Thursday, July 31, 2008

Boring update....

So, Matt has bronchitis. That has been fun for him! He is exhausted...therefor so am I. Christian is finally getting better. No longer a snotty mess and finally eating a bit more.

Zuzu is active. She has gone from breech to up-side-down quite a few times this week. Hope she goes head down soon and stays there. My bladder needs a rest.

Sewing has been on hold this week with how tired we have all been. Hope to get some fabric cut and ready here soon.

Sorry for such a lousy update but wanted to say that we are alive, only semi-well, and hoping that we get better so we can actually get out of the house and do something.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

My first dress :-)

I did it!!!!!!!! HOORAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You can click them to make them bigger.

These are the goods that I bought to make a few dresses.
Here is a close-up of them. I used the bottom one, a cherry pattern, for the dress.

The patterns that I bought. I used the one on the right but without appliques. The print was too busy to do anything else with it.

The dress is sewn and turned right side out!
My lovely model with her new dress!
The finished product with a matching headband.
My gorgeous model with her brand new headband. Looking good cutie!
I'm so excited that I did this and am genuinely shocked that it turned out so well. Matt was even impressed!!!!!! :-)

Sunday, July 20, 2008

The sewing machine now sees the light of day!!!

I have FINALLY gotten to the end of my school career (just have a final left, woot!!!) and will now be able to devote my free time to what I LOVE - being crafty!

I have a reason to sew adorable dresses and blankets and won't have to worry about what school stuff I need to get done in the little spare time I have. Smile I can't wait to get started. I have a little bit of fabric and some patterns to start making adorable little sun dresses and t-shirt dresses. I just can't wait to get started!!!

I'll post pictures of what I'm doing as I get it done! And if you find any cute and adorable girl fabric let me know!! There aren't any HUGE fabric stores here but I'm going to try and check one out this week sometime. I'm just hoping it isn't all Hawaiian fabric and I can get some 'regular' kind. LOL


Thursday, July 17, 2008

Utterly exhausted...

Matt has been back now since Sunday from VA. As most of you know...he is sick as a dog. Went to 'sick call' this morning to get some Mucinex and some Tylenol with codeine. He is sleeping like a baby at 3pm!! Poor guy has to sleep in the living room on the air mattress or else he keeps me up all night with his sniffles, coughs, and snoring! I really hope he gets to feeling better soon. Having him gone for a week and then not being able to do much after getting back is making me tired. Not to mention my fetus!! HAHAH!!!

This past week I have just been super tired and I'm pretty sure it's the munchkin's fault. She is treating me fairly well otherwise, though. Finally has moved off my bladder and kicks in other directions. That is heavenly and I'm glad that she decided to sprawl out a bit. But she can certainly go back into a little ball in the months to come. She is nothing like Christian was. When he was awake he moved around and had a kick here and there but then settled right back into sleeping. This little woman........she goes and goes and goes and goes!! Nothing but twists, turns, kicks, jabs, and shimmies! Takes her forever to get comfy again and then she is out for a few hours. Have a feeling she is going to be the wild child!!! ;-)

I went to Wal-Mart and bought a really cute pattern for a dress. I got some adorable fabric and a few tiny t-shirts and will make some dresses with them as well. I am DETERMINED to get back to my crafting skills once I'm done with school. I want to be able to make things and save some money in the process. I have some great resources online and can't wait to get started. Of course I will be taking pictures to show everyone!! :-)

Christian is good. He has learned to twirl in a circle, but only clockwise! Hasn't figured out the other direction yet. He gets dizzy and tries to walk and of course falls over or hits a piece of furniture. He has fun doing it and it is fun to watch!!!

OH!!!! Matt is my hero! He fixed the camera AND the spacebar on the laptop!! I am so thrilled. Typing with a broken spacebar was horrible and I never want to do that again. haha. And having no camera was even worse!!! So I have taken a few over the last day or so and will hopefully upload them here soon. Hooray for a working camera!!

Anyway - that is about all there is to blog about today. Nothing much is going on this week...or the rest of the month for that matter...with us so hopefully we can come up with something fun!

Love you all!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Matt gets home today!!!!!

Christian is napping and I'm tracking Matt's flight on the internet. He gets home in about 2 hours and 20 minutes. I can't wait!!!

He was supposed to get home yesterday but their flight leaving VA was late, which caused them to miss the plane in Chicago. Then they wouldn't give them another flight for that day so they booked one for the next. The horrible part about that is they didn't allow them to have their bags!!!! They sent them away without anything. :-( So he had to go buy deodorant and whatnot.... poor guys didn't have a thing.

I'm excited to see what Christian will do when he sees Daddy. We want to know if he will run to him but we are scared of all the people in the airport!! Eek! So who knows how their greeting will be. LOL Wish I could take pictures but the camera is dead!!! Grr.

Well.....I talked about Christian, and there he is. Screaming for me to come get him out of the crib!! :-)


Friday, July 11, 2008


During my blog of the first day alone after Matt left I scored myself completely wrong. I actually BEAT Christian and Mommy won the day. Hooray for me! :-) I went back and fixed the count.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Thursday OB appointment

I had an appointment today. I waited 30 minutes to finally be ushered to a room and then was shooed out no more than 3 minutes later. Literally. They were either really behind that day (which didn't seem likely because there was not an abundance of people in the waiting room) or they had other things to do. I had a new gal that I had never seen before and she had a student NP with who knows what else they had been doing that day.

Anyways, I got my vitals taken...all good, and then heard the heartbeat. She was of course not going to let us get it easily. She avoids probing of any sort like the plague. But we found her and she is good. No other news regarding the appointment. Very routine.

