Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Birthday Boy!!!

Christian is a BIG BOY today!!

This year absolutely flew by. Some days I thought it would never get here and other days I wished the time would slow down. I'm getting all teary eyed...*Don't cry Crystal!!*

I really wish that we were closer so you all could join in on this day with us. There is something truly amazing about the first year of a baby's life and I'm sad that everyone couldn't enjoy it like Matt and I have. I have to stop talking about it or I'm going to cry again!!!

Here is a little song/poem I found online for a Baby's Birthday :-) It's cute!

One candle for Christian,
On his birthday cake,
One love pat -- a soft one,
One hug and one shake;
Then one kiss with love
That can never be told,
All these for our Christian
Who's just one year old!

I know I have a TON of updating to do with the website. I might have to post links to other albums for you to look at some pictures...I don't think I will have the time to resize and put up all the pictures that I have taken lately. I will try and do a page for Christian's birthday though.
Matt works 12-hour shifts starting tomorrow for about two weeks straight. So I will be a 'single parent' for a while. So, Christian and school will keep me busy and we hope it goes by fast!!

I'll post more later with the presents Christian will open and how he like the cake!! :-)

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