Sunday, November 23, 2008

Boring weekend

Thought I would make a blurb about the weekend quick.

Matt worked and had class on Friday so I was home all alone. :( It was a loooooooong day for me though. Christian woke up and had a slight fever along with some horrible diarrhea. Of course...the day that Matt is gone the WHOLE day is when Christian has to get sick. Ugh. He managed to not make me pull out my hair. Lots of pretzels and goldfish later he seemed to be okay. And holding down a HUGE toddler to get some Tylenol in him was NOT fun!

Saturday it rained all day. Great. So much for taking the kid to the park to let him blow off some energy. But he was still a bit sick still so I guess it was okay for him to just stay at home. But did he rest? NOPE! He never sits still and we had to force him to just sit for a while. Also not fun. He has been a huge pill the last 2 weeks (roughly since family left) about going to bed. He seriously freaks out and bawls his head off.

Today we woke up and hung around the house before nap time. Christian got an okay nap...I did not. Sarah didn't want to sleep and wanted to nurse me to death. So I just put her in bed with me and I was able to sleep off and on.

After the nap we went to the NEX to use the gift card we got from Matt's co-workers. It was a mad house!! We got a few things and left in a hurry. Not a fun place when it is 90% filled with locals and NOT military.

Matt just got back from the park with Christian and maybe he will be worn out and go to bed with ease tonight. I can only hope!

Sarah is crying...time to nurse!


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