Friday, November 14, 2008

The blog that was started on Friday...

That is when I originally sat down to start a new blog. It was 6pm and Christian was happily playing by himself and Sarah was sleeping. But, what do you know!!! Both children needed me before I could get one sentence written. :( But that is okay, I suppose. I now have something worthwhile to write about all in one blog.

Friday - Think Celine Dion's "All By Myself". That is pretty much what I sang in my head all day. My parents were gone, Matt was at work, and I was at home with both kids for the first time all on my own. It was....different. And of course it POURED so I couldn't let Christian run around in the backyard to let off some steam. :( But he managed to not make me rip out my hair even though he is back to not wanting to eat food for us. Imagine that! He eats for everybody else but us. He had his moments when family was here but he sure shoveled it in for those two weeks. Oh, well. He isn't starving so I guess I shouldn't be too worried.

Matt had class until about 9:30pm so he didn't get to see much of us when he got home. I had gotten Christian in bed, Sarah fed and sleeping, and myself a shower right before he got home. I was pooped and managed to be sleeping before 10:30.

Saturday - Hickam Craft Fair!!!!! :) It was so gross outside from all the rain but I got some cute clips/bows for Sarah and a sling. I'll have to take some pictures of them when I get a chance. We didn't do much else because it was just icky out. We came back home to air conditioning and put the kids down for a nap. They both got up at the same time later in the afternoon and then we just hung out around the house. It was still gross from the rain so still not backyard time.

I was going to start the blog again after I put Christian in bed at 7:30 but he had other plans. He was being a booger and didn't want to sleep. It took until after 9 for him to finally go to bed and sleep. Ugh.

Sunday - Military Appreciation at Old Navy!! 30% off entire purchase with ID. Score! So we went to see what we could find. WAY too many winter items for an island in the Pacific. What is the point? So I got some skirts that were on clearance for Sarah and some new flip flops for me. Just under $17 was taken off my total cost with the 30% off. Not bad at all!!

Now it is 3:12pm and Christian FINALLY went down for a nap. He got a little power nap of about 5 minutes in the car on the way home from Old Navy and thought that was enough. He fought us for 3 hours with his nap. Terrible Two's anyone?!?!?!

That was our weekend in a nutshell. Sarah is fed and now I'm taking her upstairs with me for a nap!


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