Thursday, November 27, 2008

Sarah's stats!

I never did a blog on Sarah's stats from her 2 week well baby visit. I'm happy to say that she IS growing...something I was very worried about. I am breastfeeding this time and it is a completely different experience. With Christian, I just gave him a bottle of formula and put him back to sleep for a few hours. With the breast....let's just say it is NOT the same. Some days I feel like a heifer just sitting on the couch but I know that this will be one of the greatest things that I can do for Sarah when she is a baby. :)

Anyways, on to the stats!!

7 lbs 13.7 oz
19 inches

2 week visit:
8 lbs 6 oz
21 inches

1 month:
9 lbs 12 oz!!!!!!!
almost 22 inches!!!!!!

Sarah is alive and doing well! Breastfeeding IS working for us even though some days I would really like to have my body to myself. I know it will be a love/hate relationship...

So, there you have it folks. :)


P.S. - Christian is still a bit sick with icky #2's. Not sure why he is still having them. :( Although he is still being a picky eater we are able to get food and water in him. Might have to make a call to the clinic and ask about it.

Matt is home the rest of the week for Thanksgiving. Hooray! I'm THANKFUL! :)

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