Monday, December 28, 2009

Year In Review: June

June started with our 5th wedding anniversary! We took the kids to dinner with us at Ruby Tuesday. They did very well and we had quite a few comments on how cute they were. :)

Christian did LOTS of playing outside. We filled our feeders often for the birds and we even found one of their little nests on the ground.

Christian also found his love for the water hose. He played in it often. I even taught him how to drink from it after watching him try to do it himself.
His way:

My way:

Sarah was still cute as a button eating my camera strap:

We went to the Giant Insect Safari at the mall:

We stopped by the Bishop Museum to look at some of the history and 'fun facts' of Hawaii:

After some fun weekends spent in Hawaii I got an early birthday present. Matt got plane tickets for the kids and me to fly home to Sioux Falls while he went on another TDY to Korea (and finished up all the notsofun tasks of getting our duty station changed). It was a great surprise as I didn't think I would be getting to fly back until a few weeks later! The kids and I said our goodbyes to Hawaii, and to Daddy, and were off for SOUTH DAKOTA!!!

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