Sunday, March 30, 2008

One Year Well Baby Visit

We had Christian's one year visit with the Pediatrician the other day. He is doing very well.

He weighs 26 pounds, is 32 inches long, and has a 40.5 cm head circumference. He lost a pound from his 6-month visit but he has obviously been very mobile!!! He is quite the tall fellow, too!

There is a checklist that I have to fill out each visit and he was able to do most, if not all, of the things listed. He only says Momma and the occasional Dadda and no other words. I'm not too worried about that since both Matt and I are quite the relaxed/sit back and watch type of people.

I was also talked to about weaning him from the bottle but honestly, I'm not even going to try it until I'm done with this semester of school. Too much. I like the routine he is one because it goes decent with my schooling during the day. We both need it to stay the same for just a few more months. THEN I will think about getting rid of the bottle.

Anywho!!! Christian got 4 shots and a blood draw while we were at the clinic too. Boy was that traumatizing!!! I had to hold him as tight as I could so he wouldn't move for the shots while the guy had his legs. And then for this blood draw I had to wrap my arms around him as tight as I could while he was on my lap. Talk about hard! I felt horrible that he was getting pricked in the arm and I was letting it happen haha. But all was well a bit later. I cuddled him and he got an Elmo sticker!!

So, Christian is a healthy and handsome ONE year old!!!! :-)

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