Friday, June 3, 2011

What happens when you get divorced, move, go back to school, work full time and have TWO kids?!

You call that really freaking busy.

I do not know how in the world almost a year has crept past me. Could be my degenerative eyesight or my inability to quit torturing myself. Or the fact that I have let two little people run my life for the last year and everything I have put myself through is 150% for them and their future. Who put the pepper under my nose? I need a tissue.

Where did I leave off? Oh ya...1997. I was thirteen and salivating over George Clooney - and jealous of Julianna Margulies because she got to make out with him. What?! It's 2010....?

So - I went to FL, got a second job, moved out of my parents house, put kids in daycare while I barely survived one hell of a semester of school, kiddos got Daddy back from Afghanistan, each kiddo got tubes in their ears and adenoids out, got Christian through an entire school year of speech, dealt with both grandparents (on my Mom's side) dying a few months apart from each other, family drama, and then snagged myself a boyfriend and went to visit his family in Arizona this past Memorial weekend. You see why I haven't been around, people?!


I have an awesome break from school this summer and I couldn't be more thrilled about it. I have a great job where I work in Records and help out with Accounting. Super-duper fabulous people to work for and with. Again, I say - BLESSED!! I put in my 40 hours for the week, go home to my kids and boyfriend Kevan (pictured), hang out with family and the few friends left here in town and hope my summer lasts for as long as it possibly can!

I moved out of my parents house back at the end of December, right after I got back from FL. I have a nice apartment on the top floor with a neat-o view of central Sioux Falls. Check out this link if you wish to peek at the place: Apartment. It looks mostly like this still...just more junk and kids stuff now.

Matt is back from deployment and is up in North Dakota again. He gets to come down every month or two to see all of us. The kids love it and I wish he was able to come around more. I think this summer some time Matt's parents are going to take the kids up there for a long weekend of fun. I can't wait to hear all about it when they get back!

Christian finished up speech and passed with flying colors. His teacher, Miss Linda, just loved having him as a student and raved about how hard he worked all the time and how fun it was to have him in her room. He is SOOO smart! Both also started daycare the same time we moved into our apartment (December). Christian was quickly moved up a room since he was excelling faster than the other kiddos. I was told a few weeks ago that Sarah will now be moving up a room soon (into the first room Bubba was in before he moved) because she is also excelling. She loves her letters and numbers! They all fluff up my mommy ego with the way they talk about my kiddos. I love it <3 ...was this not a HUGE paragraph?!?!...

My camera died, then got lost, then got found, then was in the bottom of my purse for weeks, and now it is at my parents house. So I have very sporadic camera phone pictures. I'll have to do a test to see if I can get them to upload to here - from there. Grandma Nancy is really awesome at taking pictures when the kids are there and giving me a copy of them on a CD. She rocks.

I'm sure these gi-nor-mungo reads are no fun when I'm trying to pack a damn year into one post. Forgive me. I will try harder. And I stick by this not being some fancy blog, no ads that help me pay for daycare or my school loans, and no gadget giveaways. Unless I write a book and make a few mil and then can sit at home and blog as often as I want!

I'll do some cute kiddo updates this weekend. It's supposed to be nice so I hope Kevan and I can get them out and doing something fun. Stay tuned, eh?

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