Saturday, July 9, 2011

Weekend funs

A few weekends ago the Keefer's took the Expedition (to stay up there so Matt can sell it) and the boy up to ND. Christian was going to spend two days with Daddy! I had told him earlier in the week what he was going to be doing and he would literally ask every 10 minutes when he was leaving for Daddy's house. We had to keep telling him 'X more sleeps' and he would be able to go. When he got down to one more sleep he was PUMPED. Beyond pumped. He couldn't stop smiling. He stayed home that day from daycare that day and helped Grandma Nancy with some things at her work and they left right after lunch.

They spend the weekend swimming, going to the fair, hanging out, and falling out of bed at 3 am! Pictures to follow. There are some cute ones!!

Fourth of July weekend was spent quite a few places. Friday I had to work so we all just hung out at the house that evening. Saturday was going to be pretty fun for the kiddos. Lunch, naps, and overnight stays for them with the Keefer's while Kevan and I went to a wedding of a friend from high school.

Jill and Bill had a great ceremony and reception. After dinner, a few drinks, and just two dances from me, we headed up to Madison so see Kevan's family and friends. We spent the night, got up early the next morning because I had to help out in the church nursery, picked up the kids at the Keefer's, brought Kevan's aunt Roxy with us to church, grabbed some stuff for the kids and then made our way right back to Madison. We spent all day up there, kids had a blast, grilled out, fished, boated/tubed, horseshoes, s'mores, slivers in feet, more fishing, more horseshoes... Had an absolutely great weekend. I could use another!!

Spent Sunday night up there with the kids, then came back to Sioux Falls Monday morning and spend the day with my parents. More grilling, more fun for the kids, NO slivers this time, and my parents taught Kevan and I how to play Pinochle. Another successful day. :-)

Since then its been work, daycare, more work, and relaxing at home. Kevan is at an all-day hunting class, we put in for tags and hoping to get picked so we can go sometime in November and get some deer. I have school this coming semester so I have to figure out when I can actually go do it. Time will tell.

Not many weeks left in the summer. We have lots of fun things planned. Stay tuned..

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