Friday, February 17, 2012 of consciousness...

No real content for the blog this time. Just a bunch of blurts....

Sarah blew an eardrum. Ya, the ones with tubes. So that'll be fun to possibly have to do all over again. Can't wait.

Christian's hair is soooo long and is in that crappy middle stage of being shaggy and being short. He wants Matt to cut it so we've been patiently waiting.

Been thinking about changing the name of the blog but don't really know how. Other than making a whole new one. It's not really 'Living with the Keefers' anymore as I'm with a Williams, two Claussen's and a couple of mutts.

Planning a move is stressful.

I love home-made egg McMuffins. For real.

I submitted my official last day of work. That was exciting, sad, and nerve-wracking!!

Blogging from my phone doesn't work anymore. I tried it last night and it was nothing but crazy characters and numbers. Oh well..

Kevan got his wisdom teeth taken out at the end of January. I took care of him. This past week Kevan has been taking care of me after my, ahem, enhancement. More on that later!

Been a slow few months. Just trucking along.

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