Friday, January 6, 2012

Hiatus, Schmiatus?

It's like that awkward moment of meeting a friend from your past that you really have no interest in talking to. But you have to suffer through the 7 minutes and 36 seconds of excruciatingly painful conversation because you can't just drive off like you pulled up next to one another in traffic. No green lights to save you!!!!!

Okay, fine, not talking about you out there. This about me and blogging.

Where in the world do you start after not blogging for a while?! What do you talk about? My kids aren't at a cute baby stage anymore. They talk back, hit each other, Sarah's craps her pants, and Christian tells me I'm not his friend at least twice a day. I got divorced, don't really talk to my ex, got a new boyfriend that then proposed, said ex isn't a fan. Back in with the parents, till have the same job, broke as they come. Lots of changes, quite a bit still the same, definitely a bright future.

But anyways. Here's my family. Kevan, Christian, Mommy, Sarah <3 This group is what I live for.

I will leave the door open a crack! Come see us again.

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