Friday, November 28, 2008

Gobble, Gobble!

At the very last minute on Turkey Day Eve we got invited to Cpt. Miller's house for Thanksgiving day. We were a little worried about taking both kids being as Sarah is still attached to my chest almost 24/7 and Christian has been having some iffy days this week. But we got there about 1:30pm and didn't leave until almost 8!! It turned out to be a GREAT day!

Cpt. Miller's wife and their entire family are so nice. There were also a few others from work that came to join in the festivities. I brought cheesy potatoes per Matt's request. :-) Nancy, your recipe has become a hit with everybody who eats it. So a HUGE thank you for it!!

Christian was great and played pretty nicely with the an older boy that was there. I would say he was 3 or 4? He was very nice and shared his trains and dinosaurs. There were a few family members that were kind enough to hold Sarah while I plated some food and chowed down. Some YUMMY deep fried turkey, some surprisingly delicious oyster stuffing, lots of potatoes, some asian cuisines that Matt enjoyed more than I did, and LOTS of deserts...there was a really rich chocolate macadamia nut pie that I couldn't even finish. haha. It was soooooo good though!

It was a great evening and I'm so glad that all four of us enjoyed ourselves. :-)

We were super sad that we didn't get to spend it with our families but were super glad to have not spent it alone. Thank goodness for good friends.


Thursday, November 27, 2008

Sarah's stats!

I never did a blog on Sarah's stats from her 2 week well baby visit. I'm happy to say that she IS growing...something I was very worried about. I am breastfeeding this time and it is a completely different experience. With Christian, I just gave him a bottle of formula and put him back to sleep for a few hours. With the breast....let's just say it is NOT the same. Some days I feel like a heifer just sitting on the couch but I know that this will be one of the greatest things that I can do for Sarah when she is a baby. :)

Anyways, on to the stats!!

7 lbs 13.7 oz
19 inches

2 week visit:
8 lbs 6 oz
21 inches

1 month:
9 lbs 12 oz!!!!!!!
almost 22 inches!!!!!!

Sarah is alive and doing well! Breastfeeding IS working for us even though some days I would really like to have my body to myself. I know it will be a love/hate relationship...

So, there you have it folks. :)


P.S. - Christian is still a bit sick with icky #2's. Not sure why he is still having them. :( Although he is still being a picky eater we are able to get food and water in him. Might have to make a call to the clinic and ask about it.

Matt is home the rest of the week for Thanksgiving. Hooray! I'm THANKFUL! :)

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Boring weekend

Thought I would make a blurb about the weekend quick.

Matt worked and had class on Friday so I was home all alone. :( It was a loooooooong day for me though. Christian woke up and had a slight fever along with some horrible diarrhea. Of course...the day that Matt is gone the WHOLE day is when Christian has to get sick. Ugh. He managed to not make me pull out my hair. Lots of pretzels and goldfish later he seemed to be okay. And holding down a HUGE toddler to get some Tylenol in him was NOT fun!

Saturday it rained all day. Great. So much for taking the kid to the park to let him blow off some energy. But he was still a bit sick still so I guess it was okay for him to just stay at home. But did he rest? NOPE! He never sits still and we had to force him to just sit for a while. Also not fun. He has been a huge pill the last 2 weeks (roughly since family left) about going to bed. He seriously freaks out and bawls his head off.

Today we woke up and hung around the house before nap time. Christian got an okay nap...I did not. Sarah didn't want to sleep and wanted to nurse me to death. So I just put her in bed with me and I was able to sleep off and on.

After the nap we went to the NEX to use the gift card we got from Matt's co-workers. It was a mad house!! We got a few things and left in a hurry. Not a fun place when it is 90% filled with locals and NOT military.

Matt just got back from the park with Christian and maybe he will be worn out and go to bed with ease tonight. I can only hope!

Sarah is crying...time to nurse!


Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Speech Eval

Christian had his speech eval today at Tripler. It went as I suspected it would. He was all over the place and didn't really want to do much for Dr. Lorna. But she managed to get him to do a few things for her as well as ask me a ton of questions. And, again, as I suspected he is behind in speech. He only really says 2-3 words...if that. He should be saying more than 8.

So she put in a referral for somebody to help him out through Early Intervention. They will come to the house and work with him. That will be REALLY nice because then I won't have to cart both kids to Tripler each time he needs therapy (which I did today for the first time all alone)!!

A lady in the elevator said I was brave and looked very cute for being out with both the kids. She said we all looked so put together. I told her I was happy they were both still alive! haha

There isn't much else to say about the evaluation, though. She realized just by observing him that he is ON THE GO - ALL THE TIME! She said I must be super busy at home now that Sarah is there.

