Thursday, July 10, 2008

Thursday OB appointment

I had an appointment today. I waited 30 minutes to finally be ushered to a room and then was shooed out no more than 3 minutes later. Literally. They were either really behind that day (which didn't seem likely because there was not an abundance of people in the waiting room) or they had other things to do. I had a new gal that I had never seen before and she had a student NP with who knows what else they had been doing that day.

Anyways, I got my vitals taken...all good, and then heard the heartbeat. She was of course not going to let us get it easily. She avoids probing of any sort like the plague. But we found her and she is good. No other news regarding the appointment. Very routine.

News with Christian: He is SO smart!! All weekend I was working on some sign language with him. He knows how to say 'please' and now he knows how to say 'more'! He is a quick learner. Next will be 'milk/drink' and 'all done'. He also knows what a monkey says!! He won't do it all the time but sometimes I just have to remind him and he will do it the next time I ask. It's the cutest little 'oo oo' I have ever heard!! And he even does it higher pitched. :-) I just love his personality. He is going to be the bestest big brother in the entire world!

Matt leaves VA on Saturday morning. Hooray!! It can't come soon enough. We miss him. Christian points to his pictures on the wall every day! And we send pictures and videos to Matt every day on the phone.

My house is finally clean!!!!!!!! Bible study is here tonight. We are going over Ahab and Jezebel. Should be a good one.

On a very sad note - the camera is officially dead and cannot be revived. I have tried everything I can think of. I was wanting to take a 24 week belly picture but I will just have to wait. :-( Boo.

That is all for your Keefer update today! XOXO

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