Saturday, September 6, 2008

Gas Prices

As with most places in the U.S. gas prices are OUTRAGEOUS! Well, today Matt and I were VERY pleased with the total of our gas purchase. Grand total to fill our tank was $100.02! I didn't let go in time to make it the even $100. haha But it stopped at $97 before I got out and added more. The price per gallon, you ask???


This is the lowest it has been in a LONG time. I had to go up to Christian's baby book to see what I wrote down as the highest price we saw a few months ago, and that was $4.63. So, we were quite happy with getting a full tank with only $100. :-)

Well, I just had to share our excitement for the day. That was about the only thing cool that went on. It was blazing hot and we went to price check bricks for the backyard and that was a bust. $5 for a single brick. No thanks! Then it was just too darn hot to get in and out of the car a million times so we decided we needed to go home and have the comfort of our A/C.

All for now!

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