Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Bubba Pees!!!!

The other day I started potty training (PT). I was so sick of his lack of normal...uh...poopage. I will spare the details. Let's just say that it would be days of tiny poops here and there that finally led to, after lots of pushing, a normal sized bowel movement (BM). So, with only four disposable diapers left in the house for him, I put him in the big boy undies that I had bought a few days ago.

In the first two days of PT he tried to make a BM in the undies but I quickly put him on the potty, much to his opposition. So, technically, he didn't actually go himself in the potty. It was half-forced since he was in the middle of going. haha

Either way, he got two stickers for putting his BM in the potty. After each time I would tell him that he gets one more star for going pee!!! Coaxing, and pleading, and sweet talk didn't make him want to pee.

But, day three of potty training (this time) and about six wet accidents later (I still used the diapers at naps and bedtime) he went pee on the potty!!!! I actually wasn't even in the room when he did it. I told him to sit on the potty and watch Wubbzy so I could go upstairs and put Sarah down for her nap. I come down to him still sitting there. As soon as he sees me he stands up and says, 'Pee!' I look, and sure enough, there it is! Mommy squealed with delight, high-fived, and told Son he would get his sticker.

Then as soon as he got the sticker he wanted to sit down and pee again! And again, and again, and again. He peed a total of six times in about a 15-minute span. Wow!!

Mommy and Daddy are PROUD.

Here are his past, and now present, potty pictures!

And beware, he IS naked in this picture! I think he was a bit embarrased that I was taking a picture of him after getting so excited about him peeing. haha This was after his second pee. :-)

Well now we are about a week into this and he seems to be doing well. He holds most of his pee in and doesn't seem to get everything out when he is on the potty but he is getting it! Go, Christian, Go!!!