Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Happy Third Birthday, Bubba!!

I'm only about a month late in getting this post up, but better late than never!!


You are now a BIG boy.
You are Three years (plus a couple weeks) old.
You know how to pee in the potty.
You love to walk the dogs.
You love your sister even though you don't share very well with her.
You love your Papas.
You still eat like a bird.
You could play uninterrupted with your cars and trains for hours!
Your favorite snack is probably the air puffed popcorn.
You know all your ABC's and can count to twelve.
You get into a lot of trouble for being only three!
You finally drink milk.
You would rather have it be chocolate or strawberry.
You have the cutest smile.
You need to work on your #2's in the potty!
You're a little on the TOO friendly say hi to almost anyone!
You love peanut buttered toast.
You ask us to cry so you have a 'reason' to give us hugs and kisses.
You give the greatest hugs.
Your laugh when we tickle you is contagious.

You are MY son! I love you with all my heart.

Now on to the fun part. Pictures!
Sarah helped out in the kitchen.

Then did all sorts of acrobatics in the living room over the benches.

A decent one of both of them before people started to arrive.

Some of the Easter loot that we had at the party.

Eating the grub.

Christian and Grandma Wava had some pretty intense conversation.

Mmm, this cake was good!

Four generations on my Mom's side.

Four generations on Matt's side.

Blowing out the candles.

Money from Grandma Petersen!!

Time to open all the presents.

Pankcake pans in the shape of animals ♥

They both got hats. :-)


Then we went outside because Uncle Dave brought over something that my younger cousin Justin had when he was little. It's a basketball hoop!!!!! :-)

Happy Birthday Bubba!! ♥


AmandaLFairbanks said...

I laugh every time I look at that picture of him doing that face!

Where does the time go? Seems like you were just pregnant with him and everyone was waiting to here when he was born.

Blanca said...

:) I remember visiting you guys at the hospital, and seeing his cute little face for the first time. He is growing up so fast!
Lovely pictures! You guys look like you had a blast!