Sunday, July 13, 2008

Matt gets home today!!!!!

Christian is napping and I'm tracking Matt's flight on the internet. He gets home in about 2 hours and 20 minutes. I can't wait!!!

He was supposed to get home yesterday but their flight leaving VA was late, which caused them to miss the plane in Chicago. Then they wouldn't give them another flight for that day so they booked one for the next. The horrible part about that is they didn't allow them to have their bags!!!! They sent them away without anything. :-( So he had to go buy deodorant and whatnot.... poor guys didn't have a thing.

I'm excited to see what Christian will do when he sees Daddy. We want to know if he will run to him but we are scared of all the people in the airport!! Eek! So who knows how their greeting will be. LOL Wish I could take pictures but the camera is dead!!! Grr.

Well.....I talked about Christian, and there he is. Screaming for me to come get him out of the crib!! :-)


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