Saturday, June 4, 2011

Score Board Says.....

For the last few weeks Kevan and I have been telling Christian that we were going to take his bed away if he continued to jump on it. Sarah, being the punk that she is, and the one that instigates it most times, seemed to be getting him into more trouble than he ought to be in. We told him he would lose the bed if they jumped. So one night Sarah goes running down the hall saying "Let's jump on the bed!!" Christian goes "No, I want to keep my bed!"

Sarah: 0
Christian: 1

I went to the corner store really quick the other night and Kevan watched a movie with the kids to keep them busy. He calls me on my way back and says that they were jumping on the bed again so he took the top mattress off and put it in the hallway. They were in timeout when I got back. I told him that he had to sleep on the box spring for the night since he couldn't listen to us about the jumping.

Adults: 1
Christian: 0

Today I was cleaning the house. Kids were playing decent for most of the the morning while I vacuumed and did dishes. Then I hear them on the bed jumping. I go in and I take the mattress off and told them they knew better. Then what did they do?! Got right up on the box spring to jump on that!

Kids: 1
Mommy: 0

So, I did the logical thing and took the ENTIRE bed out. They wondered what the heck I was doing and just stared at me. I think they thought I was trying to be funny. In reality I was fuming mad. Fuming. Wasn't even 11am and he had nothing but a dresser left in his room. He napped on the hard floor.

Mommy: 1
Christian: 0

Tonight we went to the house of a buddy of Kevan's. Kids played in the backyard, ran around, played on the slide for hours. We had hotdogs, burgers, and s'mores. Finally got home about 10pm tonight and put them both in bed. Then Christian comes back out to mine and tells me he wants to talk. I ask about what and he says "God". We chat about what he is grateful for, how much fun he had, and what he got to do at Chads. It was pretty cute. Then I told him it was time to go back to sleep and I would tuck him into bed.

He looks at me and says "I don't have a bed, Mom..."

Mommy: 0
Christian: 1

Final score -
Adults: 2
Kids: 3

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