Thursday, September 20, 2007

General Update

It's been a busy few weeks since we have all returned home. Quite a bit has been happening!

First and foremost I have to boast about Christian. He is doing so well and I am in awe of him every single day. To be a Mom.....Next to marrying the love of my life - this is the next best thing I have ever, and will ever, do. Nothing can beat being a Mom!!

If you haven't seen it yet, GO LOOK at the pictures and videos of Christian rolling over. He is super duper cute and he hasn't stopped doing it since. He will roll over his toys and everything. He has realized he can set his head down on the floor as well to take a breather. (I got a picture of it today and will post it soon.) He tries to stick his butt up in the air and move his one leg forward but hasn't figured out how to get on all fours yet. I figure he is such a chunky little man that he can't hold all of his weight yet.

I started putting Cheerios on his high chair now, too. Not only will it help with his fine motor skills but he will scream at us when he sees us eating and he isn't getting anything! So I will have him watch me put them in my mouth and then put one in his. It was cute to watch him today. He had a look of horror on his face with the new object in his mouth. And of course I got a picture!!!! I'm a picture taking fool, my friends! This kid will have a picture to capture every moment!! Anywho - he gets the concept of chewing but he gags on the cheerio once he tries to swallow it. He is used to his pureed baby food that has no chunks so I just have to keep at it with him. He'll get it eventually.

He has started to sit up on his own. Not very well but he will do it. If he falls backwards he is very good about correcting himself. Falling forward isn't as good though. He doesn't always have the oomph to get himself upright again. But he is sitting there for quite a while without falling over. Soon he won't need me!!!!! This month is rolling over and next month he won't want to hold my hand when we walk! Time is almost going too fast. :(

His teeth are in so far. No other teeth yet. These bottom two are enough! Sharp little suckers. His smiles are so precious with them, though. At first I didn't want him to have them and I missed his gummy smile, but now he has the cutest toofers in the whole wide world!

Well enough about the kiddo -

Matt started his Airmen Leadership School (ALS) this week. It is Monday through Friday and goes all day. They march, go to class, have leadership 'workshops' etc.

I'm still doing my online classes. So far, so good. I have passed all quizzes and exams thus far and hope to get all A's. This semester is going so much easier than I though it would. Thank goodness for that since Christian demands almost all my time. He is one needy baby some days!

We are looking for an elliptical machine. Since we moved we are not in walking distance of a gym and we have to drive. It doesn't take long but it doesn't help the motivation factor. Hopefully we can find one that holds our weight! If I had one in the house I could work out all the time!!

Well, that is about all for now. Check the site for some updated pictures. I should have some more up by this weekend.


Friday, September 7, 2007

Back in Hawaii

Hooray for being back with Daddy in Hawaii! The flight back was loooong and stressful. That is all I'll say about the flights...I'm just happy that I'm back home with Matt.

Christian and I had an absolutely wonderful time in South Dakota with friends and family. It went by way too fast. :( I can't wait for the next time when Matt can go with us! Yay!

I have a TON of pictures and it is going to take me a very long time to update the website. I am in classes full time online so with school work and Christian I have a lot going on during the day. When Matt gets home from work I don't want to be on the you get the idea here! LOL I'm going to add all the pictures I have before I update it and then I will email everyone to le them know that all bagillion pictures have been added. LOTS TO DO!

Well, Christian woke up from his nap so I must go.