Monday, July 7, 2008

First day without Matt...

Well....I survived! Barely.

Today was the first day in a LONG time that I was completely alone to take care of Christian, the house, and myself. It was an exhausting day. :-( He took one nap today that ended sooner than I had hoped and didn't take another one to help him through the rest of the day. But luckily, I was able to get my homework done for this week and turned in while he slept. Score - Mom: 1, Christian: 0.

I managed to keep Christian happy until about 4pm. That is the magical hour that he starts to get REALLY cranky. It's either a second cat nap to get him through the rest of the day or me trying to suffer through 3 hours of whining. Today it was whining. Score - Mom: 1, Christian: 1.

The house, though? I did not get much done with it. A load or two of laundry that is still sitting on the bed waiting to be put away; but at least I got that far. Oh!!! But I did do the dishes! One of the two least favorite chores that I have to do and I did it! :-) Very proud of myself for getting it done. Score - Mom: 2, Christian: 1.

Christian's toys are everywhere and each room looks like a bomb exploded. At least I got the 100-count bag of balls picked up last week and put away. That Bag-O-Mess is put high up on the dresser where it can't come down. Those balls are an absolute headache to deal with. The entire house is a broken ankle waiting to happen! I put toys away and they are taken right back out by the ever adorable baby boy. I don't think my house will ever be clean again. Score - Mom: 2, Christian: 2.

Matt called from VA today...three times! :-) Called when they got to the airport, when they got to their hotels, and when he was back in his room and ready for bed. His flight went well and he said he was able to sleep. He has classes Monday through Friday and I believe they leave Sunday. I'm not quite sure. Either way, I hope this week goes fast for the both of us.

Well, it is now almost 8pm and Christian has finally passed out from bawling. The poor child needs to learn that when he is tired he should sleep. But, my goal was to get him in bed and snoozing by 8pm. Mission accomplished!!!! Score: Mom: 3, Christian: 2.

I didn't quite beat Christian in the game today but we both put forth a good effort. Just 6 more days....

***Edited to add! Anne brought it to my attention that I scored wrong! And that I did! I thought Christian and I tied in our rounds during the day but I BEAT him!!! Mwahahahaha!!!


Crystal, Christian, and Baby

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