Saturday, July 9, 2011

Weekend funs

A few weekends ago the Keefer's took the Expedition (to stay up there so Matt can sell it) and the boy up to ND. Christian was going to spend two days with Daddy! I had told him earlier in the week what he was going to be doing and he would literally ask every 10 minutes when he was leaving for Daddy's house. We had to keep telling him 'X more sleeps' and he would be able to go. When he got down to one more sleep he was PUMPED. Beyond pumped. He couldn't stop smiling. He stayed home that day from daycare that day and helped Grandma Nancy with some things at her work and they left right after lunch.

They spend the weekend swimming, going to the fair, hanging out, and falling out of bed at 3 am! Pictures to follow. There are some cute ones!!

Fourth of July weekend was spent quite a few places. Friday I had to work so we all just hung out at the house that evening. Saturday was going to be pretty fun for the kiddos. Lunch, naps, and overnight stays for them with the Keefer's while Kevan and I went to a wedding of a friend from high school.

Jill and Bill had a great ceremony and reception. After dinner, a few drinks, and just two dances from me, we headed up to Madison so see Kevan's family and friends. We spent the night, got up early the next morning because I had to help out in the church nursery, picked up the kids at the Keefer's, brought Kevan's aunt Roxy with us to church, grabbed some stuff for the kids and then made our way right back to Madison. We spent all day up there, kids had a blast, grilled out, fished, boated/tubed, horseshoes, s'mores, slivers in feet, more fishing, more horseshoes... Had an absolutely great weekend. I could use another!!

Spent Sunday night up there with the kids, then came back to Sioux Falls Monday morning and spend the day with my parents. More grilling, more fun for the kids, NO slivers this time, and my parents taught Kevan and I how to play Pinochle. Another successful day. :-)

Since then its been work, daycare, more work, and relaxing at home. Kevan is at an all-day hunting class, we put in for tags and hoping to get picked so we can go sometime in November and get some deer. I have school this coming semester so I have to figure out when I can actually go do it. Time will tell.

Not many weeks left in the summer. We have lots of fun things planned. Stay tuned..

Tuesday, June 28, 2011


My piglet and peanut are perched perfectly upon the couch. They pine for the pretty phonics on the projector. "P" they proclaim!


Friday, June 10, 2011

Grommets and -ectomy's

So this past year both kids got tubes put in their ears. They also got their adenoids taken out...tonsils left in. Christian back in February and then Sarah in April. It has been a night and day difference. They were literally sick from the week they started daycare in December to when they got the tubes put in. I am very thankful they have them. It's not a constant barrage of coughing and snot in my house anymore. But....they are currently sick right now. And I'm headed down that road as well. It seems the kind of colds they are getting now make me get a sore throat/cough. Bubba gets a cough and Sarah is more of the snotty/stuffy one.

Anywho - both did GREAT during their surgeries. I was not worried at all about them getting this procedure done. I welcomed it with open arms! I just wanted to share some pictures from their big days...

Bubba was first. He LOVED that bed when he was done. They let you hold your kiddo and cuddle as they wake up. But he wanted absolutely nothing to do with me. He wanted back in the bed to sleep. His face was so puffy when he was finally awake. He hated the IV (who wouldn't?) and we had to get him to eat, drink, and pee before we left. After what seemed like hours later he finally did all three. He didn't want a popsicle or crackers. But as soon as he heard that Grandma snuck him a donut from the waiting room to have later, he was all about it. So we gave it to him. The nurse said that if he can handle a donut after surgery he can go home. haha

Sarah had hers done at a different surgery center. It's brand spanking new. She got to go back to her room in a convertible car! How neat! WIth both kids I got to be there as they were put under. I could hold them and talk sweet nothings to them as they struggled with passing out. haha Some parents don't like to see that stuff, but I guess I have a different view. I want to be the last thing they are hearing and seeing as they go under. That's a comfort to me and I'm glad that places give that option.

My cutie pies are feeling much better since the tubes. They still get the sickies but it was seriously the best thing for them. Bring on the summer!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Score Board Says.....

For the last few weeks Kevan and I have been telling Christian that we were going to take his bed away if he continued to jump on it. Sarah, being the punk that she is, and the one that instigates it most times, seemed to be getting him into more trouble than he ought to be in. We told him he would lose the bed if they jumped. So one night Sarah goes running down the hall saying "Let's jump on the bed!!" Christian goes "No, I want to keep my bed!"

Sarah: 0
Christian: 1

I went to the corner store really quick the other night and Kevan watched a movie with the kids to keep them busy. He calls me on my way back and says that they were jumping on the bed again so he took the top mattress off and put it in the hallway. They were in timeout when I got back. I told him that he had to sleep on the box spring for the night since he couldn't listen to us about the jumping.

