Tuesday, November 18, 2008

If I didn't already have enough to do!

I have seen quite a few people do something called 'Project 365'. They take a picture for every day of the year and post it to a blog, site, photo album, etc. I'm by no means a professional and actually consider myself inept at snapping photos. But I wanted to give it a try and see if I could actually take a picture of something every day. Some of the pictures that I have seen others do just inspire me to be a bit more artsy fartsy.

****Disclaimer**** It will NOT be of the kids every day! lol It will be random objects or scenes that I see. The kiddos will just randomly be thrown in there if I have not taken a picture for the day. ;-)

I seriously think I have issues. Why I think I have time for this is beyond me!!! haha

But, alas, the 'Keefer 365' will be coming in January of 2009. Keep an eye out!

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