Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Another year come and gone....

I will have to share...soon...the year of 2011 in pictures like I did for all the other years. And then I will try to keep this bad boy up. Sound familiar? Yep...let's not hold our breath. But I really do intend to keep this little internet thingy up so that people that I love can share in the memories with me. It's time I get back into writing about my kids and the hilarious things that come out of their mouths, how it feels to be living at my parents house once again, and how madly in love I am with a man that irritates the hell out of me all the while humbling me to tears.

I have lots to be thankful for and I intend to share some of the best of it. Those that still might remember me here...Thanks! It means a lot that some of you have stuck around.

South Dakota may not be anywhere close to beautiful Hawaii but the adventure is just the same...Living With The Keefers!!

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