Sunday, August 26, 2012


I have moved!!!  Please come join me at Doing It Dixie Style.  I am chronicling my adventures in Southern Utah.  Would love it if you checked us out!

Friday, June 15, 2012

I've Moved!!!

Well, we moved the family...and I got a new blog.  Please check it out if you haven't been there yet.  It's a work in progress but I can't wait to share it with you here.

Friday, February 17, 2012 of consciousness...

No real content for the blog this time. Just a bunch of blurts....

Sarah blew an eardrum. Ya, the ones with tubes. So that'll be fun to possibly have to do all over again. Can't wait.

Christian's hair is soooo long and is in that crappy middle stage of being shaggy and being short. He wants Matt to cut it so we've been patiently waiting.

Been thinking about changing the name of the blog but don't really know how. Other than making a whole new one. It's not really 'Living with the Keefers' anymore as I'm with a Williams, two Claussen's and a couple of mutts.

Planning a move is stressful.

I love home-made egg McMuffins. For real.

I submitted my official last day of work. That was exciting, sad, and nerve-wracking!!

Blogging from my phone doesn't work anymore. I tried it last night and it was nothing but crazy characters and numbers. Oh well..

Kevan got his wisdom teeth taken out at the end of January. I took care of him. This past week Kevan has been taking care of me after my, ahem, enhancement. More on that later!

Been a slow few months. Just trucking along.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

So it goes

Long gone are the days that I got to rock my babies to sleep. Wrapping their tiny hand around my finger. Swaddling them into a burrito and shushing them off into slumber. Feeding, rocking and bouncing, while staring at their tiny, sleeping faces. Rubbing my hand over their hair.

Now days it’s relaxing on the couch with Dora or Max & Ruby. Snacks in there too. They sometimes fight over who sits with me. Christian asks to lean against me; Sarah usually rests a hand on my arm or leg. I rub their hair. Brush teeth, go potty, give hugs and kisses and time to head to bed.

“How do I love you? Let me count the ways. I love you on your very best and very worst of days”….

This is how one of Bub’s favorite books starts. We used to read it every single night. That, along with Thomas, the Berenstain Bears, a few Disney Princess books with Sarah, and then end with a song of “Stay Awake” from Mary Poppins. Rituals; keeps things calm and routine, you know.

I get done singing and Sarah would ask “One more song” and hold up all five fingers. Christian likes the songs but requests a back scratch while singing them.

Sarah likes to have a lot of layers on top of her. Christian needs two pillows and his Wubbzy tie blanket.

Three penguins (yes, three of them), a baby doll, and a bear are the companions with Sarah for the night. Moose and Puppy with Christian.

They each have a blanket that I got in Hawaii at the BX. They are a long john-type material. I have not found them anywhere else. These will become the tattered and dirtied blankets they will drag around with them for years.

Sarah prefers to sleep on her side with her hands between her thighs. Christian will put an arm up under his head, lie on his belly, with one leg out to the side. The fact that he doesn’t fall asleep with his finger sticking in his nose is a miracle. I swear I never see it not in there.

I usually check on them before I go to bed. Tuck them back in, make sure they aren’t in some uncomfortable looking position, even sneak in kisses. And I rub their hair.

Sarah knows that Mommy or Grandma tucks her in. Christian often poses the question about Daddy at bedtime. I think he wonders if I will be doing it forever. I remind him Daddy lives in North Dakota and he talks of the drive up there, stating how long it took. “Forever”.

Two years ago this Sunday changed bedtime for Christian and Sarah. Not necessarily in a bad way, though. I get to sing five whole songs…sometimes more if I’m feeling up for a medley of nursery rhymes. I scratch backs, get all the kisses I want, and I’m even invited to sleep right next to them when they are feeling particularly cuddly. And I get to rub their hair.

How do I love you? Let me count the ways…

Friday, January 27, 2012

Year in Review, Part 2

We did a lot in June. Took the kids to a movie. Last time they went to one in an actual theater was with see How to Train Your Dragon. That was a few years ago. Oops. They enjoyed themselves and Sarah got some Guitar Hero in.

We visited Kevan's friend Chad. We had hotdogs and burgers on the grill, s'mores, and they played until they were pooped.

We did a lot of things outside. Motorcycle rides (this time he just got to sit on Papa's bike after we had lunch at Qdoba).
Coffee on the porch with Kevan :-)
Hammock sessions at the Keefers.
Stops to the play equipment at Cleveland Elementary

Tripoli in the driveway.

Quick stop to the pool

Kevan was my date to Jill's weddingMy birthday was in June but we had a belated birthday with the Keefers

My cake was awesome
Got some riding in with the new bike. Even tried them without the training wheels.
Sarah finally got her bike back since Bub wasn't taking it.

We had some July 4th festivities at Kevan's brother in laws lake house in Madison.

His brother in laws kids (aka his niece and nephew) came to stay at our house for a week. They had fun with the kids.

And at this point I lost my Sony camera and took nothing but cell phone pictures. Or none at all. Quite sad! Then I found it but I lost the battery charger. More cell phone pictures....

More use out of the bikes

Even became mechanics and 'worked' on them

Then Sarah decided to throw herself down the steep driveway of the Keefers...while on her bike. She got herself good. And put a crack in one of her front teeth! Diva Knievel for a reason, people.

And my college finally sent me my certificate....a year late. Thanks!

Sarah got bangs

Then brother proceeded to chop them off

As well as a chunk in the back..... sigh .....

So Sarah got her first real haircut :)

August 29th was Christian's first day of Head Start!!

He had a great first day ♥

We went back out for opening bow hunting season in September. Again...gorgeous.

Christian had a horrible experience at the dentist, that he thankfully doesn't remember since he got some spiked grape juice. He is under the complete assumption that he had fun. In fact, he screamed the whole time...

He also went to MN for a week with Matt, Nancy and Kerry.

In October we had a Bridal shower for Matt's cousin Kristen.

Kids painted their pumpkins

And Sarah turned 3!

We took a very lengthy road trip to Utah to pick up Kevan's kids in November. After we got them we went to AZ to see his dad and step mom again.

While in a Panda Express drive-thru Kevan asked me for the second time to marry him. He gave me a straw wrapper. I said yes.

Then November 27th he asked me for real.

Bub and Sarah had their Christmas program at daycare

We put Kevan back to work fixing the toilet and putting in a new kitchen sink

We had Christmas (will be in a new post at some point) and went to Flandreau with my parents to ring in the new year.

Goodbye, 2011!!!

I hope you all had a great year. I can never predict what is going to happen so I've given up on having major long-term plans. As long as my kids and myself are happy and healthy, I'm all about whatever comes our way. We have some exciting new developments in the coming months. Please stay tuned!!!