Monday, October 20, 2008

Hooray for not having a car on the weekend!!!

Hopefully you caught some sarcasm in there.

Our car has been at the dealership for about 5 days now. Pretty peeved about it, to say the least.

We dropped it off last Wednesday thinking it would be two days max. Nope. They called at the end of the first day and said they just got around to doing a diagnostic on it. How are they JUST getting to it when we had the appointment with them 3 days prior? Whatever. They got to figuring out what is wrong and they can finally get started. Maybe it will be done by closing of the next day? Nope, again! They called and said it would be ready Monday by close!!!!!!!

Matt has to now go to the dealership and get Christian's car seat and stroller...along with my hospital bag!!!!! Why we left it in there in the first place, not a clue, but we figured I still have two weeks and we won't be needing it right then and there. But if they are keeping it for 5 days I better be prepared, huh? (But no worries...I'm still pregnant :-( )

I haven't heard from Matt about the car. Who knows if it's fixed!! I just know that we need groceries BADLY and that Christian and I need to get out of the house BADLY! I'm sorta going nuts.

But, I suppose with having no car this weekend Christian was able to get a lot of time with Daddy at home rather than us being out and about the entire time. It was good in that aspect!

~Enough about car problems! On to US!

Matt has had a few weeks of his Friday Psychology class. I think he is enjoying it more than he lets on. He will tell me little tidbits about what they went over that day. "Did you know..." type of comments. :-) I'm very excited for him and hope he takes on more classes. It's pretty rewarding and I hope he feels it.

Christian has been a little bit of a punk. Not listening, whining A LOT, not wanting to go down for naps or bedtime...the usual! haha. He is also getting up at 6am again. Not fun for a Mommy that loves her sleep and is NOT a morning person. Some day the child will enjoy sleeping and never want to get up right?!

As for me...still pregnant. I hit 38 weeks this past Saturday. I really need to get some pictures of the belly. I have new stretch marks! hahahahahaha She has dropped TREMENDOUSLY. She seems so far down my body now that I wave to her sometimes. :-) I'm ready, she should be too!


I also had a baby shower this weekend. My friends Melissa and Carmen threw it. I told them they didn't have to since I had one with Christian before he was born but Melissa insisted. It was fun and I'm so glad that I have people that care about me and our family. I got some adorable clothes, blankets, and some books! Can't wait to use it all.

Well, all for now. Christian is down for a nap and I should probably take another one as well. Yesterday we all got a whopping THREE hours of sleep together. It was magical. I need to get it in while I can!


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