Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Got my id taken away at the gate today. Long time coming sice it expired in Sept! Now I'm waiting at the MPF for a new one. Better be a cute picture!

Monday, December 28, 2009

Year In Review: June

June started with our 5th wedding anniversary! We took the kids to dinner with us at Ruby Tuesday. They did very well and we had quite a few comments on how cute they were. :)

Christian did LOTS of playing outside. We filled our feeders often for the birds and we even found one of their little nests on the ground.

Christian also found his love for the water hose. He played in it often. I even taught him how to drink from it after watching him try to do it himself.
His way:

My way:

Sarah was still cute as a button eating my camera strap:

We went to the Giant Insect Safari at the mall:

We stopped by the Bishop Museum to look at some of the history and 'fun facts' of Hawaii:

After some fun weekends spent in Hawaii I got an early birthday present. Matt got plane tickets for the kids and me to fly home to Sioux Falls while he went on another TDY to Korea (and finished up all the notsofun tasks of getting our duty station changed). It was a great surprise as I didn't think I would be getting to fly back until a few weeks later! The kids and I said our goodbyes to Hawaii, and to Daddy, and were off for SOUTH DAKOTA!!!

Year In Review: May

May was another semi-busy month with everything going on with Sarah.

Christian did quite a bit of playing in the backyard with his friend Madison and talking with the stuffed animals.
Here he is setting them up and was talking to the puppy. It was the first time I think I saw him 'pretend play' with some of the stuffed animals.

Sarah sat in a high chair for the first time! She enjoyed it a lot. She got to read the drink menu while Mommy was able to eat with TWO hands!

A few days into May we had Sarah's 6-month well baby visit. She was found to have bilateral hip dysplasia. She had x-rays, was put in for a referral for an Orthopedic Pediatric Surgeon consult, and I was left to worry my head off. Her consult happened at the END of the month so it was a good three weeks of me being able to worry. :(

And of course a few days before the consult, where we were 100% certain she would be getting some sort of brace for her hips, she starts to sit up!!! It was bittersweet since we knew she wouldn't be able to move much after she got the brace.

And here she is with the brace:

She took to it surprisingly well after the first week. We got into a routine and it became part of her.

And Christian got his first real haircut with the clippers rather than me hacking at him with scissors in the tub. haha

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Year In Review: April

Some big things happened this month. Sarah moved out of our bedroom and into her own room. I struggled with putting her in another room but I knew it was time. I was losing a lot of sleep having her IN my room. Thankfully, it worked out great!

We searched for sea turtles:

Christian swung on a BIG playset. Normally he would go into those bucket swings but he was trying to get on the big kid one. So, who are we to say no? He had a blast even if he was only being swung a foot forward and back! :) (Sarah watched while I did most of the pushing and picture taking)

Sarah had her first solids. Applesauce, avocado, peaches and banana! Not all at once, though. They were spread apart over a week span. :)

Christian had his first official speech therapy session in April. Although there was a lot of preparation done in March, his first meeting with his therapist was this month. He did well and we learned a lot!

Matt's work put on an Easter event for all the kids. It was fun. Christian got to play with bubbles and pick up eggs and candy. He enjoyed running away from Matt more than anything else! This link here will take you to all the pictures from the day but here are a few for you here:

The end of the month closed with Sarah getting her first tooth, going for her first dip in the pool, and attempting to roll over! Big changes for the girl.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Year In Review: March

March was a busy month for all of us!!

Christian helped Daddy pack for Korea:

We went to Oahu's very first Target. The kids and I went to the Grand Opening!

Flat Stanley joined us and he had a photo op with a security guy! (Throughout March/April/May I helped my cousin with his F.S. project. You can see more of the pictures Here!)

Grandma Nancy came to visit while Matt was gone. We went quite a few places with the kiddos:

Dole Plantation

Sea Life Park

McDonald's on Pearl Harbor so we could see the ships. Christian got his first McD's breakfast!

And to the Sea Breeze on Hickam overlooking the ocean:

We also did A LOT of cooking!

The fruits of our labor. I had 17 dishes prepared and frozen. :)

Nancy's visit came to and end and Matt would soon be returning from Korea. Two days prior to Christian's Second Birthday we were a family of four. He came home sick but we were glad to give him all the love in the world. He brought back a pretty cool hat!

On the 26th our Bubba turned TWO! He spent the entire day of his birthday with Daddy - like this:
On a mattress in the living room. Poor guys. haha

He was so sick. They barely moved. So instead of making him do cake and presents we waited until the day after. He felt better but sure didn't look better! He wasn't fond of the cake but he enjoyed ripping into his presents.

March was a great month. Hope you enjoyed the pictures!