Friday, June 10, 2011

Grommets and -ectomy's

So this past year both kids got tubes put in their ears. They also got their adenoids taken out...tonsils left in. Christian back in February and then Sarah in April. It has been a night and day difference. They were literally sick from the week they started daycare in December to when they got the tubes put in. I am very thankful they have them. It's not a constant barrage of coughing and snot in my house anymore. But....they are currently sick right now. And I'm headed down that road as well. It seems the kind of colds they are getting now make me get a sore throat/cough. Bubba gets a cough and Sarah is more of the snotty/stuffy one.

Anywho - both did GREAT during their surgeries. I was not worried at all about them getting this procedure done. I welcomed it with open arms! I just wanted to share some pictures from their big days...

Bubba was first. He LOVED that bed when he was done. They let you hold your kiddo and cuddle as they wake up. But he wanted absolutely nothing to do with me. He wanted back in the bed to sleep. His face was so puffy when he was finally awake. He hated the IV (who wouldn't?) and we had to get him to eat, drink, and pee before we left. After what seemed like hours later he finally did all three. He didn't want a popsicle or crackers. But as soon as he heard that Grandma snuck him a donut from the waiting room to have later, he was all about it. So we gave it to him. The nurse said that if he can handle a donut after surgery he can go home. haha

Sarah had hers done at a different surgery center. It's brand spanking new. She got to go back to her room in a convertible car! How neat! WIth both kids I got to be there as they were put under. I could hold them and talk sweet nothings to them as they struggled with passing out. haha Some parents don't like to see that stuff, but I guess I have a different view. I want to be the last thing they are hearing and seeing as they go under. That's a comfort to me and I'm glad that places give that option.

My cutie pies are feeling much better since the tubes. They still get the sickies but it was seriously the best thing for them. Bring on the summer!

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