Friday, September 26, 2008

My Martha Stewart-y-ness!!

As promised! :-)

When Matt and I were at the BX last week getting dirt and MORE grass seed to replace the first bag that the birds ate I picked up a little 'kit' to plant some flowers. I also got a little cup that came with sunflower seeds! I have wanted to plant something for a very long time but never did it at the other house. Just felt a bit strange without a fence for some me strange!! haha

Anyways, I bought a little kit that had 12 little 'pods' of dirt that expanded when water was added. Then you rip open the little sacks, sow your seeds, put in a warm place, then put in the sun once they start to sprout. Sounded easy enough! If I can sew a dress I can plant a seed right?!?!

Well, lo and behold! I have some flowers growing! The kit of 12 pods has wildflowers in it. The way they look now it's about a 50% success rate and one of the seeds has sprouted from the sunflower cup (at least only one has come through the dirt so far). I'm pretty excited about it. I hope it doesn't take TOO long for the sunflower to actually become a flower because I want to plant it in the front of the house where there is LOTS of sun as well as transplant a few of the wildflowers around it. The front 'yard' is pretty hideous as it is just a square of grass with rocks and junk lining the house. :-( I want to make it pretty!!

Well - here are my results!

The entire 'kit' that I planted with wildflowers.

Some of the better sprouts, although more than just these pictured have some growing.

The tall one!

My precious little sunflower seedling! Mama is proud!

I'll keep taking pictures of the progress! Hope it doesn't take months! haha

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