned blue and then he started to shiver....time's up! :-) It was a good time had by all.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

FINALLY got some pages published!

Sorry that took so long!!!!! :-( With the moving and the crashing of the computer it just took us a while to go down the list of things that needed to get done.

Three pages have been added to the site!! Go check it out:

Friday, September 12, 2008

Ok, ok! Here are a few pics to tide you over!

The boys had fun with empty cereal boxes :)

He is just too cute.

Some website updates!

So I have made some more pages for the website but we have to call the actual web site maker people to get our code and get the real thing rather than the trial version I'm using to make more pages. So they are there...just not published to the World Wide Web yet!! So I promise I did them!! :-)

No other updates but that!


Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Computer pictures :(

So our computer got a lovely virus right before the weekend. It wouldn't do anything. So along with the virus and really crappy internet that we were stealing...just made for a no internet/no pictures weekend. So, for that, I apologize. I was really hoping to get ALL the pictures up from the last bagillion weeks but it will have to be done throughout the next few days.

OH!!! I also have pictures of the house that I need to get up for you all. Matt and I are in love with it. It fits us very well and we don't feel like we have tons of crap just thrown in a room. It all has a 'place' now! haha

But now, we have internet AND television again. Christian is a happy camper to have his Noggin channel back. He really missed watching Franklin and Miss Spider. As soon as it got turned on he started to dance. :-) It was super cute.

I spose a little update on the kiddos would be nice huh?

Christian is taking two naps most days this past week. Pretty sure the kid is going through a growth spurt. He is cranky a few hours after he gets up and has quite the temper. So two naps it is until he get through this! I think yesterday (Tues) he slept for all but about 8 hours of the day. He had two 2 hour naps and then went to bed at 8 and was out cold a few minutes later. Wish he would eat a little more though. Still picky as ever!

Baby girl is doing well. She kicks me to oblivion most days and I'm out of breath walking up the steps. I think most of that is having to carry a toddler along with me though. I can't bend forward or else I feel like I'm trying to squish a watermelon. I'm carrying VERY low...ugh. Can't wait until she is out! I know what the end of pregnancy feels like..we don't need to do it again! ;-)

Matt and I are great. We love sleeping on our new bed and we have gotten some great sleep the last week. Matt also took next week off. We needed some family time and some opportunity to get some things done around the house. We want to work on the backyard and we need to get some painting done on the free crib we got from a neighbor. :-)

Well, all for now. I'll start working on the pics today hopefully!!!


Saturday, September 6, 2008

Gas Prices

As with most places in the U.S. gas prices are OUTRAGEOUS! Well, today Matt and I were VERY pleased with the total of our gas purchase. Grand total to fill our tank was $100.02! I didn't let go in time to make it the even $100. haha But it stopped at $97 before I got out and added more. The price per gallon, you ask???


This is the lowest it has been in a LONG time. I had to go up to Christian's baby book to see what I wrote down as the highest price we saw a few months ago, and that was $4.63. So, we were quite happy with getting a full tank with only $100. :-)

Well, I just had to share our excitement for the day. That was about the only thing cool that went on. It was blazing hot and we went to price check bricks for the backyard and that was a bust. $5 for a single brick. No thanks! Then it was just too darn hot to get in and out of the car a million times so we decided we needed to go home and have the comfort of our A/C.

All for now!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Where do I start this update?! It's a long one...

This last week felt like such a whirlwind! I hope we don't have another week like this for a long time!!

Right before the long weekend we were deciding what we should do with ourselves. We had another week until we would be moving next door. But I decided to call the housing office to see if there was ANY way that we might be able to move in Labor Day weekend instead of waiting another week. They said they would check with their manager and call us back. Do do do do do do do..... RING! They said it would be fine, we just have to go redo some of the paperwork. SCORE!

So the moving started Friday morning. Piece by piece, Matt and I hauled stuff out our door and into the next. We had all the major items moved by noon. I'd say we did pretty good for one dude and a pregnant chick!! :-) The rest of the weekend was a bunch of back and forth with little boxes of stuff for this room and a basket of stuff for that room. All in all...a job well done. I took some pictures of the downstairs but never manage to get any of the upstairs because I always remember when Christian goes down for a nap! I need to update the website with pictures anyways so I best be getting on that soon.

So that was the weekend. Now...Tuesday, the 'start' of the work week sure brought some drama to the Keefer household! This was the morning of our final inspection at the old house. I had a few things to get from next door to throw away so that I could sweep and mop the kitchen. I go over, grab the trash, throw it away, come back to the house and I see the front door is closed (we have a screen and a deadbolt door). Often times we ask Christian to help us close the door when we come home. He likes to help out and we are trying to get him to follow all our directions so that he is a better help when the new baby comes.

Well, take it from me...Christian knows MUCH more than how to just close a door. He knows how to LOCK IT WHILE MOMMY IS OUTSIDE!!!!!!!!! Yes, my 17 month old son locked his Mommy out. I jiggle the door and nothing. I quickly go around back hoping that the sliding door is open. No luck. Christian comes running to the back and smiles at me. I tell him to open the door for me. He tries but it's locked of course. I don't have my phone on me and I don't have the keys. I go to one neighbors house and they aren't home. I go to the next and she answers the door. They just moved here a few months ago so what a way to introduce myself, huh? It was literally a frantic "Hi, I need your phone, my son locked me out!"

I called Matt first because I knew he was out of his office doing some errands. No answer. I call housing...NO ANSWER! What?! Took me a little bit but I finally got a hold of Matt. He said he didn't have the key (we only have one right now because housing needs to make another) and it was inside. OF COURSE! So Matt said he would come home and try to help. Then I finally get a hold of housing after calling 4 times. They said they would 'alert dispatch and it will be about 30 minutes'. I said HECK NO!!! I will be breaking a window before I wait another 30 minutes. He was already inside for a good half hour before housing even answered their phones! And by this point Christian is bawling at the back door with his puppy because he has realized that we are stuck on opposite sides of a big door! :-(

(If I could have taken a picture of him sitting inside the door I would have...even though I was FREAKING OUT the entire time this was going on...he was cute the way he was cuddling the dog).

I go back to the front door with a bobby pin while Matt is at the back door trying to entertain Christian. About 20 minutes later housing FINALLY comes to unlock the door. It was the WORST hour of my life! Christian was so tuckered out from bawling that he took a nap pretty soon after he calmed down. I needed a nap after the ordeal too but I didn't get to take one. :-(

We need a game plan of some sort in case this happens again!!!

So, it isn't even Wednesday yet and we are sore, tired, and exhausted. But the new house is great. Christian loves the stairs and bawls when we take him down and gate the bottom. He is a pro at going up them but still a little shaky going down on his butt. He gets too excited and will almost fall face first down them. So we have to watch him. Pretty soon I will take the gate down so he can get to his room, though.

Today is Friday and we get our bed delivered this afternoon!! King size heaven! Thank you Nancy and Kerry!

in baby news -
I'll be 32 weeks tomorrow and I have a picture on the camera from a few days ago. I look plump! I actually saw myself for the first time in a full length mirror at the mall and was appalled at what I saw. :-( I'm determined to lose at least 30 pounds before we leave here next year. I'm hoping two kids under 2 will help that!! haha
My next OB appointment is the 19th.

Ok, I think that catches us up for the week!! I promise I will get pictures and videos up this weekend!!!!!!!!!