Monday, April 16, 2007

My family left on Saturday. It was a pretty sad afternoon. Christian was taking a nap and every few minutes Mom would go into the bedroom to stare at him in his crib. This is the last picture she took of him before they left:

He was sleeping so nice! She put the duck under his arm and he slept like that for another hour.

I'm sick :-( I have a sore throat and a stuffy/runny nose. It's hard to stay away from Christian! I basically have to change him and feed him then either set him down or hold him far away from my face so I don't breath on him. That is a challenge when all I want to do it love him and give him kisses. So hopefully with the rest that Matt let me get on Sunday and the nap I took this morning, I will be on the road to recovery!! I haven't been a while! It is NO fun.

Grandma Nancy comes into town today!! I have been telling Christian how excited she is to see him. I think he is in for a treat! He will get all the attention he needs :-)

Christian also got his tongue clipped. It went well...if you can call sharp objects coming towards your face a 'good' thing!! Poor kid cried a bit but then settled down once I cuddled him. He seems to be better with it and his tongue actually can go outside of his mouth now. So that will be fun to get him to make faces :-)

That is about all for an update. Christian is getting a bath soon so he will be nice and fresh for Grandma! Can't wait to see you!

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