Adults: 1
Christian: 0

Today I was cleaning the house. Kids were playing decent for most of the the morning while I vacuumed and did dishes. Then I hear them on the bed jumping. I go in and I take the mattress off and told them they knew better. Then what did they do?! Got right up on the box spring to jump on that!

Kids: 1
Mommy: 0

So, I did the logical thing and took the ENTIRE bed out. They wondered what the heck I was doing and just stared at me. I think they thought I was trying to be funny. In reality I was fuming mad. Fuming. Wasn't even 11am and he had nothing but a dresser left in his room. He napped on the hard floor.

Mommy: 1
Christian: 0

Tonight we went to the house of a buddy of Kevan's. Kids played in the backyard, ran around, played on the slide for hours. We had hotdogs, burgers, and s'mores. Finally got home about 10pm tonight and put them both in bed. Then Christian comes back out to mine and tells me he wants to talk. I ask about what and he says "God". We chat about what he is grateful for, how much fun he had, and what he got to do at Chads. It was pretty cute. Then I told him it was time to go back to sleep and I would tuck him into bed.

He looks at me and says "I don't have a bed, Mom..."

Mommy: 0
Christian: 1

Final score -
Adults: 2
Kids: 3

Friday, June 3, 2011

What happens when you get divorced, move, go back to school, work full time and have TWO kids?!

You call that really freaking busy.

I do not know how in the world almost a year has crept past me. Could be my degenerative eyesight or my inability to quit torturing myself. Or the fact that I have let two little people run my life for the last year and everything I have put myself through is 150% for them and their future. Who put the pepper under my nose? I need a tissue.

Where did I leave off? Oh ya...1997. I was thirteen and salivating over George Clooney - and jealous of Julianna Margulies because she got to make out with him. What?! It's 2010....?

So - I went to FL, got a second job, moved out of my parents house, put kids in daycare while I barely survived one hell of a semester of school, kiddos got Daddy back from Afghanistan, each kiddo got tubes in their ears and adenoids out, got Christian through an entire school year of speech, dealt with both grandparents (on my Mom's side) dying a few months apart from each other, family drama, and then snagged myself a boyfriend and went to visit his family in Arizona this past Memorial weekend. You see why I haven't been around, people?!


I have an awesome break from school this summer and I couldn't be more thrilled about it. I have a great job where I work in Records and help out with Accounting. Super-duper fabulous people to work for and with. Again, I say - BLESSED!! I put in my 40 hours for the week, go home to my kids and boyfriend Kevan (pictured), hang out with family and the few friends left here in town and hope my summer lasts for as long as it possibly can!

I moved out of my parents house back at the end of December, right after I got back from FL. I have a nice apartment on the top floor with a neat-o view of central Sioux Falls. Check out this link if you wish to peek at the place: Apartment. It looks mostly like this still...just more junk and kids stuff now.

Matt is back from deployment and is up in North Dakota again. He gets to come down every month or two to see all of us. The kids love it and I wish he was able to come around more. I think this summer some time Matt's parents are going to take the kids up there for a long weekend of fun. I can't wait to hear all about it when they get back!

Christian finished up speech and passed with flying colors. His teacher, Miss Linda, just loved having him as a student and raved about how hard he worked all the time and how fun it was to have him in her room. He is SOOO smart! Both also started daycare the same time we moved into our apartment (December). Christian was quickly moved up a room since he was excelling faster than the other kiddos. I was told a few weeks ago that Sarah will now be moving up a room soon (into the first room Bubba was in before he moved) because she is also excelling. She loves her letters and numbers! They all fluff up my mommy ego with the way they talk about my kiddos. I love it <3 ...was this not a HUGE paragraph?!?!...

My camera died, then got lost, then got found, then was in the bottom of my purse for weeks, and now it is at my parents house. So I have very sporadic camera phone pictures. I'll have to do a test to see if I can get them to upload to here - from there. Grandma Nancy is really awesome at taking pictures when the kids are there and giving me a copy of them on a CD. She rocks.

I'm sure these gi-nor-mungo reads are no fun when I'm trying to pack a damn year into one post. Forgive me. I will try harder. And I stick by this not being some fancy blog, no ads that help me pay for daycare or my school loans, and no gadget giveaways. Unless I write a book and make a few mil and then can sit at home and blog as often as I want!

I'll do some cute kiddo updates this weekend. It's supposed to be nice so I hope Kevan and I can get them out and doing something fun. Stay tuned, eh?

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Did I say I was back?!

Whoops.. So I got busy again! And busy is an understatement. Sue me. Well, don't...

I will be doing an update (a REAL update) here soon. I have so much to cram into one post I might have to split it up. I miss blogging a little bit. I need to keep it up. I just lost my camera a few weeks ago so I have to get a new one. I've been taking phone pictures but of course they are never as good. But updates coming soon-ish!