Sunday, March 30, 2008

One Year Well Baby Visit

We had Christian's one year visit with the Pediatrician the other day. He is doing very well.

He weighs 26 pounds, is 32 inches long, and has a 40.5 cm head circumference. He lost a pound from his 6-month visit but he has obviously been very mobile!!! He is quite the tall fellow, too!

There is a checklist that I have to fill out each visit and he was able to do most, if not all, of the things listed. He only says Momma and the occasional Dadda and no other words. I'm not too worried about that since both Matt and I are quite the relaxed/sit back and watch type of people.

I was also talked to about weaning him from the bottle but honestly, I'm not even going to try it until I'm done with this semester of school. Too much. I like the routine he is one because it goes decent with my schooling during the day. We both need it to stay the same for just a few more months. THEN I will think about getting rid of the bottle.

Anywho!!! Christian got 4 shots and a blood draw while we were at the clinic too. Boy was that traumatizing!!! I had to hold him as tight as I could so he wouldn't move for the shots while the guy had his legs. And then for this blood draw I had to wrap my arms around him as tight as I could while he was on my lap. Talk about hard! I felt horrible that he was getting pricked in the arm and I was letting it happen haha. But all was well a bit later. I cuddled him and he got an Elmo sticker!!

So, Christian is a healthy and handsome ONE year old!!!! :-)

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Birthday Boy!!!

Christian is a BIG BOY today!!

This year absolutely flew by. Some days I thought it would never get here and other days I wished the time would slow down. I'm getting all teary eyed...*Don't cry Crystal!!*

I really wish that we were closer so you all could join in on this day with us. There is something truly amazing about the first year of a baby's life and I'm sad that everyone couldn't enjoy it like Matt and I have. I have to stop talking about it or I'm going to cry again!!!

Here is a little song/poem I found online for a Baby's Birthday :-) It's cute!

One candle for Christian,
On his birthday cake,
One love pat -- a soft one,
One hug and one shake;
Then one kiss with love
That can never be told,
All these for our Christian
Who's just one year old!

I know I have a TON of updating to do with the website. I might have to post links to other albums for you to look at some pictures...I don't think I will have the time to resize and put up all the pictures that I have taken lately. I will try and do a page for Christian's birthday though.
Matt works 12-hour shifts starting tomorrow for about two weeks straight. So I will be a 'single parent' for a while. So, Christian and school will keep me busy and we hope it goes by fast!!

I'll post more later with the presents Christian will open and how he like the cake!! :-)

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Have you all heard?!

Hopefully you all have by now....

On the 3rd of March I took a pregnancy test (OK, I took THREE!) and they were all positive! I got my blood drawn on Friday and hope to get the results on Monday so I can get this entire process started. Who knows when I will get my first ultrasound. My first anything with Christian was at 20 weeks when we finally got to Hawaii. So I'm not entirely sure how the process will go since I am here for the entire pregnancy. I'll update as I go along!!

Christian is great! He has a new giggle. You'll have to check out the video. He squishes his nose up and shows all of his teeth. It's the cutest thing! He isn't walking yet but he will reach out and try to go along everything. He will sometimes hold on with one hand if we help him walk but he is always grabbing for the other. I think he'll just try it one of these days and end up taking off!

We aren't entirely sure what we are doing for his birthday. All we know is that he is getting a chocolate chocolate cake! Matt wants to keep doing this and I'm all for it. I might go with an Elmo theme even though he has never seen an episode of Sesame Street HA! We will just have a few people over and have sandwiches and cake. Nothing huge.

School is okay. I am trying to keep up with it all but I've been so exhausted the last week. And not to mention the headache I had all day yesterday that kept me in the bathroom. I do what I can and get things done while he is sleeping during naps or down for the night. Finals start the end of April so I'm excited to be getting closer!

Ashley comes out on Thursday. I'm very excited to get some company. I don't have many things planned since we will play it by ear. But I know we need to hit up Hanauma Bay for snorkling and of course go shopping!!! She will be here for about 10 days so we will have more than enough time to do things around the island.

Matt works Monday through Friday this coming week.

Christian just woke up from his nap so I better tend to him! :-) He misses you all!!!!

Love you,
Matt, Crystal, Christian & The Bean!