Monday, September 22, 2008

Christian's hearing test today.

**Picture preview of yesterdays pool fun at the bottom**

Ugh. Why do I have to be the one to take him to all these sorts of things? :( It basically sucked. No other word for it!!

Well a bit of background. At his 18 month well baby visit I was told that he should get a speech evaluation done. He only knows how to say a few words when he should know about eight of them. So today was the hearing test that he needed before he could get a speech eval.

So we went and had to get things shoved in his ears. Not fun for him, especially when some strange lady is the one doing it! Then I had to hold his arms/hands. He HATES that. We have never been able to hold his hands even when he was little. He has to hold OUR hands. So some test that was to only last about 3-4 minutes lasted about a whole 20. He did nothing but scream and wail and want out of the chair. :( But the lady was smart to get that test out of the way and do the easier ones at the end.

But anyways, the tests were good and he hears fine. Which we knew he did, they just have to do the test before the speech eval. Glad it's over with. The speech test will be much better for him and he won't be poked and prodded with instruments! haha

Now on to some fun! We took Christian to the park yesterday for about a minute before we decided that it was too darn hot and the sun would burn us all to a crisp. So we came back home and filled up the little pool we have and stuck the slide in it. Christian had a blast then froze! haha His lips turned blue and then he started to shiver....time's up! :-) It was a good time had by all.

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