Tuesday, December 8, 2009

New Chapter

Well we have spent a week in our new house. And it has gone great! Aside from some very long first days of unpacking and a little girl teething it was a wonderful week back together as a family. Poor Sarah....was working on two molars and a front tooth all at the same time. :( She was not having fun. Mommy was trying to unpack a million boxes ans she wanted me to just hold her. But she is good now.

We have their play area/basement all done. The kids' rooms are done and all we have to do is move the extra dresser from our bedroom to Christian's. This week I'll be putting away all my craft stuff and trying to get our master bedroom in order. A lot of the boxes were thrown in there and as a result unpacked in there. Just a lot of putting away, organizing, and throwing away of junk and we'll be done!

The other day the boys went outside to play in the snow. Christian had pretty much been begging to go play with the snowflakes. I said they could go out while I finished making dinner. And a quick shot of our inflatable nativity scene!

I took these next few pictures from inside our sliding glass door. They were off at the playground behind our house. So I had to zoom in close and hope they weren't very blurry.

And here is the soup!!! It was so stinkin' good. I will be making it A LOT more. It was Nancy's Bacon Potato Soup. But next time I think I will leave the bacon out and sprinkle it on top of each of my servings. I like my bacon super crispy (and it was before I put it in the soup) and when you put it into the soup they get a bit soggy. Matt didn't mind it that way but I have lots of quirks with food. haha Here is the finished product!

Christian has been asking about the puppies. And today when I put him down for a nap he asked about Mindy and Callie. I said they were at their house. He said, "Papa house?" I said yes and that they were going to take a nap, too, in hopes of getting him to go down for his easily. Then he said "Mindy Callie Papa house Annie Mama (Grandma Nancy)" - which translates to "Mindy and Callie are at Papa's house with Annie and Grandma". I said, "You are right! They are all going to take a nap. They are tired. Mommy and Daddy are going to take a nap, too." And as soon as I shut his door, Matt and I did take a nap. I feel like I got run over. I slept pretty hard. But it was much needed.

Christian also asked about somebody else today but it wasn't anybody from home. It was about the little boy we babysat yesterday. There is a gal from Matt's work that needed some help with childcare. We said we would do it (Matt was home, too). So the kids had a playmate for the day. They all did really well. His name is Josiah, Jo Jo for short, and he is a couple months younger than Christian I believe. Definitely NOT the same size. Josiah was just barely taller than SARAH!!! And she totally outweighed him by a few pounds. :-) That's our girl!

Matt works nights the next three nights so he took a nap with me today and will sleep for a few more hours this evening. He has to stay up as late as he can tonight and sleep tomorrow sometime. He hasn't done shift work since Ellsworth so it is throwing him for a bit of a loop. And they keep switching the schedule around so he gets prepared for a certain work schedule and he has to re-do it. Sort of frustrating but we are handling it. He is still in training for stuff and will hopefully get certified next month. Fingers crossed!!

Here is a picture from when Christian continued to get into Sarah's crib after I repeatedly told him, and spanked him a few times, that he couldn't. So I had to snap a picture and take a video like a good Mommy should! :-P

I'll post the video at our website later.

All for now. Tacos for supper tonight and movies for the adults after the kids go to bed. Matt has to stay up late and I've been recording movies on the DVR like crazy!

Have a good week everyone. <3

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Val said...

You should post that recipe for soup. Looks and sounds yummy!