Sunday, December 20, 2009

Year In Review: January & February


January started off with myself out of commission. I threw my back out on New Year's Eve. I was crippled with pain and had to find a chiropractor and quick! After a few weeks worth of adjustments, rehabilitation started, and I was on the mend. As I said in the post back in January: I would have rather broken a leg. I bet I could have moved more with a cast on my leg than a 'broken' back.

Anne was here the first week of January. Lifesaver! It was great to see her and she enjoyed spending time with the helpful as I had thrown out my back a few days after she arrived!

Like Father, Like Son:

I started my Project 365 and failed miserably. I think I made it just over a month and didn't even take a picture every day. Maybe this next year?? haha!

Christian loved on Sarah.

BOTH children were sick. Sarah wasn't even three months old and she was having some major congestion and her fever was quite high. Many doses of infant Tylenol, nose suctions, humidifier, and sleepless nights later, she was feeling better. Christian was taken to the ER by Matt one night as his fever just wasn't going down. They didn't know what he had and told us to let it pass. Easier said than done. He was sick as a dog. But they both recovered fine as they are still alive and will be celebrating Christmas with us. HA!


Christian started using plates and big boy sippy cups. Took him long enough! He was a big fan of his bottle and didn't want to use anything else because he was afraid of the liquids coming towards his face.
He also started potty training. I was going to see if I could get anything accomplished before he turned two. He hated it, wasn't ready, screamed bloody murder, refused to sit there. So we put the kibosh on that!

The boys got a new toy.

Christian had a love for water that did not involve the ocean.

Valentine's Day was spent at the pool with some friends. Christian LOVES the sprinklers.

And Sarah tried to show Christian who the real star of the Keefer's is.

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