Monday, October 13, 2008

Christian's first game of bowling!

Sunday we took Christian bowling!! He played against Daddy and kept up fairly well. The bumpers were up so Matt had a hard time playing his least that is his excuse ;-)... He has that whole curve throw going so his ball would skim the bumpers almost every time and bounce across the lane.

Christian was all over the place and wanted to get into all the balls in the return rack and then stuff his head and hands into where the ball would pop out. So he is still a bit young but he had fun helping me carry his little 7 pound yellow ball to the ramp, pushing the ball down and watching it hit some pins. :-)

I think we are going to try and go a few times a month and get Christian used to it. Matt will be going every Tuesday over the lunch hour with his work because they have decided to start a league of their own! Matt is excited about it. I am too! I have always wanted to be on a league team...but looks like I still have to wait a while. haha

I'll have to remember to scan a picture of their score card that I got printed out but here are two pictures and a video of bowling for you! (for those reading in Google reader, the video does not show up for some will have to go through blogger to see it)

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