Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Computer pictures :(

So our computer got a lovely virus right before the weekend. It wouldn't do anything. So along with the virus and really crappy internet that we were stealing...just made for a no internet/no pictures weekend. So, for that, I apologize. I was really hoping to get ALL the pictures up from the last bagillion weeks but it will have to be done throughout the next few days.

OH!!! I also have pictures of the house that I need to get up for you all. Matt and I are in love with it. It fits us very well and we don't feel like we have tons of crap just thrown in a room. It all has a 'place' now! haha

But now, we have internet AND television again. Christian is a happy camper to have his Noggin channel back. He really missed watching Franklin and Miss Spider. As soon as it got turned on he started to dance. :-) It was super cute.

I spose a little update on the kiddos would be nice huh?

Christian is taking two naps most days this past week. Pretty sure the kid is going through a growth spurt. He is cranky a few hours after he gets up and has quite the temper. So two naps it is until he get through this! I think yesterday (Tues) he slept for all but about 8 hours of the day. He had two 2 hour naps and then went to bed at 8 and was out cold a few minutes later. Wish he would eat a little more though. Still picky as ever!

Baby girl is doing well. She kicks me to oblivion most days and I'm out of breath walking up the steps. I think most of that is having to carry a toddler along with me though. I can't bend forward or else I feel like I'm trying to squish a watermelon. I'm carrying VERY low...ugh. Can't wait until she is out! I know what the end of pregnancy feels like..we don't need to do it again! ;-)

Matt and I are great. We love sleeping on our new bed and we have gotten some great sleep the last week. Matt also took next week off. We needed some family time and some opportunity to get some things done around the house. We want to work on the backyard and we need to get some painting done on the free crib we got from a neighbor. :-)

Well, all for now. I'll start working on the pics today hopefully!!!


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