She has NO idea!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

If I didn't already have enough to do!

I have seen quite a few people do something called 'Project 365'. They take a picture for every day of the year and post it to a blog, site, photo album, etc. I'm by no means a professional and actually consider myself inept at snapping photos. But I wanted to give it a try and see if I could actually take a picture of something every day. Some of the pictures that I have seen others do just inspire me to be a bit more artsy fartsy.

****Disclaimer**** It will NOT be of the kids every day! lol It will be random objects or scenes that I see. The kiddos will just randomly be thrown in there if I have not taken a picture for the day. ;-)

I seriously think I have issues. Why I think I have time for this is beyond me!!! haha

But, alas, the 'Keefer 365' will be coming in January of 2009. Keep an eye out!

Friday, November 14, 2008

The blog that was started on Friday...

That is when I originally sat down to start a new blog. It was 6pm and Christian was happily playing by himself and Sarah was sleeping. But, what do you know!!! Both children needed me before I could get one sentence written. :( But that is okay, I suppose. I now have something worthwhile to write about all in one blog.

Friday - Think Celine Dion's "All By Myself". That is pretty much what I sang in my head all day. My parents were gone, Matt was at work, and I was at home with both kids for the first time all on my own. It was....different. And of course it POURED so I couldn't let Christian run around in the backyard to let off some steam. :( But he managed to not make me rip out my hair even though he is back to not wanting to eat food for us. Imagine that! He eats for everybody else but us. He had his moments when family was here but he sure shoveled it in for those two weeks. Oh, well. He isn't starving so I guess I shouldn't be too worried.

Matt had class until about 9:30pm so he didn't get to see much of us when he got home. I had gotten Christian in bed, Sarah fed and sleeping, and myself a shower right before he got home. I was pooped and managed to be sleeping before 10:30.

Saturday - Hickam Craft Fair!!!!! :) It was so gross outside from all the rain but I got some cute clips/bows for Sarah and a sling. I'll have to take some pictures of them when I get a chance. We didn't do much else because it was just icky out. We came back home to air conditioning and put the kids down for a nap. They both got up at the same time later in the afternoon and then we just hung out around the house. It was still gross from the rain so still not backyard time.

I was going to start the blog again after I put Christian in bed at 7:30 but he had other plans. He was being a booger and didn't want to sleep. It took until after 9 for him to finally go to bed and sleep. Ugh.

Sunday - Military Appreciation at Old Navy!! 30% off entire purchase with ID. Score! So we went to see what we could find. WAY too many winter items for an island in the Pacific. What is the point? So I got some skirts that were on clearance for Sarah and some new flip flops for me. Just under $17 was taken off my total cost with the 30% off. Not bad at all!!

Now it is 3:12pm and Christian FINALLY went down for a nap. He got a little power nap of about 5 minutes in the car on the way home from Old Navy and thought that was enough. He fought us for 3 hours with his nap. Terrible Two's anyone?!?!?!

That was our weekend in a nutshell. Sarah is fed and now I'm taking her upstairs with me for a nap!


Thursday, November 13, 2008

Links added

Hooray! I had time the last few days to get some up!

More coming of the Zoo, Matt and my Dad's deep sea fishing adventures, and of course more of the darling kiddos!!! :-D

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I just realized... INCREDIBLY behind I am with pictures. Not really of Sarah but of Christian. :( I have been sitting here resizing a ton and putting them all in the correct folders so that I can keep them in order on the website. So it's taking me a while. Slowly, but surely, I am getting there!!

I'm also thinking about doing a new layout. I'm getting tired of this blue one. I'm thinking something CHRISTMAS!!!!!!! :D

Monday, November 10, 2008

Sarah is two weeks old :-)

Well, she is still alive! With the help of my mother-in-law and my parents Matt and I have managed to not kill our offspring. What wonderful parents they are!!!! :-)

Matt's mom left Friday night and it was sad. Just like last time, we felt lost when she left. Just strange to have her here and then to have her leave. We are grateful for the time she was able to spend with Sarah and the fun she had with Christian.

So Sarah has had some eventful weeks. She has gone to the zoo already!!! She slept through most of it and woke up once to eat. She will have to see pictures when she is older. haha. She has been to the pool a few times, helped the ladies grocery shop, went to the mall to help Mommy shop, went to the swap meet at the Aloha Stadium, and has even been to Waikiki! Busy little girl she has been. :-)

She goes to the doctor on Thursday for her (late) two week well-baby visit. I will update the blog with her growth stats afterward. I hope she has been putting on some weight!!

I will leave you with a picture of Sarah from this afternoon. My darling two week old!