Thursday, December 24, 2009

Year In Review: April

Some big things happened this month. Sarah moved out of our bedroom and into her own room. I struggled with putting her in another room but I knew it was time. I was losing a lot of sleep having her IN my room. Thankfully, it worked out great!

We searched for sea turtles:

Christian swung on a BIG playset. Normally he would go into those bucket swings but he was trying to get on the big kid one. So, who are we to say no? He had a blast even if he was only being swung a foot forward and back! :) (Sarah watched while I did most of the pushing and picture taking)

Sarah had her first solids. Applesauce, avocado, peaches and banana! Not all at once, though. They were spread apart over a week span. :)

Christian had his first official speech therapy session in April. Although there was a lot of preparation done in March, his first meeting with his therapist was this month. He did well and we learned a lot!

Matt's work put on an Easter event for all the kids. It was fun. Christian got to play with bubbles and pick up eggs and candy. He enjoyed running away from Matt more than anything else! This link here will take you to all the pictures from the day but here are a few for you here:

The end of the month closed with Sarah getting her first tooth, going for her first dip in the pool, and attempting to roll over! Big changes for the girl.

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