News with Christian: He is SO smart!! All weekend I was working on some sign language with him. He knows how to say 'please' and now he knows how to say 'more'! He is a quick learner. Next will be 'milk/drink' and 'all done'. He also knows what a monkey says!! He won't do it all the time but sometimes I just have to remind him and he will do it the next time I ask. It's the cutest little 'oo oo' I have ever heard!! And he even does it higher pitched. :-) I just love his personality. He is going to be the bestest big brother in the entire world!

Matt leaves VA on Saturday morning. Hooray!! It can't come soon enough. We miss him. Christian points to his pictures on the wall every day! And we send pictures and videos to Matt every day on the phone.

My house is finally clean!!!!!!!! Bible study is here tonight. We are going over Ahab and Jezebel. Should be a good one.

On a very sad note - the camera is officially dead and cannot be revived. I have tried everything I can think of. I was wanting to take a 24 week belly picture but I will just have to wait. :-( Boo.

That is all for your Keefer update today! XOXO

Monday, July 7, 2008

First day without Matt...

Well....I survived! Barely.

Today was the first day in a LONG time that I was completely alone to take care of Christian, the house, and myself. It was an exhausting day. :-( He took one nap today that ended sooner than I had hoped and didn't take another one to help him through the rest of the day. But luckily, I was able to get my homework done for this week and turned in while he slept. Score - Mom: 1, Christian: 0.

I managed to keep Christian happy until about 4pm. That is the magical hour that he starts to get REALLY cranky. It's either a second cat nap to get him through the rest of the day or me trying to suffer through 3 hours of whining. Today it was whining. Score - Mom: 1, Christian: 1.

The house, though? I did not get much done with it. A load or two of laundry that is still sitting on the bed waiting to be put away; but at least I got that far. Oh!!! But I did do the dishes! One of the two least favorite chores that I have to do and I did it! :-) Very proud of myself for getting it done. Score - Mom: 2, Christian: 1.

Christian's toys are everywhere and each room looks like a bomb exploded. At least I got the 100-count bag of balls picked up last week and put away. That Bag-O-Mess is put high up on the dresser where it can't come down. Those balls are an absolute headache to deal with. The entire house is a broken ankle waiting to happen! I put toys away and they are taken right back out by the ever adorable baby boy. I don't think my house will ever be clean again. Score - Mom: 2, Christian: 2.

Matt called from VA today...three times! :-) Called when they got to the airport, when they got to their hotels, and when he was back in his room and ready for bed. His flight went well and he said he was able to sleep. He has classes Monday through Friday and I believe they leave Sunday. I'm not quite sure. Either way, I hope this week goes fast for the both of us.

Well, it is now almost 8pm and Christian has finally passed out from bawling. The poor child needs to learn that when he is tired he should sleep. But, my goal was to get him in bed and snoozing by 8pm. Mission accomplished!!!! Score: Mom: 3, Christian: 2.

I didn't quite beat Christian in the game today but we both put forth a good effort. Just 6 more days....

***Edited to add! Anne brought it to my attention that I scored wrong! And that I did! I thought Christian and I tied in our rounds during the day but I BEAT him!!! Mwahahahaha!!!


Crystal, Christian, and Baby

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Crazy week it seems...

It just seems like since Anne left that it has been a rat race around here. Having somebody here for a whole month spoiled me!!! It was so much easier to have FOUR hands rather than TWO!

Anne - I don't think I can thank you enough for the company you were and the help that you gave. It meant a lot for you to be here and to spend some time with Christian. He points at the door now ALL the time. I think he was getting used to all the people around!! :-)

So, since Anne left last Wednesday it seemed pretty hectic. We had Bible study Thursday night and it was great. It was a reunion of sorts! Everybody was there!! Christian got to see Alana (she tried to kiss him cute) and Christian flirted with Kristen. Ever since seeing her months ago I think he has fallen in love. HAHA!

Friday was a get together at the Mahler's that we had to decline. :-( We were pretty bummed about that because they have started a new series study. It is called "Truth Project". It is a series put out by Focus on the Family and helps Christians explore an in-depth Christian world view. It is a very intellectual and challenging study that we really want to join in on. So we are going to have to figure out what to do with Christian if we go to these. We might have to get a baby sitter for Fridays!

Saturday we had to go clothes shopping for Matt. He needed some khakis and nice dress shirts for this trip to Virginia next week. We found some great printed Aloha shirts that look very good on him. :-)

Sunday was a down day. Christian got up WAAAAAY early so we declined to go to church. It was have been a horrible experience for him in the childcare because it would have fallen right over when he would go down for a nap. We have had a frustrating week with him anyways so we decided we weren't going to put him, or us!, through the pain of it all.
It was also my Birthday!! So when we were all up and fed we went to the NEX to get my a griddle. I'm very excited to use it since we had to retire our old one almost a year ago now. The poor thing needed to go. So yay for new appliances! After that we just relaxed and cuddled.

Yesterday, Monday, was a good day. I went to lunch with the ladies and it was nice to get to see them. It had been a few weeks since I had gone because of various appointments that had come up during previous Mondays. I love getting together with them to chat about our weeks, pray for each other, and get out of the house.

So it hasn't been a FULL week since Anne has left but it sure seems like it has been an eternity. I have been coping with a house to myself again and I miss having another person to stare at. :-)

Ohhhh!!!! I have been on a crazy manhunt for sewing patterns online, too! I found a cute mens shirt-to-dress tutorial....SO cute. And I found some infant dress patterns as well. So I'm excited to give a go at making a few little dresses for the wee one. I'll have to take pictures whenever I get around to them. haha.

That is about all for now! I have lots of updated to do on the website and a lot of housework to THINK about doing. *sigh*

Love you & miss you all!!!