Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Crazy week it seems...

It just seems like since Anne left that it has been a rat race around here. Having somebody here for a whole month spoiled me!!! It was so much easier to have FOUR hands rather than TWO!

Anne - I don't think I can thank you enough for the company you were and the help that you gave. It meant a lot for you to be here and to spend some time with Christian. He points at the door now ALL the time. I think he was getting used to all the people around!! :-)

So, since Anne left last Wednesday it seemed pretty hectic. We had Bible study Thursday night and it was great. It was a reunion of sorts! Everybody was there!! Christian got to see Alana (she tried to kiss him again...so cute) and Christian flirted with Kristen. Ever since seeing her months ago I think he has fallen in love. HAHA!

Friday was a get together at the Mahler's that we had to decline. :-( We were pretty bummed about that because they have started a new series study. It is called "Truth Project". It is a series put out by Focus on the Family and helps Christians explore an in-depth Christian world view. It is a very intellectual and challenging study that we really want to join in on. So we are going to have to figure out what to do with Christian if we go to these. We might have to get a baby sitter for Fridays!

Saturday we had to go clothes shopping for Matt. He needed some khakis and nice dress shirts for this trip to Virginia next week. We found some great printed Aloha shirts that look very good on him. :-)

Sunday was a down day. Christian got up WAAAAAY early so we declined to go to church. It was have been a horrible experience for him in the childcare because it would have fallen right over when he would go down for a nap. We have had a frustrating week with him anyways so we decided we weren't going to put him, or us!, through the pain of it all.
It was also my Birthday!! So when we were all up and fed we went to the NEX to get my a griddle. I'm very excited to use it since we had to retire our old one almost a year ago now. The poor thing needed to go. So yay for new appliances! After that we just relaxed and cuddled.

Yesterday, Monday, was a good day. I went to lunch with the ladies and it was nice to get to see them. It had been a few weeks since I had gone because of various appointments that had come up during previous Mondays. I love getting together with them to chat about our weeks, pray for each other, and get out of the house.

So it hasn't been a FULL week since Anne has left but it sure seems like it has been an eternity. I have been coping with a house to myself again and I miss having another person to stare at. :-)

Ohhhh!!!! I have been on a crazy manhunt for sewing patterns online, too! I found a cute mens shirt-to-dress tutorial....SO cute. And I found some infant dress patterns as well. So I'm excited to give a go at making a few little dresses for the wee one. I'll have to take pictures whenever I get around to them. haha.

That is about all for now! I have lots of updated to do on the website and a lot of housework to THINK about doing. *sigh*

Love you & miss you all!!!

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